Trump Thanks GOP And Attacks Pelosi In Late Night Tweets After House Rebuke | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Epstein is only news if it can hurt Trump. Epstein helped found the Clinton Foundation, the largest “Pay-for-Play” setup in history. It’ll never be investigated except to cover up the deeds.

    2. @jon doe It’s been under investigation during this admin. And if it’s as corrupt as the Trump Foundation, it’ll be shut down. But as of now, out of the two, only one exists.

    1. @blueserman1 I know nothing of the man’s life and care even less. He has been a good president. His positions on the economy, immigration, and foreign policy have been right. His comment’s don’t show racism, they show an intolerance for the lies and undermining of our heritage.
      Good deeds invented? I think not.

    2. @D P I have read the book several times. But I am not a bigot hypocrite. You should stick to the red print. Again, your ilk is why Christianity has dropped to a new low in the United States. If you are a Christian, be Christ like. You are a republican blonde, blue eyed, gun tooting, racist fake Christian. Read and live by the red print, what Jesus said. Or join the Muslim faith, as they do a better job of teaching the teachings of Jesus Christ. Before you respond, I suggest you do some fact checking. I bet 100 to 1 you had no idea Muslims teach about Jesus

  1. если не получится развязать войну против украины, значит надо развязать войну против сша

  2. This is all just smoke and mirrors. Get people involved emotionally on all these issues then slide worse things right under our noses.

    1. Susan S:
      You are yet another fine example of how low the average intelligence is of Trumpty Dumpty acolytes.
      It never ends with you vegetable-heads….🙄

  3. Everytime something is about to come out about trump he will distract with with some out of this world about someone so you do not know what’s about to come out, EPSTEIN FLIGHT LOG HAS TRUMP’S NAME IN IT, and Roger stone gets off on his charges! That’s what he does not want you to know.

    1. Trump’s name isnt on it, you unemployed, useless 3 dollar bill. Trump participated with the police in having Epstein arrested in 2009. Bill Clinton’s name appears 27 times while Hillary appears 6 times. As the leftwing magazine Vanity Fair stated: Trump has no worries whatsoever but the Democrats have massive worries”.

  4. If you people insist on calling the USA a “Western” democracy/whatever, I must insist that you explain your reasoning. What makes the USA “Western”? The idea of the “West” predates the discovery of the New World. Applying such an idea to the New World seems incorrect.

    By continuing to make suspicious assertions about the “Westernness” of the USA, without attempting to explain the rationale behind them, I will be forced to use my superpowers to your disadvantage. Furthermore, I know Florida Man personally. When he and I work together, we can’t be stopped. Think about it.

  5. Satan (trump) never sleeps. His attacks come morning, noon and night. I want to hear more about his abuse of 14 year old girls.

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