Trump Tax Documents Handed Over To Manhattan Prosecutor | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Trump Tax Documents Handed Over To Manhattan Prosecutor | The Last Word | MSNBC


District Attorney Cy Vance has millions of pages of Trump documents in his possession as part of a grand jury investigation into Trump and his corporation. Bloomberg Opinion Sr. Columnist Tim O’Brien tells Lawrence O’Donnell that tax documents and email communications will be key for the prosecution. “This is a criminal case – they’re going to need to prove criminal intent on the part of Trump, his three eldest children, Allen Weisselberg, and anyone else in the Trump organization who’s fallen under the parameters of this investigation.” Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Trump Tax Documents Handed Over To Manhattan Prosecutor | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. And how long before there’s an “anonymous” leak of what’s in them (whether true or not) or the actual documents are somehow “leaked”..

    1. @Diana Hulstine I’m waiting for your reply. Show me the 60 judges who saw the cases. That was an untrue statement brother. Know what you’re talking about before spreading misinformation

    1. @Janey Smith lmfao actually trump has his tax thing looked at by irs and that Robert muller thing back when and don’t forget politicians are in a group of THIER own a lot of perks + (exempt from things we can not) they do not divulge everything …. asked yourself how do they make Their millions How do they hide their corruption on themselves by projecting corruption onto others

    1. @Jeremy Hurley Aren’t we all uneducated on different subjects? A mechanic isn’t educated on biomedical. A politician isn’t educated in trade. So you are right my friend. I am uneducated.

    1. Nope. It’s rules for thee but not for me. We all know this to be a true description of the new “woke” Democratic Party. I feel bad for them honestly.

    2. @Billithekat who debunked it?

      Leftists say that so often…yet never have any links attached when they say it.

      When was it debunked? So I can look it up myself?

    1. @Dawn Rosulek Unless you’re talking about Hetalia, you’re delusional. No one can literally be in bed with a whole country.

    2. @Robert Matthews Because it’s so meaningless and implausible even Fox didn’t report it. Even Newsmax didn’t report it. And even OANN didn’t report it. So why would MSNBC or CNN?

    3. Oh he’ll rat on his boss, if Vance is able to squeeze him sufficiently. Take Cohen as an example. NOBODY likes Trump as a person. To work for him and do his dirty work when needed is something very different. Almost everyone of these (former) employees will sell out, IF Vance finds enough to really put them in criminal danger, facing years in prison doing Trump’s bidding. That’s the BEST thing with this ‘fishing expedition’. I was sceptical a week or two ago, when Vance felt he HAD to call in an expensive outsider with RICO (mobster trials) experience, but right now it looks better for Vance I believe.

  2. any thought… that this was intended to get evidence for a court case… is well….I am going to make a prediction…the tax info will be public in less than a month…one way or another it will be out…this IS the intended outcome…

    1. @Rusty Key I wish you guys would just really shut up about Trump vs. Biden stuff. They are all crooked! They are all wicked! Biden used his office, and Trump used the presidency to make money at his properties; his daughter got patents from China, etc. All of these politicians do it. I believe that many of these people on social media who pretend to be Trump supporters are just trolls who want to make sure that anger and tempers flare so that the news will continue to sell.

    2. @Blossom Bouquet then you agree with my point. It’s obvious people aren’t worried about ethics and morals when it comes to the president they just pretend they do.
      No one is saying Trump is perfect or is a saint. This is the second presidential election in a row that the Democrats candidate is under an FBI investigation, and the Democrats are happy to point out they got the popular vote both times. Not sure what that says about us as a nation.
      Since we both agree none of them are saints then we should go by policies. Going by policies there is no doubt Trump’s put America first policies have been better for the United States citizen.
      Can you imagine what could have got done if the Crooked Republicans and Democrats had worked with Trump instead of coming up with scams to get rid of him.
      few of Trump’s accomplishment in 3 and 1/2 years:
      Trump: Trump came into slow-growing economy, rolled back over burdensome regulations, gave everyone tax breaks, yes, including the rich. I’m no economic expert but for whatever reason it stimulated the economy caused the stock markets to go to record highs. I know my paycheck increased more in the last three and a half years than it did in the previous six. We had a booming economy, record low unemployment, including record low unemployment for minorities, he was winning the trade war with China, created 7 million jobs, more people off of welfare than ever before, thanks to Trump and him negotiating better trade deals with a little over 50% of our trade partners in just 3 and 1/2 years (which is remarkable) we will be in a better position economically than most countries coming out of this virus, middle-class income went up to $2,000- $6,000 depending on where you live in the country. He secured money for black colleges getting them more money than they were asking for the next 10 years, before that it was on a year-to-year basis. He repealed laws that unfairly put more blacks in prison, that sleepy Joe was a main supporter on. He just signed an executive order a few months ago which gives Hispanics easier access to money for education and business loans. Thanks to Trump and thinking outside the box and implementing operation Warp Speed millions and millions of lives are being saved. First president in modern times there have been no new conflicts started. Involved with 4 peace treaties being signed. He’s been nominated for 4 Nobel Peace prizes. And there’s many more accomplishments that did nothing but benefit you as an American citizen. Sorry, the facts don’t backup your rhetoric or the media’s lies. He’s done more for the USA in three and a half years than the last three presidents combined. And he did it all while fighting a fake Russian dossier investigation, a fake impeachment, and a corrupt FBI investigation. You have nothing against Trump but rhetoric. Does he say things that hurt your feelings boohoo.

