Trump To Sign Exec. Order On Policing As Atlanta Shooting Sparks Outrage | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Trump “If we stop testing right now we would have very few cases if any” WTF?? So, if we stop reporting crime statistics then there’s no crime? Surely now a vaudeville cane will come in from off screen and get rid of this clown.

    1. If you can make Biden look good sitting in his basement with a pudding brain you are pretty damned pathetic. Trump is that pathetic.

    2. It only make US with highest cases because other countries doesn’t have enough test and don’t even test properly. That’s the gist of it.
      Just like in China, the test accuracy is so bad, then MIRACLE MARCH NO NEW CASE. Then now Beijing got huge amount of cases that they have to declare Wartime procedure.
      Even the Wuhan’s tests of 20 swaps in one container in lots of pictures and cross contamination, yet Wuhan has “ZERO” cases again while Beijing restrict travel from Heibei or anywhere into Beijing.

  2. “Where we are not testing, we have tremendous numbers. I really think testing, which is tremendous, is over-rated. We have more tests than anywhere else combined times two! Except in the prisons, aged-care facilities, veteran’s hospitals and cities, but it is powerful in terms of numbers, which are the best.”
    – Donnie Trump, today…out loud….recorded…

    1. @Randy Smith You don’t honestly believe that. That would be so unlikely it’s absurd to even consider it. The man is a moron. Professor William T Kelley — “Donald Trump was the dumbest (expletive) student I ever had.”

    2. J Nor we will find out that has more to do with Trump’s fear of having effective leadership anywhere in his organisation. So, yes…fear is involved. He may not have dementia but he is unwell emotionally and physically as well as poorly educated. The saddest part is his inability to learn and empower others who can do the job better. Testing gives the necessary information to contain virus spread and reopen safely and stay open safely until a vaccine is produced. If the tests don’t work, then get some that do, learn from other countries and get it done.
      That is his job and he is incapable of doing it.
      Sounds pretty demented to me…

    3. @Michael Bray yeah, right moron. That’s why he’s a billionaire with a Supermodel wife and head of the Trump Organization, with 25,000 employees. Hey, they’re hiring, maybe you can get your first job!!!!!

    4. Bballscaron I don’t know if you have watched a loved one die but it changes your life forever! It is a big deal when your loved one gets a virus & dies when it could of been prevented.All over the world people are mourning the loss of their loved ones & it is heartbreaking! It’s a pandemic & they don’t know a lot about it yet but if wearing a mask,social distancing would just save one persons life,it’s worth it to me. A little inconvenience for us could save someone a horrible death & their families a lifelong full of pain due to their loss.God bless!

    5. @Jean McGinnis could have been prevented if Obama hadn’t funded the Wuhan level 4 virology experimental lab where the virus came from

    1. @Erik Cuevas police sworn servants have said by swearing an oath that they will willingly die for us. That they will sacrifice their lives to protect the citizens and the constitution. …. also terrorist come in all shapes sizes and colors.

    2. @Erik Cuevas oh you are Saying that they are protesting & it’s a riot…. humm it’s almost like people have had enough of the senseless murder of unarmed citizens at the hands of police…. so you support them too … cool.

    3. @Erik Cuevas I’m glad you think police are terrorist too. Man I was starting to worry about you… I’m glad you understand that if it’s ok for the founders to do it that it’s totally cool that BLM does it too… because we agree that life is more important than money… wow we are working this out nicely.

    4. @Erik Cuevas oh wow I’m super glad that by roit you me a really great time… I think it’s swell as well.

    1. Pushing for vote by mail!
      While NO one is sick?
      Breaking the law is still isn’t legal.
      Getting drunk driving while under influence resisting arrest is still breaking the law 3 of them. But pointing any kind of weapon at cops will get you dead. If this man loved his wife and child he wouldn’t been taking that chance. But he did. Why?
      He selfishly did what he wanted to in disregard of the law. Bad choices

    2. @I’m Your President no it attacks soy and liberals because they are weak both physically and mentally. They die easily. Hail the strong.

    3. @deamonomic funny you think Trump is an ACTUAL Republican politician. He is a businessman his sleepy Joe comment is blunt but honest. The dems always wish washy way of talking is worse than an insult. Trump 2020.

    1. @Bobby B They’re already isolated. Except at the liberal riots and autonomous zones, and who cares if those people die.

