1. See clowns, your dear leader is wearing a mask now do it too! You will own the libs and be a great patriot like your dear leader just told you! Wear that mask NOW!

  2. The virus has been crazy, my friends and I can no longer sneeze into each other’s mouths for fear of retribution of the unbridled rage of the masses. I can’t wait for this to be over so I can go back to what I love

  3. It’s a little too late for Trump to say that it’s advisable to wear a mask. His supporters took his lead three months ago and have been defending not wearing masks with a litany of excuses ranging from it’s against the Constitution to it being harmful to one’s health. They’ll just take Trump’s about face as a stunt to mollify the liberal epidemiologists but that he really still believes that wearing a mask is stupid.

  4. The Washington Post ?? …..Complete loss of credibility when these Social Marxists’ opinions are displayed.

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