Trump Suits Unlikely To Change Outcome, Says Election Analyst | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump Suits Unlikely To Change Outcome, Says Election Analyst | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Donald Trump's campaign filed lawsuits Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. Election law analyst Ned Foley discusses the effectiveness of this strategy. Aired on 11/05/2020.
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Trump Suits Unlikely To Change Outcome, Says Election Analyst | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. TRUMP interpreter “We were supposed to win because the Ivanka-patented voting machines were hacked in my favor. How on earth can there be more paper ballots than votes cast by her machines? Stop counting the paper ballots!”

    Early /mailed / absentee ballots100+M
    Election day votes 50-60M

    In reality, Biden won by a larger margin.

    Sending in paper ballots and early voting (which hackers can’t hack without being noticed) was the Democrat’s best strategy ever!

    1. @Susan Sage Yeah, no, I never listened to it. I just googled what he said and read the lyrics and wrote the reply. LOL.

    2. @C C
      Trump’s votes increased so rapidly and in large margins during the early part of election day because most of them are in-person vote and in-person vote can not be cheated. But once mail-in ballots came out, reverse happened and there are so many witnesses saying that mail-in ballots were fraud!!!
      Rigged by Biden Team!!!
      Beyond this, Biden is criminal-to-be!! BLM Biden Laptop Matters!!

    1. @Dave Nope, if civil wear breaks out then the right will be utterly and completely slaughtered by the U.S. military.

    2. @Dave do you ever read what you type this is the most idiotic comment I’ve seen so far and trust me I’ve seen a lot of them

    3. It’s going to take years to drag him into the courts – just watch. The only real hope is for his creditors to start a free-for-all when they realize the gravy-train just came off the rails.

  2. Trump has always used lawsuits to bully contractors who don’t have the money to defend themselves. That’s how he stiffed small businessman/contractors. Anytime he sued someone who had the money to defend themselves, he always loses.

    1. He don’t have to sue now , Trump already won Arizona last night and he has enough of 720 for the presidency. The news media and internet is blocking it but they will be forced to report by Friday.

    2. Fear not, make trump pay his legal fees upfront! He still owes from the 2016 campaign! Check it out, there are many states he still owes.

    3. If the lawsuits fail I’ll happily enlist for civil war so that we can start removing the stupidity that has festered in larger cities across this country for far too long. I know our side is trained and ready to bear arms against treason but can the same be said for you pansies at MSNBC. In our opinion reporters are the main issue including FOX and all of you deserve to be marched out and face a firing squad for your treason. We’ll see our red wave one way or another hope you’re all ready.

  3. Bottom line

    The magic turned on the magician
    And The DONKEY got his medicine

    What next?

    Orange suites to the criminals and the traitors….

    Must double check
    How collins won
    How Mitch won

    And how she won

    i meant L Graham…

    1. @I AM BOOP! I am not American but I want to be! I hope you understand what I want say and if no, don’t worry because I have studied english since at school and is my fave language!
      So what is your problem, honey?

    2. @Fatima Lovato No problem you just proved my point. BTW best of luck with your application but I highly doubt you’ll get citizenship when you clearly know so little about the basics of American history or its Constitutions. In order to become a citizen your the one who has to assimilate not the other way around, but I’m guessing you wont understand half of this.

  4. Goes to show the Trump campaign hasn’t got a clue
    Losing in Michigan
    Ahead in Pennsylvania- stop the count
    Losing in Wisconsin- recount
    Sounds desperate to me

    1. @XTheVideoGamerGirlX TRUMPISTS are a bunch of SOAR LOSERS. They are against FACTS; nevertheless, FACTS are catching up to THEM, they will face a DAY of RECKONING!!

    2. The problem with mail in ballots, even if it’s honest, their will always be doubts because of the time those votes can be exposed before being counted. In the future you can have corrupt Democrats or Republicans who can abuse it.

