1. Imagine if Pelosi shot Trump and Pence, and then said, “I did it for America, as your new commander in chief.”

    1. Kind of like the Nobel Peace Prize lost it’s luster after they awarded it to Obama who hadn’t been in office long to do anything to deserve it and then he significantly increased the use of drones to kill people all over the world.

    1. Why are we sad, our president is in control of the White House. Meanwhile your here crying over the fact your about to have 4 more years of Donald Trump lol

  1. What a disgrace, but when someone like him is in office, the value of that medal isn’t even worth it anymore.

  2. Trump: “And for an encore, did you have something to say Tiffany?” Tiffany: “I’m engaged Daddy!!” Shows big ring, only Republicans clap.

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