Trump team rests arguments on day 4 of impeachment trial | USA TODAY 1

Trump team rests arguments on day 4 of impeachment trial | USA TODAY


Trump impeachment highlights: Defense ends arguments, Q&A portion on fourth day of trial

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Trump's lawyers ended arguments and the Q&A portion wrapped up on the fourth day of former President Donald Trump's historic second impeachment trial.

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  1. How did the crowd get in the building so easily? Ordinary police stations under repeated attack kept rioters out of their buildings all summer.

    1. @Adubz I’ve tried I’m banned from sharing any links. I’ve never seen this happen before. Any link, no matter how I try says “we weren’t able to add your reply. Please try again later”

    2. @Hairsniff Bidenn no I’m not surprised there weren’t counter protesters because the republicons would outnumber them 20-1

    1. Over 30 people died in last year’s Riots.
      And countless more were Injured.

      Yet MSM called the Violent Riots,
      Mostly Peaceful Protests

      And Congress approved or remained silent last year.
      No outrage.

      Harris even helped with setting up a bailout fund for Rioters last year.

      And the Police Association broke away from Biden because of some of the things Biden said in his speeches during the Riots.

    2. If Dems can’t produce any evidence then hell yeah he will be acquitted again. It is easy to impeach in the house with only 51 votes needed. Not so much when you have to prove it in a Senate trial.

    1. I dunno how good a man can be when he shows 0 affection to his wife and just drags her around like a display pet.

    1. Yeah seeing how Republicans dont respect the law but claim to be the party of law and order is a three ring circus this country is tired of attending to.

  2. They knew this will happen and yet the mayor pretended to unleash police but barely any of them were there. It’s sad how manipulative they are these days. It’s sad a great country can fall so deep because of corrupt politicians.

    1. @Eric CiarameIIa Keep something in mind. There are a lot more veterans against Trump and any insane idea of a war than the few that are for it. Guns and ammo is hard to get but I believe in the 2nd ammendment and live in a very gun lax state. For every person I know stockpiling ammo to overthrow the government I know 50 who are stockpiling to protect themselves from crazies with guns. Like those who want to overthrow the government. After January 6th the FBI and every other law enforcement agency is now aware of those plans and are on alert.The insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th was caused by Donald Trump. Trump will be forever remembered as the only president to incite an insurrection in the last weeks of his presidency because of a lie he perpetrated about the election being stolen, and he refused to transfer power peacefully. Trump will also be known as the worst president to ever hold the office.

    2. @James Ferris  See, the problem I’ve noticed. Is that people seem to believe this impending conflict is motivated by just the Election, (which I must say, innocent people usually refuse to produce evidence that could exonerate them of said wrong doings). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to surmise why one side was fighting so hard not turn over the voting machines for analysis, and verify signatures on mail in ballots, amongst a meriade of other issues. That somehow, everyone that’s upset. Is so, over Red vs Blue, or that it’s Democrats vs Republicans. I’m neither of those things, as both parties have been enriching themselves for years at the expense of US the American tax payer, both have been selling us the American people out to their corporate lobbyist and foreign governments (after all how many of those Trillions the government printed ended up for the people who will be stuck paying the bill). Meanwhile your local mom and pops have and had to stay shut down, while peoole can gather by the hundreds at your local Walmarts, because we know they’re totally on top of making sure their store is sterilized .

      I am someone who has a deep sense of duty and obligation to the founding principles and our constitution. I’ve been to more foreign countries than I have states. I wish nothing more than for us to all come together as American’s and work toward a future making our country better for all of us. I’ve seen the world and despite our flaws, this country and that piece of paper that’s being trampled all over is what separates us and why so many seek to come here…only one side of the political spectrum seems to feel that there is a problem with our constitution and would seek to remove it. Therefore they are the National Security Threat in my eyes. So they best tread lightly because that breaking point is fast approaching.

    3. @StrawHatWolffy right… the president… commander in chief… was turned down… when he said to deploy his own troops… in DC… his direct jurisdiction…

      You heard incorrectly.

    4. Again! The US constitution states. Only legislature can change election law! They cheated by disobeying the constitution! Fact: secretary of state and governors from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and  Georgia went against the US constitution and changed election laws to cheat!

    1. @Anakin Skywalker Even your nuanced version of his argument is stupid. You can’t address systemic racism without addressing race.

    2. @Anakin Skywalker what kind of argument is this? if you talk about race then you’re racist? wow, tell that to the literal white supremacist trump supporters who have too much to say about other races

    3. @Dakota Kirk the idea of a minority is based on the idea that race exists. It doesn’t, if you think it does you are a Racist.

