Trump to make first major speech since leaving White House 1

Trump to make first major speech since leaving White House


Postmedia Columnist Andrew Cohen on Former U.S. President Donald Trump making his first major appearance since January.

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    1. @President Camacho Biden doesn’t have the energy for golf, don’t be crazy. … and “taking 144 million taxdollars for his own”… how the hell do you make this up?

    2. ofcourse biden doesn’t have the energy to go golfing,.. he’s way too busy working to have time to play golf,…

      and you can check the expenses the secret service has made,.. it’s public information,..

      trump charged the secret service 144 million taxdollars for the time trump kept golfing on his own golfcourse,.. and because trump owns that golfcourse,. he took that money for his own,..

      remember how trump blaimed obama for golfing too much?

      obama spent 90 million on golf in 8 years,. which is 45 million in 4 years,..

      trump spent 144 million on golf in 4 years,. making trump 3 times worse than obama,.. and trump took that money for his own.

    3. @Multiple Myeloma Igm So far, he has covid being taken serious. Cases are going down. deaths are going down. But, that’s funny to ya isn’t it? SMH

      Just go sit down and listen to the grown ups ^^

  1. It seems that this partisan “political commentator” lives in an alternative reality of virtually victorious pseudo-liberalism.

    1. @Narf You have Trump wet dreams! Wow…sucks to be you….
      By the way, I have an 87 year old grandfather that hasn’t had any for a while. Maybe you’d like to visit….although he isn’t as fat as trump and can speak in complete sentences, so he might be out of your league.

    2. Trump is missed mostly for the seemingly endless scandals and the fact that he was a source of jokes for the late night comedians.

  2. “Meanwhile Joe Biden is the President of the United States.” For the 45 minutes a day that he is actually awake and semi conscious.

  3. Another Bovine Scat interview. You both must think the public is stupid? In any case you both know on which side your bread is buttered!

  4. Don’t ever rely on the Canadian government or “journalists” to help you for anything while abroad. Two hostages held by the PRC for 2 years!!!!

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