Trump Swamp: A Look Back At The Criminals Around Trump 1

Trump Swamp: A Look Back At The Criminals Around Trump


In the wake of the arrest of Trump ally Thomas Barrack, here’s a reminder of some of the people surrounding Trump who were accused of, convicted of, or pleaded guilty to crimes. 
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  1. Who knew that when Donald Trump said he picks the best people…. He meant the best criminals? LOL

    1. @Michael Osterman and I can’t wait! I love this. I can’t wait until they are all in prison

    2. @Crimdor The difference is obvious. Barrack was part of a government chain, so his emails, phone calls etc., can be gotten, whereas that guy that planted those bombs isn’t affiliated or known to be able to track him, his emails, calls, etc., Now if that wasn’t something you could figure out on your own and your real intent with your comment was to smear the FBI and CIA…well you didn’t do a good job at it. You actually show all of the Youtube viewers just how stupid you are.

    1. @Adeena Stevens Same here. I’ve actually used Trump’s favourite eff word, to the shock and delight of friends, when watching a Trump speech.

    2. @Adeena Stevens A story from the 1950s, this letter= “Sir. I have received your letter. I, being a gentleman, cannot reply with the appropriate words. My secretary, being a lady, cannot type the appropriate words. You, being neither, will know exactly what I mean.”

  2. We knew from the cabinet he chose what his agenda was going to be… Hitler… Stalin… Darth Vader… Thanos

  3. Don’t forget Jared’s daddy Charles. Check out his 2005 conviction for some nasty deeds that are exactly how Trump operates. Anyone can research it.


    1. Oh that again , I didn’t know him , when you’re hugged up and almost kissing him , but you don’t know him .

    2. Remember this one in regards to George Papadopoulos, ” “He was the coffee boy,” Trump said this after Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about interactions with foreign officials close to the Russian government.

    3. @The Enlightened One just give him time ! He’ll probably say Rudy wasn’t his lawyer either .

  4. DRAIN THE SWAMP! The audacity and projection! They’re the ones that need to be drained all along!

    1. Almost everything out of Trump’s mouth is a projection, a lie or in some cases the truth about what a manipulative, narcissistic btard he is.

    1. @Robert Glasper I’m very sure if they had the information there would have been safeguards in place. You are aware that the FBI was stopped from submitting information to the senate, which they thought was going to incite this insurrection, by Donald Dump’s inside man…don’t you?

    2. @Robert Glasper Because the people heading the FBI at the time were Dump appointees and supporters, that’s why.

    3. @Jesse um…. are you kidding? Covid mismanagement and a coup attempt on Jan 6 – are these nothing to you?

    1. That’s so true, it’s time to move forward and get on with life .
      Forget Donald Trump he will pay for his misdeeds.

  5. Crooks of a feather flock together. Was there anyone in his administration that wasn’t a criminal. If there was they were quickly replaced .

    1. Yeah, Jeff Sessions from Alabama got put out too. He’s a crook also. He just wouldn’t stick his sleazy neck out for the Orange blunder. Isn’t it amazing how every time they near Trump he throws one of his cronies under the bus.

    2. If you’re not a criminal, then you really can’t tolerate working with a bunch of crooks. So really in the end, only crooks will stay in the team.

  6. And this is what the GOP wants to reinstate , corruption , lies and tax fraud ,, vote the criminals into jail

    1. @Donna Brown ironic coming from the people who set cities on fire because they lost in 2016. Oh and screamed at the sky literally loooooool so pathetic. Don’t worry Republicans will have to grow a pair of balls one day and weaponize the government against their opponents like democrats do. Can’t wait to see your crying then.

    2. @Joey Havarti Sewall has already been covered by CNN, MSN and even Axios. It happened during the Obama administration and as Swalwell himself reported it to the FBI and then received a defensive briefing telling him that Christine Fang was a risk and he immediately cutoff contact. Meanwhile Moscow Mitch and his Chinese wife have been cutting deals to benefits her family business for years. Trump now holds the record for having the most members of his cabinet indicted. He only hires the best people, who like him are all criminals. Wilbur Ross secretary of Commerce actually screwed around with a Census, a sacred part of our government. Trump was is and will always be a criminal who associates with other criminal. This beats poor Dem Al Franken who resign because he took sexist picture of himself pretending to grab a sleeping woman’s boobs. When we talk about criminality, the GOP makes the dems look like amatures.

    3. @Joey Havarti The sky is falling; the sky is falling. Haven’t you noticed how the trolls and Republicans keep saying MSNBS and CNN are fake news? Have you also noticed that the Ex-president Donald J. Dump invited journalists from these stations to Mara-log-go to sit down and interview him for hours upon hours to write a book about him? So who’s actually being fake?

  7. But according to the Stable Genius, despite his lawyers, his cabinet, his family, his campaign managers, and his strategists all being under investigation or indicted….he alone is the innocent one and it’s all a witch hunt.
    Sure dude. And that’s not a Depends diaper you’re wearing under your ill-fitting, stinky suit.

    1. Putting trump back in office would be like putting my beagle dog in charge of the refrigerator.

  8. Who would of thought that when Trump tried draining the swamp – all of his friends came running out…. Now the same rats are being captured.

    1. Senile Madam, Do you only speak in witless clichés? Have you ever had an original thought? @Resident Bye Don

    2. Hey Hairy Senile Madam,
      Oh, your feefees got hurt by my post. So sorry for you. Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, titled ‘White non-college educated female’? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity;’,. ) @Resident Bye Don

    3. Senile Madam, Didn’t they teach English punctuation when you went to school?

      @Resident Bye Don

    4. Senile Madam, You lack the intellectual courage to use your real name; why would any real American respond to your rants, other than to mock them
      catch {eof} errMsg
      set savedInfo $::errorInfo
      “Database End”
      error $errMsg $savedInfo
      @Resident Bye Don

    1. Him and his old buddies the Clinton’s have seen it all. The rise of their insufferable offspring must be stopped at all costs.

    1. Yea, he sure slithered under a rock fast. Can’t wait to see what they drag out of his swamp lair.

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