Trump Supporters Make Martyr Of 1/6 Rioter Babbitt Ignoring Previous Law And Order Emphasis 1

Trump Supporters Make Martyr Of 1/6 Rioter Babbitt Ignoring Previous Law And Order Emphasis


Ryan Reilly, senior justice reporter for HuffPost, talks with Rachel Maddow about how far right Donald Trump supporters and their motivating media have turned Ashli Babbitt into a martyr for being shot by Capitol Police while attempting to raid the U.S. Congress. 

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  1. Wasn’t the rights reasoning for racial homicide from police always “if you don’t want to be killed by police, don’t break the law” or something like that?

    1. @Steve-O_88 DC has no version of a stand your ground law. None. & in a way, the protestors are right. That building belongs to all of us because all of us pay the bill there.

    2. She broke into the capital!!!!! What more don’t you understand, GENIUS!!! She got what was coming to her. She is no martyr, or patriot! She is just another traitor trying to overthrow the government. Another fake wannabe patriot, to be exact!

    3. @Steve-O_88 Gosh, big talk for a little man. Prove yourself right. I don’t need to prove you wrong because you can’t prove yourself right.

    1. ​@olrik parlez I’m retired from 2 careers, can you count to TWO? both of which I took to the top. Yes ambitions, I’m bored and considering a third. 5 seconds of research would have answered your hate laced question and a lot more. But no one expects a single drop of effort from you millennial termites. And YOU have done???? nothing.

    2. @SteampunkBelladonna, If you’re bored perhaps a remedial English class is something you would consider.

    3. The Democult LIE “Trump let Russia put a bounty on our troops” was debunked long ago. The FACT that Biden killed 13 American soldiers is indisputable, undeniable. What’s worse is there will be many more, and that evil puny worm will NOT admit his hatred for America, nor change his course.

    1. @Make Communists Scared Again Your profile names shows you to be against Trump supporters and domestic terrorists, yet here you are defending them. SMH

    2. @Alli P Trump will never go to prison. Some powerful people will make sure he never talks, so they won’t let him stand trial.

    3. ​@Jeremy Backup Little troll puke, first you and “Alli” would need something real to defend against. Suggest you watch something other than XiNN and Madcow.

    4. @SteampunkBelladonna As you know, it was the Trumpeteers who denounce democracy for fascist principles. You don’t need to play dumb, it seems to come naturally.

    1. @Daten Schutz i dont know how to do much on computers. i dont even know how to make a profile pic. lol

    2. @renee wardlow Really? You are professionell enough to look at data to a point that justify an act against the constitution, but you couldn’t copy and paste a link?

    3. @Daten Schutz sorry, i dont think my last 2 messages went thru . idk what i did wrong. if you see this, did your news station report on the 5 gov that forsed nursing homes to take in covid patients and got thousands sick. mine did, they talked about newsom and cuomo getting in trouble and they are. they said- whitmer next. idk if its true. do you know who the other 2 are.
      did you not see the 2 ladys busted and admitted to voter fraud. i think ones name was ruby. did you see them close down vote counting and tell everyone to go home, then pull out ballots from under a covered table and keep counting. did you see the 3 that picked up counted ballots and run them thru machines over and over. i dont guess they knew cameras were in that building. did you see the videos of capital police waving in people, and opening gates and doors for them. im sorry, didnt mean to bother you. have a great day

    4. @renee wardlow Can you enlighten us on your personal definition of “very soon”? They’ve been saying that since Nov 7, 2020 and in 72 days will be Nov 7, 2021. The vagueness of your “very soon” is starting to make you look like a fool, in case you didn’t get it. It’s like going to a conservative restaurant and being told over and over that our meal will be ready “very soon” but it will never come. Then we starve, get annoyed, forget about it and just leave the restaurant.

  2. It’s kind of the flip side of the “everybody is gangsta until …” meme: Everybody is pro law enforcement until you are at the receiving end of their projection of force.

    1. @Origami Mambo You need to watch the video again. She was at least 4 feet if not 6 feet away when she was shot. And there were cops literally right at her 5 o’clock when she got shot.

      The Jan. 6 people were clowns, but get the facts right so I don’t have to defend them…

    2. The Democult LIE “Trump let Russia put a bounty on our troops” was debunked long ago. The FACT that Biden killed 13 American soldiers is indisputable, undeniable. What’s worse is there will be many more, and that evil puny worm will NOT admit his hatred for America, nor change his course.

    3. @Wilmark Johnatty the policeman saw them breaking Windows and trying to get in , he did his job , George FLYOD was a criminal too he was a waste , they should not of given his family any money , I couldn’t beleive the gold coffin for a career CRIMINAL . WTH .even god smashed down his picture , does that tell you something .

    4. @Gideon Woc as I see it they got rid of 2 problems .enough said . they should of not been doing what they were doing .

    1. @Steve Shanks, well that was a cluster fk of a comment. Where can I get a decoration of independence? Even a repuplikaan should be able to understand that.

    2. @General Apathy
      You want a decoration of independence? Send $49.95 to Sean Hammity for an American flag lapel pin…

    3. @General Apathy This is a shot in the dark cause I already know the answers, Your not from US are you ? I spent 30 plus years in military SF and some agencies so I take all this very very personal! It’s not a joke! She was a decorated
      Military sister! So I and 25 million veteran across America have to be her voice! So why do you hate American so much?

    4. @Steve ShanksI don’t hate America. Just hate bigots and fascists. I do personalities not nationalities. I’ve met great people from all over the world and dickheads from just down the road. Read your op again.

    5. @Steve Shanks I feel sorry for her family and I didn’t joke about her. But….. She was a decorated military sister that tried to storm her nations capitol to overturn the result of a fair election to appease a ginger cowards vanity.