    3. @Rusty Key Trump was a scam. His administration was a scam. Middle-class people’s incomes did not go up. It was all a scam. Middle class people PAID $2000 to $6,000 more in TAXES in 2019 because of Trump’s fake tax cuts. ALL of these top politicians are corrupt. From Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden, Harris, and the politicians before them that now work for and make millions at the corporations that they made all the laws and policies for. Stop acting like a schoolgirl who has a crush on a teacher. Trump is a mean man and he is about billions of dollars; he is about money, money, money and corruption, corruption.

      Nobody gets to be president a less they’re willing to do all of the dirt and high crimes the thing government commits. We are not living in log cabins anymore. This notion of innocent government and innocent presidents is for children.

      Trump did not do anything to help black people. His initiatives were bull crap. What do prisoners have to do with most of the black population? Most of us are not prisoners, don’t have criminal records. His prison policies don’t help us. Everything Trump did had a back door that would hurt people. Don’t try to act like you are smarter than me. What you are is blind and you worship a man who was evil because you are the same as he is.

    1. @William G Does it matter extolling the character of Biden when his own ilk will use the 25th Amendment to remove him anyway?

    2. @William G – LOL. You have no clue, do you? Carry on. We are on two different levels.

      BTW, the Democrat Party is not the party of the Middle Class, it’s the party of the skillless/uneducated, those who refuse to work, and the uber educated/entitled fools, who also refuse to work.

      Those who work, run the country, and have the wisdom, skills, and talent to keep America running voted for Trump TWICE!

    3. @Scott Harrison It is also the party of the elite class which seek to control the demographic you made mention of.

    1. @Q is Fictional Oh you’re so witty. Guess while your boyfriends got you bent over serving you the salami, you’ll tell him just how witty you were today! LMFAO!

    2. @Shawn Corbin Public record Trump made around 2 billion while in office. Just released documentation. Give it a Google

    3. @Margaret Webb While earning nothing from his presidency, his entire presidential salary was donated to charity. You act like he’s not a successful businessman with interests all over the world. The truth is he didn’t profit at all from politics.

    4. @Shawn Corbin He declared bankruptcy 6 times. His father left him 400 million, a little over 20 years ago. Trump only donated 100,000 of his salary. Jared and Ivanka took in millions during his presidency. You will never be able to convince me otherwise, that it was politics for profit. And why did he pay 750 in taxes last year?

  3. Cy Vance is gonna see a lot of Russian money in those tax returns. I think Trump will try to make a run for it to Russia.

    1. We should be so lucky! And when that happens, we true Americans who love our country would be more than happy to buy plane tickets for his cultists, every last one of them needs to return to Mother RUSSIA to whom they have sworn their true allegiance! We only want REAL Americans here, who believe in Democracy, who believe in the Rule of Law, who believe in the U S Constitution and the peaceful transfer of power when an opponent loses the presidential election; not set the country on fire, spread rumors and lies that the election was stolen due to wide-spread voter fraud without a scintilla of proof, or evidence! Bye bye 45 cultists, see ya, don’t let the door hit ya (where the sun don’t shine) on the way out!

    2. Fraud, money laundering, inflation and deflation of assets circumstantially, massive unsubstantiated write offs, pay offs, micro-ponzi schemes…this is going to be a treasure trove which will take his Brand and family down for good.

      This is why DT fought to the bitter end because he knew on the other side of this the piper would come calling

      Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall
      Humpty Trumpty had a great fall
      All the kings horses and all the kings men
      Could not put Humpty Trumpty back together again

    3. its no wonder Biden got in there, listening to people like you. Who knows, maybe your buddy Joe will send you overseas to fight it out with all the countries he’s starting to bomb

  4. So corrupt, and so many voters turn a blind eye.

    Does the human race really deserve to inhabit this planet?

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