Trump To Sign Executive Order To Prioritize Covid-19 Vaccine Shipment To US | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Trump To Sign Executive Order To Prioritize Covid-19 Vaccine Shipment To US | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Peter Alexander discusses Trump signing an executive order aimed at prioritizing the shipment of the coronavirus vaccine to the U.S. before other nations. Aired on 12/08/2020.
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Trump To Sign Executive Order To Prioritize Covid-19 Vaccine Shipment To US | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. The president can’t go back and buy the doses he passed on before. This order has no effect in this situation. Diaper Don doesn’t understand situations he can’t bully his way through. He thinks he sins an order and companies have to follow, that’s not how this works Donny.

    1. How can he direct Pfizer to prioritise a vaccine for American use when it is a German/American product manufactured in Belgium? Is he going to send special forces to Belgium to secure the plant?

    2. Dr’s agree that both Rudy and DJ Trump should be wearing their mask, as underwear. When asked, Dr’s said more crap is coming out of their mouth, than their rear end. They should be wearing a diaper over their head, instead. We recommend a pacifier inserted in their rear end as cry babies and mask pulled over it to protect the public from further Trump virus infestation..

    3. @Chris Voss Pifzer has also a department in the Netherlands and the University’s here where also helping with the developing from the Vaccine. Trump has nothing to do with it. I am from the Netherlands here they start vaccinating for the end of the year.

    1. @Qualicum Wilson Here you go. From their site. I suppose Trump could commandeer production from Kalamazoo but not Belgium which is the main manufacturing centre and Germany

      “Through its existing mRNA production sites in Mainz and Idar-Oberstein, Germany, BioNTech is able to produce mRNA for commercial supply after having already produced the vaccine candidate doses for the clinical trials. BioNTech will also increase its manufacturing capacity in 2021, once a third site in Germany will start manufacturing to provide further capacities for a global supply of the potential vaccine. Critical to distribution in the U.K. will be Pfizer’s manufacturing site in Puurs, Belgium, one of Pfizer’s largest sterile injectable sites. The Puurs site is being used primarily for European supply but will also serve as back up supply to Kalamazoo, Michigan, for the U.S. market”

    2. UK has already started giving vaccines, 1 or 2 days ago.
      So this isn’t about USA getting it 1st.

      Obviously we need it too

      MSM can’t do an unbiased honest story even when Americans lives depend on it.

    3. @s Who said it was about the US getting it first? Obviously you (I’m a Brit) need it too. Fact is Generalissimo Trump failed to secure enough of the vaccine when offered it and Pfizer who are manufacturing for German company BioNTech in (mainly) Belgium, Germany and partly in Kalamazoo have full order books for several months. If Trump thinks he can grab vaccine from Europe he’s bigly stupid

    4. @s No, he has signed an executive order trying to usurp vaccine supplies that have been contracted to other countries, even though he was offered more months ago.

    1. @Brad John — hahahahah, good luck with all of that nonsense you’ve been mesmerized with in your dark shallow mind. I’m sure that’s going to work out beautifully for tump but not for his zombies. Congratulations

    1. That was a joke anyway…
      That bill was copied from Dems in the House….was put on disgusting McConnell’s desk Dec. of 2019….. easy to look up….No one I know is getting drugs cheaper….insulin just as high now as it was….

    2. He got $600,000 worth of health care at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center by paying only $750 in taxes, so from his point of view very, very cheap indeed.

    1. @Harold Moore funny. Half of my family are dems. And they are the hardest to convince. One refused to fly home and see her kids because she refuses to wear one on a plane. So there goes that logic huh?

    2. Rose Nelson you’ll get your wish if Biden somehow is the legitimate winner. Your election integrity is worse than Sudan. Biden got 80 million votes? WTF

    1. …….Because if its just a matter of getting laid you could start up your own boys group on Parler. Call it ‘A-holes for Trump’

  2. Executive orders have NO power or validity outside the USA… Does Trump want to go to war instead? We’re ready for him!!!! Germany is not alone.

    1. Don’t worry about him. He just does this to make it look like he’s involved. Most of his EOs don’t actually do anything.