  3. Thought I remember someone saying, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. Does not apply to end capital, I guess…

    1. @Teresa Castro the urine an feces were already there it’s called congress . I don’t agree with what they did but I also don’t agree with the cop who shot an unarmed navy vet. Wasn’t it the left saying cops should do everything possible before they use deadly force? That cop could have easily fired a warning shot do you agree?

    2. @Gideon Woc He did do everything he was trained to do. There should have been several cops lined up beside him. He fired one efficient shot not 50 not 20 not 8. She should have followed his directions and not gone through that door. The fact that the police that were there were convinced to move and the cops behind them seemingly not doing anything either should be investigated. But this cop, Michael Byrd, is an American hero and will go down as such. Ashli Babbit was an out of control rioter and a threat. Also the feces and urine left were by Trump deranged MAGA supporters.

    1. *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      Joe “accidentally” did it backwards.

  4. Nobody is talking about HAD she had gotten through with lawmakers on the other side then what ?… it’s ok to execute democrats and hang pence live on tv cmon

    1. @cbr1thou What corruption? The “voter fraud” that lost all 60+ cases? The multiple recount and audits that still show Trump losing? The Arizona audit that had to be sent to Montana to continue counting and now they all have COVID? No concrete evidence and no one charged?

      Take the L like an adult…we know Trump can’t.

    2. @D.A. Oh Yeah that’s right. She had a bomb in her backpack. LOL. Here’s a thought. Maybe just maybe Byrd the turd could have taken his WuFlu mask off and issued a warning before shooting!!!! Not to mention there were THREE POLICE OFFICERS WHO MOVED OUT OF THE WAY SO THEY COULD GET THROUGH THAT ENTRANCE.

    3. @Neil Patel Fun fact. Your crybaby Democrats are attempting to cheat again in California. Elder is about to kick Newsome to the curb, so they’re now insisting that all ballots must be mailed in due to…wait for it…the Delta variant. What losers.

  5. Remember the DOS made martyrs of the insurrectionists of the day, those monuments to that failure have rightfully been falling like dominoes.

    1. Not really..

      the DC police was hamstrings in to expecting light protests ..

      they didnt have the same weapons they should have had ( Assault rifles, tear gas launchers, Rubber bullets.. )

      The national guard wasn’t called out in time..

      Had this happen, Had they been armed the same as when BLM protesters where present. we would have thousands of these treatouis traitors dead on the capital steps..

    2. They don’t shoot white people. 45 of these armed wackos took over a bird sanctuary for some reason and only one of them got shot. If they had been black the Ma duece would have been rolled out so fast your head would spin off.

    1. @Saul T. Nuts abbot was forcing her way through the Last police barricade (broken window in the door) into the senate chamber less then 30 feet from the VP whom her mob-crowd was chanting to hang, people on both sides of the door she was trying to climb through warned her that the police had a gun on her. she was told to comply and chose to keep climbing through. she was rightfully shot period.

    2. Which to the rest of us sane people without TDS clearly means that police will get involved when the looting starts. It’s not a call to start gunning down black people genius as your fake news would love you to believe.

    3. @John ambez Democrats censor opposing views, weaponize the justice system against political opponents, spread propaganda through the fake news, look to pack the Supreme Court, seek to end the filibuster to remove all opposition and rig elections, but we’re the fascists…right. LOL. Wake up Skippy.

  6. Maybe we are asking the wrong questions. It’s not who shot Ashley B? It’s who sent Ashley B to be shot?

    1. Trump sent her to her death, he lost, she should have never been there in the first place. Maybe they should have recruited 7 million more cult members, that’s on Q and the GOP.

    2. Yeah!! And who told someone to tell them to pay somebody else to instruct another guy to send someone to convince somebody to tell them to shoot her???

  7. I want to know the name of the person who sent her to break into the capital. Oh, we already know the name of the person that sent all of those insurrectionist to the capital, and they came armed.

    1. I can’t believe the left believed Sicknick was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher and NO video supported it. Yet, y’all believed it cause Richard Maddow said so… Flash forward a couple months, NATURAL CAUSES killed him and his own brother admitted he was never beaten with a fire extinguisher and the coroner said no supporting evidence of it either…. but y’all believed it…. y’all are sad.

  8. They were all “fiscal conservative” before Daddy Trump smacked nearly 8 trillion onto the deficit, as well.

    1. @Rmurphy78 Rmurphy78 Seek help for your TDS. As far as racism, the KKK and Jim Crow Democrats are and always will be the party of racism. Nice try troll.

    2. @Al Jirou Also incorrect. You’re consistent, I’ll give you that.

      The Klan was formed by conservatives, not merely ‘Democrats.’ But were your disconnected version of history correct, why would the south memorialize those people with statues, parks, and buildings named after them?

    3. @Al Jirou Where, exactly, are your figures coming from? The land of Narnia? If Obama added 20 trillion to the deficit, how, then, could Trump have started off with only 2 trillion?

      That’s laughably stupid.

  9. They were all “family values” before Trump, as well.

    They have no “principles” left, other than “the opposite of whatever the Libs want to do”

    1. *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      Joe “accidentally” did it backwards.

    2. @BlaQ Bay17 America does not negotiate with terrorists.

      Trump: “Not until we get them released from prison, we don’t.”

    1. By that logic the money the taylor family received and the floyd family received should go to all the businesses and homes vandalized during the blm riots.
      Truely vile and vicious, isn’t it bad enough that she’s dead?

  10. The only difference between this party of “wholesome loving christian values” and the people who just took over Afghanistan is the kufi.

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