  3. They should show the cell videos of “police” opening the barricades, letting people in after the capital building was under attack.

    1. @DranZuthahor Gaming police and military are people too A proud American is a proud American. And the Constitution is the Constitution.

    2. I agree that police opening the barricades is terrible, but it’s not relevant to the case at hand, which is about whether or not the storming of the capitol was foreseeable based on Trump’s words and actions.

    1. @Melody Brinigar so is Trump winning the 2020 election but you cultist still run with it. I call it like I see it

    2. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. soon you’ll know it’s tastiness… I sustain from kool-… laid…i NVR indulge! I’ve heard it can cuz a person to lose their ability to make good choices. I also hear that BIDEN VOTERS INDULGE FREQUENTLY.. US TRUMPSTERS DON’T EVER TOUCH THE STUFF…NO SIR-REE!!! BABA…LOWERS COGNITIVE ABILITIES… THANKS 4 THE OFFER THOU..

  4. His “Attorneys” missed the chance to subpoena the contested states’ election workers, & put them under oath that the election was true !

    1. And when they say the election was honest and fair under oath your party will still claim he was cheated

    2. @GamblerofFates only party that hangs people with rope is the Republican party hence a hangman’s post in Washington DC. Let’s not go projecting now ok

    3. @uhplumber sorry election workers did not cheat your unpopular president lost a election race. Deal with it. Move on.

    4. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. Crazy Russiagate conspiracy theorists like you want us to believe mail in voting is more secure than voting in person with an ID. Even ABC News’ George Snuffleupagus admited there’s some fraud in every election. Well, if there’s some when it’s hard to vote then there would be a lot of fraud when it’s easy. That’s just plain common sense.

  5. This would be more interesting in a criminal court of law where tampering of evidence comes with actual consequences. I wonder how much the stories would change?

    1. Trump is man of Russia mafia, they give him 400 000 000$ in Deutsche Bank

      Stop Russia world terror, poison humans ( London, Germany…), sponsor Dictators and terrarist grup, WARs crime ( Ukrain, Geargia, Siria, Venisuela, Libia… ), Russia internet hakers and many more

    1. And you MUST watch for how many half Israelis speak. It says volumes over who has media and govt control.

    1. Trump is man of Russia mafia, they give him 400 000 000$ in Deutsche Bank

      Stop Russia world terror, poison humans ( London, Germany…), sponsor Dictators and terrarist grup, WARs crime ( Ukrain, Geargia, Siria, Venisuela, Libia… )and many more

    2. @Grey Lazy you spelled Hunter Biden wrong and you got the amount wrong I think it was 30 million dollars

    3. @Grey Lazy and on top of all of that criticism the guys comment has nothing to do with what you’re talkin about
      he’s talking about the beauty of a thumbnail picture in your spewing Rachel Maddow levels of conspiracy stupidity

    1. That isn’t just true for our country. Justice is Compassion. Influence is about Control and Power is the measurement of that control. These are characteristics of Yaldabaoth. This self-indulgent mirror-worship that many of our leaders participate in is the gateway for the Archons. The more attention and peace-stealing emotions that these high priests of Control and Power can generate, the greater the suffering, the greater the reactions resulting ultimately in the forced generation of loosh for the sole purpose of capturing this energy to feed upon.

      Learn to create peace inside of yourself. Be a model for peace to others. The only division that exists anywhere ever is within our individual and collective shattered minds – shaped by billions of traumas all over this ghastly construct. Heal the trauma in you and you heal it in all of us. The dog and pony show is a distraction – it encourages your mind to shift into a perpetual state of distraction – lured by the train wreck fascination that our reactive minds cannot turn away from. There is no train wreck, the distraction isn’t even water vapor, it is truly nothing but the illusion of light.

    2. everything in the US is outdated and probably will stay that way the next couple of years, our education is out of date, the police force and taskforce are out of date, our politics and supreme court out of data, our prison system is out of date. Do yall see a pattern or is it just me :/

    3. @Chris Nguyen I”ve noticed that as well. Perfectionism is the same stagnation and when a country has a ego thinking they’re #1 at everything that is stagnation not adaption or progression. It’s a failure to adapt.

    4. @Mephilic well just like Newton said, whatever comes up must come down. China or Russia doesn’t need to do anything to destroy America, It’ll destroy by its own by their own citizen

  6. The comments here are basically 60% complaining about the American government and 40% talking about the thumbnail

  7. I was watching late night with Jimmy the blackface clown when all of the sudden some people yelled, WHERE IS SHE !? Then the hinges started cracking ! That’s the moment I ran to my swampy basement.

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