Trump To Sign Executive Order On Police Reform | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Nothing Trump has ever come up with or had a hand in could be called “comprehensive”

    1. @patricia lafountain It’s unbelievably self destructive & they are too hooked on the Koolaid to know it. I thought they’d figure it out when their taxes raised like mine did, but they seem to have not noticed that either. He is a danger to all US except the 2% & can’t even bring himself to think about the people he swore to protect in a pandemic! He certainly isn’t gonna do anything for the black community.

    2. @Aingell interesting. You leftists want to blame Trump for the lack of comprehension in the executive order, yet you also claim that he didn’t come up with it and doesn’t deserve credit for its success. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    3. @Tom Riddle “leftists”, ha, if you think the bloated lazy conman is a conservative then I got a wall I’ll sell you cheap and even Mexico will pay for it. You and I know he didn’t read it. He twits vindictive lies and watches Fox all day.

    4. @Bobby B No president does what this one does. I’ve lived thru at least 7 of them & none have ever required children to leave the room when he speaks on TV.

  2. there will probably be a line about cops never being allowed to arrest people with the last name trump.

    1. @Cort honest news media say that there is bombshell evidence Trump colluded with Russia and they have not provide that bombshell evidence…

    2. @Russian Bot I have seen over 20 Presidential Elections, and this is the first time members of any Party have run TV and ‘Net ads telling their own party members to vote against a sitting President of their Party. Trump is ignorant, venal, mendacious, and smug. And that is on his BETTER days.

  3. In a surprise move Donald will fight Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. Then he will fight himself as a candidate for both parties in November, only to question the outcome.

    1. He would get away w that w his followers. They would claim his POTUS power to declare himself 2 separate people.

  4. To sign “Cop Reform Executive Order” . . . POTUS uses same Sharpie Pen ✍️💨💨 he AMENDED the Hurricane Dorian Map with at The Resolute desk in Sept 2019 🌀🗺️

  5. God knows what his executive orders really look like in truth. I personally didn’t like it when he said used the term ” Law and Order ” in his statement yesterday regarding this policing issue’s. I fear for the worse.

    1. Moscow Mitch gets my vote if there’s ever a contest on what human would a turtle choose to hate being compared to.

  6. How can this executive order include “language acknowledging systemic racism in policing” _when practically EVERY LIVING REPUBLICAN INSISTS THERE IS NO ‘systemic racism’ in America????_

    1. @THE LOW-ROLLER I’ve also watched trump in the news for all that time too. He has always been the arrogant silver spooned brat that cheats & steals & cares for nothing but his ego. He is everything my fellow white middle class members USED to dislike. Now they’ve all drank too much of his Koolaid. Your a fool to think he has an oz of democratic principles in him.

    2. @Pau Thang go watch british police how they block and take down and armed man with a machete and then think on how an US police officer would do it !!! life was preserved no police or the armed man was badly hurt , and no one was dead , protect and serve gives a new meaning !!

    3. meadows yet no one wants to move there. Everyone who is not a leftist want to come to the US. It is very unfair to compare the situation in British and the situation here in US. Here, the criminals have guns, many of which comes from Black markets. While the conduct of the police here could be improved, it is unfair to compare the two without looking at the people our police have to deal with.

    4. @Pau Thang Now I know how you thought you could racially profile me. You are a racist, biggoted troll.

  7. Empty threats, Empty Promises. You can’t even say a few kind words to heal a nation. Can’t believe a word from this powerless president.

    1. All we had for 40 years before Trump were empty speeches that did nothing. I don’t want a speech.

    2. @Salt & Pepper dont worry he did an executive order and is working with Congressman Scott to create a bill for reforming the police

    3. Actually he did. One of his kinds words are that we are one nation and if we work together, we will achieve great things….

    4. @Eric Thomas early the democeats have made that saying we are one and we are all human being is a racist statement

    1. @CatPower Yes, I did. ANd from the behavior I saw them toward blacks, and other minorities group who dont agree with them, they dont want to listen to them or solve the problems exist in minorities group. They just want the votes. I mean c’mon, saying someone is not black enough because he or she is question to vote for him or Trump should reveal the attitude that the democrats especiall the white ones have for minorities.