    3. @Jasonv van Heerden  Exactly, there will forever be doubts on this election. Mail in ballots are delaying the results and are casting doubts about the legitimacy of the election.

    4. He’s panicking so much because he predicted it would be a “landslide victory,” and now he can’t believe that people actually don’t like him because during the 4 years that he was president, his ego inflated like mad.

  5. There’s a computer repair shop owner out there who’s wondering why Rudy Giuliani isn’t returning his calls today.

    1. First all the evidence was on his mobile phone now it’s on a laptop !! Wonder what happened to that documentary he was suppose to be filming in Ukraine?

    1. @bellabana I agree. The ‘I don’t care’ jacket said it all. She’s a gold digger that struck real lucky and isn’t about to give up on that investment.

    2. but actually according to Jimmy Kimmel she probably voted for the orange lard because if he gets re-elected then at least she’s married to the president of USA, not just Donald Trump #wickedburn #truth

    3. Trump already won Arizona last night and he has enough of 720 for the presidency. The news media and internet is blocking it but they will be forced to report by Friday. Looks like Melania will be sleeping in the whitehouse bed for another 4 years.

    4. @danbanrock1 I wonder what it is that prompts you to come out with stuff like that. Do you seriously think anyone is going to believe you? Or is it just the hope that someone might notice you for once?

    5. danbanrock1,. First of all, 270 Electoral Votes are required, not 720, as you posted. Second, if news is being blocked, how do you know?

  6. Pendemic unhandled with care is 1st Mess he left behind. Now, Influencing american to protest and divide American among blue/ red supporter , making violence in whole homeland , is perhaps 2nd Mess he going to make.

    1. @Jeremy Wittekind Ooo,another froganon thing! And shouldn’t that be Operation Parrot,since that’s all you idiots do?

    2. the victory will be oh so sweet the morning after though, if the US voting system corrects after 4 years of Trump with BIDEN and flushes the orange virus out like the tumor he is…

    1. Trump already won Arizona last night and he has enough of 720 for the presidency. The news media and internet is blocking it but they will be forced to report by Friday. Your wrong , ha ha

  7. 95% of all Trump lawsuits fail because he’s always 95% wrong.

    He’ll be laughed out of court (as usual).

    1. @I AM BOOP! another man child ready to throw his toys out of the pram. If he doesn’t get his own way.
      Go and take your medication.

    2. @Ted Warden stick to commenting from across the pond Ted you have no say from the UK. Not interested in foreign IP addresses 😉 Don’t worry will still be there to protect carpenters and builders like yourself when you start losing again in the next world war.

    3. It’s actually already over…however, when one is plagued with uncontrollable narcissism, rage and immaturity it is impossible to be an adult and accept waiting, democracy in action and inevitably losing.

    1. @Debra Anderson lmao you’re dense af….that salary is meaningless when you look at the fact that:

      He has himself and everyone else stay at his properties…our tax dollars pay for that…since they’re his properties..he collect OUR TAX DOLLARS TO STAY AT HIS OWN PROPERTIES. Who’s the moron now? It’s simple math. Lay off the meth hillbilly

    2. Rhea Smith … well.. unless you consider prison .. which .. even then, he will be living off the government . I can live with that … ; ]

  8. What a crazy sore loser…he’s afraid of the indictments that are gonna roll in once he’s out. Ridin with Biden baby!

    1. @itzybitzyspyder tv Dude, do you actually think that they aren’t counting Trump ballots? It’s quite obvious that they are, just look at Alabama and Nevada. Trump’s numbers have gone up in those states. Same with Pennsylvania. The reason why the majority of GOP watchers are denied access is because so many people falsely claim to be GOP watchers. Get it through your head that the election is not rigged in anybody’s favor. With that being said,

    2. @itzybitzyspyder tv Lol. I find it funny how you just said “nice strawman” and here you are, changing the subject from GOP watchers to my English?

    1. bellefish20 you are still on that? What happened to all those military tribunals that Q told y’all were going to take place? Republicans are the dumbest people on earth.

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