1. At this point no one should be surprised at what comes out “Mr stable genius” mouth, bt then again here we are….

  2. Not paying for these family vacations with the useless Kriminal Kushners.
    Nancy, it’s time… move it… give Inherent contempt a shot.

    1. @Danny v … And Trump will end your tax break next year… And the rich and corporations tax break will go on forever… And your grandkids will still be paying off that 1.5 Trillion dollar (corporate welfare) tax donation Trump gave the already wealthy!!!

    2. @vonsuthoff that’s another leftist talking piont my taxe breaks aren’t going anywhere unless of course libtards get enough illegals to vote in red states ,which is the main reason they try to bus them there

    3. @Danny v You’re a dimwit… You can’t relate to anyone but the Liar in Chief… you’re all morally bankrupt. You support a life-long criminal who kidnaps children, illegally send them out for adoption and cages the rest while creating an epidemic and send them to their deaths. You’re pathetic. Brow beating…hahaha … muppet. Take a pill and a nap… then find some religion.

    1. The Mueller report say bad orange man do nothing wrong. But orange man still bad anyway.
      Boop boop beep

  3. wink wink don’t meddle w my election really?? he should have said don’t release the pee pee video please!

    1. @thanos fish did ya figure that out all on your own?
      Or did someone help you?
      GOOD JOB!
      WELL DONE!

      Seriously, homophobe are funny, odd, hypocritical people. 🙂

  4. The lady who worked at the bojangles next to my neighborhood for 20 years just retired. My life no longer has meaning

  5. 3rd world journalists are better than most USA fake news CNN journalists. Shameless pity rats. Vomiting human being

  6. *All YouTube videos and comments should have a flag indicating country of origin right next to the poster’s profile picture.*

    1. Well you’re definitely a Commie Cocksucking Cunthole. Tell your mother she owes me a Putin mouth-hug.

  7. President Dumbo: Don’t meddle in our elections “wink”
    Vlad the Impaler: don’t worry, we won’t “wink wink”

  8. Low life thug Putin the snake in the grass stop building outdated military junk and feed your people better

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