  8. The biggest election fraud in modern times is about to be played by the Republican Party this November. What has just happened in Georgia Is a for runner. Biden will more than likely win both the popular & the electoral vote & still lose the election through fraud. It will happened big time in states controlled by Republican state legislatures. Ballots will disappear.- no paper trail. Voters will be intimidated by “an army of 50,000” Republican thugs & goons on election day. The Republicans are going to use the 12th Amendment to do it. PAY ATTENTION.

    1. I full expect everything you say to happen! Putin has been teaching them how to do it for 3 1/2 years now. I’m no tin hat conspirator, but I can see this coming clearly.

    2. Sadly, it’s been a sham for decades. The sadder part is that this time America has devolved into a hillbilly shootout mentality. Why can’t they see that it doesn’t matter which party wins, the media has been playing games with ‘flavoring’ each party all along.They are both the same. They take turns accepting money from interest groups, pad their pockets while serving the rich (of both parties), and turn Americans against each other over wealth and beliefs. You are all in the ‘Truman Show’. Even the naming of that movie is an inside joke. Stop turning on each other, for most Americans I know have warm hearts, regardless of their party.

  9. He wants to get out in front of it before independence day. so that he can declare victory over racism.

  10. Time for him to sign his name using big letters and then hold the deal up in the air for everyone to see. Been there, done that.

    1. ​@Brady Fries Just the words of another ignorant America, or perhaps a corporate slug or maybe a russian troll? Still hoping for your masters’ trickle down! You have to understand, the 1% filth of man don’t share! Listen to the report given to their fellow cohorts…
      Oh by the way, the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. If you prefer a Representative Republic or Representative Democracy. Any which way you say it, it’s a form of Democracy.

  11. Want the truth about his new executive order? It’s a band-aid for his reelection bid. Nothing more.

    1. Trump will pull out all tricks to get re elected not a chance this time we don’t need 4 more years of your lies and embarrassment as our president your Time will be best served in jail where you belong take turtle head with you you are both useless

  12. Mr. Trump, I would rather have you sign your resignation letter; you have proved to the [Nation] that you, and your administration are nothing more than one big recurring crisis.

  13. tRump crying “all Obama does is sign executive orders, if I am president I won’t sign them.,”
    Also tRump “here’s my 10,000 executive order “

    1. @Pau Thang Don’t racially profile me as a white supremisists just bc I see you as a troll pretending to be American to be taken seriously in discussing US politics. All you have said is false propoganda for trump. India is the only country I could think of w a strict Federalist government, hence the guess at your country.
      It should be obvious I’m not a racist, but you think you can play that card w/o any inference on your race? I think not. I said nothing negative about India bc I have nothing negative to say. Just bc I’m white, you don’t get to accuse me with disparaging racial profiling. We are done here. I won’t deal w a racist of Caucasians anymore than I will of black & brown folks.

    2. @Sharon Smelser thank you for identifying yourself as a white person because that strengthens my argument. And not really it isnt clear because you seem to believe that all who believe the US is a federalistic constitutional Democratic republic” are Indians. And like wise, there are Indians that believe (wrongly) of course, the US is not a federalistic nation. So dont put everything in one category. I might belong to a certain group but I don’t think everything the same as that group…… some thing “white savior complex” people fail to understand

    3. @Pau Thang And you fail to understand that racially profiling me is no more acceptable than racially profiling any other race. Thank you for clarifying your racism. I notice you are too chicken to state your race. You could be white Russian troll for all I know. I only know you are a troll. I used political system to guess your country since you said English isn’t your 1st language, NOT your race. You took this conversation to nasty racial bigotry, not I. Go troll someone else now

    4. @Sharon Smelser
      No I pay more attention then you clearly. Since your hung up on his personality. Rather then any legitimate complaint about a policy or decision.

      I could ask you what his deeds are and your answer will be nothing more then character flaws or things he says.

  14. The only U.S. president who’s signed more executive orders, like he’s signing autographs at a Comic-Con.

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