  3. Breaking News: French justice demands two years in prison against ex-president Sarkozy. Next Breaking News: American justice is demanding life prison against ex-president Trump.

    1. Breaking – biden, son and brother arrested for stealing from the American people. 40 years to life. Might get Epsteined.

    1. @Brian Fuller lmao. I guess you havent figured out that all presidents are just puppets. Why do you think the rest of the world reefers to us as a puppet regime? Because we are. Talk about ignorant. You take the cake. Keep thinking Biden will make your crappy life better. I’ll be laughing.

    2. @Will YoujustSTFU Biden didn’t say ‘We dont want a racial jungle’, he said ‘unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point’. It was about using funds to enforce integration through busing people out of their neighborhood into others. His complaint was about the lack of planning the program had and it’s possible repercussions, not that he didn’t support integration.

      Trump’s taxes are not just under audit, they are under investigation for possible tax fraud. Regardless, there is nothing that stopped him from releasing the records.

      The border relief that Mexico is providing is not ‘paying for the wall’. The amount of money that was slated for humanitarian efforts at the border is the same. Trump tried to use money from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund, military construction accounts and the United States Department of Defense. There was also a civilian fundraising effort which ended up being fraudulent.

      The tariffs imposed on China had a negative impact. China reduced it’s agricultural trade by approx 20 – 30%, resulting in a net loss. Furthermore, the Trump administration gave almost 29 billion in aid for farmers.

      The lies, misrepresentations and false claims that TWP compiled do not include figures of speech. They do include repeated statements which elevates the total but that alone just compounds the idea that Trump will repeat falsehoods.

      Don’t take my word on any of this, look into it yourself.

      I know this won’t have much impact on this Will guy but maybe it will give others a reason to look for a more complete picture.

      EDIT- Oh, Will is a conspiracy schmuck. No wonder all his statements are so misinformed.

    3. As a Canadian I can’t imagine not haveing universal health care , it’s the most basic thing a country should be doing for there people . I do remember 45 years ago as a new father haveing to beg , borrow and steal to get the money to pay my health care contribution every 3 months , thank god we got rid of that cruel and ridiculous system .

    1. @Tom Barker it is fine. the weather and I are working very hard together to prove that this election was rigged.

    2. @E Hole That bath house girl is WORKING with me fyi to prove that this election was rigged. at least she has some common sense.

    1. There actually IS a reason. We are looking at 100k+ evictions next month due to lack of action from the Senate. Peopleare homeless and dying. Expect a war. 🙁

    2. Adults? …. You mean the senile old fart and the lady that controls him? “If we disagree ( stutter iiiiii) ill develop a disease and resign” – Joe Biden

  4. The two drug companies didn’t even show up. They let Trump have his summit
    all by himself.🗣️🗣️🗣️

    1. No one with good sense or reputation wants to be anywhere near the delusional maniac in chief, especially not right now‼️🧐

    2. They refused to go. They were invited, but didn’t go because they didn’t want him taking control. He didn’t stop us in the UK from getting it, did he?

    1. The UK started vaccinations today, currently we have taken delivery of 800,000 doses, there is obviously more to come, plus hopefully the Moderna and the Oxford vaccines are cleared for use, the difference is that our government (for all it’s faults) put in large advance orders for all the vaccines, the USA (thanks to Trump) did not take advantage of the opportunity to increase orders, like it or not The USA will have to stand in line while the manufacturers fill EVERYONE’S orders, Trump can sign as many executive orders as he wants, it won’t make the slightest difference, in the UK we have our own problems but thank every saint you hold holy, we don’t have Trump, good and best wishes from the UK, stay safe out there.

    2. @silver fox As an American, I couldn’t agree more. Our president clearly doesn’t have our best interests in mind and is directly responsible for much (not all) the chaos this virus caused in our country. Best wishes to the UK.

  5. He can’t take a victory lap, he caused tens of thousands of cases at his super-spreader rallies, politicizing masks, promoting ineffective and dangerous treatments … victory lap my 🍑.

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