    2. @Mine Finder They are NOT isolated in the meat processing plants. They are NOT isolated in the nursing homes or hospitals. They are NOT isolated in any of those low paying jobs that magically became “essential”. They are NOT isolated when they are working from home but going out for food or other supplies.
      When people test positive for covid they need to be strictly isolated so as not to pass it on to others – *especially* as we don’t have a cure. Countries both bigger and smaller, more densely and more sparsely populated, and poorer than the US can manage it, but the US has to be exceptional and fail at it.

  3. There is literally video showing the man resisting arrest, and trying to harm the Officer in some way, and the dude was intoxicated

    1. @Space Bar He should have pulled into the Parking Lot..Not in the Middle of the Drive Thru..He would have still been Alive.

    2. @Alex Walker to harm a cop? with a taser. you must be completely braindead. the officer did everything wrong. first there was NO reason to shoot and second not in the back. what a racist coward you have to be to shoot someone in the back and how idiotic do you have to be to say that this is right. typical racist comment.

  4. Smh idk what else to say but if I voice my opinion no matter what it is I will receive backlash….. Our first amendment right has been taken away from all of us and America is headed towards a dangerous place

    1. @Straight out of Stockton firstly, it’s COULDN’T care less. Secondly , it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with “popular” opinion. No “good” ppl have lost their jobs because they posted “unpopular ” opinions on social media. They lost their jobs, because GOOD companies DON’T want to be associated with deplorable, despicable, racist, hateful, harm inspiring, pieces of human waste.
      Does that clear things up for you?

    2. @Straight out of Stockton You’re right, Free Speech these days gets people fired. I’m self-employed, so happy to say 2x. 🙂

    3. grouchasaurusrex I disagree. I think we all owe to be respectful of people. We can be adults & agree to disagree but be respectful.

  5. I thought the goal post was to not overwhelm our hospitals when did it change to low infection rates. Just as always we give up our freedoms for something that is temporary and now they like their new found powers and want to keep it.


    1. No one can make Congress do jack sh*t. The only thing we can do is vote the vicious america hating democrats out

    2. Look at how many “expression of…” Congress for the most part are fubar. Take some time to navigate this site. If you really dig into some of the players, you’ll find some very “interesting details that have been suppressed, but are still very much a matter of public record.

    3. I’m am not Democrat or Republican. I’m an independent voter & I’m not going to vote bc their Dems or Rep. I am voting for who I think is the best man for the job & for me,it’s Biden. May the best man win!

    1. @eric44ism So you’d rather have a president that fabricates stories about important global topics than a president of sound mind who gets stuff done that matters? Most of what Trump has actually accomplished benefits himself and countries like Russia and china more than they benefit us. Any president should worry about things on the homefront before all else, especially when it comes to sketchy countries like the aforementioned.
      Or does none of this make any logical sense at all?

    2. If he can return this country to its former greatness, im with him, I’m not holding my breath on that though.

    3. @eric44ism Smart. It’s best not to expect so much from someone with a double digit IQ whose main focus has always been making money by scummy means. Definitely don’t hold your breath, you’ll pass out before anything good happens by his hand.

  6. “.. we have tremendous numbers” does he really believe the high numbers are utmost OK, for the cases and the deaths?

  7. If they act stupid, they gonna get in trouble. If anybody acts stupid they are gonna get in trouble.

    1. “Bunkerboy.” Wow I have NEVER heard that label before!!! I bet you’re the first one to come up with that one! You are SO funny and original. Tell me, someone as hilarious as you must be a professional comedian, right?

    2. Robert Andrews… it’s certainly doing the rounds. Would love to claim credit for it but sadly, cannot.
      I prefer it to Bunkerbaby, Donny, Mr. Kellyanne, Cheetoman, Captain Chaos, Cadet Bone Spurs, Worlds Greatest Troll, Tangerine Tornado, Creep Throat, Trumplethinskin, Drumpf, F*ckface Von Clownstick.
      And then there’s the says-it-all WH Stain (my previous goto).
      A view from afar

  8. So, the person who commits a crime does everything wrong and it’s still not his fault? This world is hopeless.

  9. 0:04 LMAO, but hey…who’s counting 🤷🏻‍♂️ lol smh
    They’re not biased at alllll 🙄

  10. I used to think medical examiners reported cause of death, didn’t know they were judge and jury.

  11. To sign “Cop Reform Executive Order” . . . POTUS uses same Sharpie Pen ✍️💨💨 he AMENDED the Hurricane Dorian Map with at The Resolute desk in Sept 2019 🌀🗺️

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