Trump Trailing Joe Biden In String Of New State And National Polls | MSNBC


    1. @rastaewabeach Hillary’s polling was up and down like a roller coaster; Biden’s lead has remained consistent and steady–actually, it’s been increasing. Hillary never led Trump by margins we’re seeing with Biden.

    1. Your comment is being heard worldwide with people wondering how such disgraceful behaviours can be appreciated by such a large portion of the US public, sadly it represents the US in a very dim light surrounded by mistrust, fascism and narcissistic rule. It’s trumps large support base that’s the underlying cause for the many of the problematic issues experienced not just in the US but worldwide. I feel the damage done is going to worsen.

    2. @Toxophilite Actually in reality Democracts support Transvestites and HOMOSEXUALS. *FACT 👈😆

    3. @Crimson Spirit Joe Biden is the leader of the Democracts. *FACT 👈😆

    1. Freedom of choice, pursuit of life liberty and happiness. Overall equality of education. Read it, learn it, live it.

    2. @J Groovy he asked Russia if they had Hellerys 30,000+ emails. He sent tomahawks into Syria, Russia’s ally, he sent tank busters to the Ukraine, to stop Russia’s advance, Obama sent blankets. Last week, Ukraine officials intercepted 6 million dollars, so that they would stop investigating Burisma, I guess that was Trump too. Man, you need to WAKE UP!!!! Demonrats are the biggest crooks that ever existed…how else do you go to work, on a $100,000.00 per year salary, and be a multimillionaire in just 4 years??? By embezzling the tax payers 💰, that’s how…who is dumb enough to pay $700.00 for a hammer, I can go to Lowe’s, and but the best for around $50.00, that leaves $650.00 that they put in their pockets, and that’s just one hammer…you ought to see what they pay for a box of nails… crooks, that’s what they are.

    3. @Tim Daugherty Yes, and a lot more than that. Who made the very ironic statement that Khizr Khan ‘had no right to say I haven’t read the Constitution’? *cough,* 1st amendment gives him the right *cough* right in the Constitution *cough, cough*

    4. @Tim Daugherty Man, you don’t have any regard for facts based on your description of the economy under Obama and Trump. You just recited partisan talking points that are easily debunked by anyone with even just a passing interest in reality.

    1. Everybody is seeking a way out :
      Americans looking for a way out of covid 19
      African Americans are looking for a way out of police brutality.
      The World looking for a way to escape Bill Gates vaccines.
      Americans looking for a way to vote out a junkie president.
      Melania looking for a way out of an ugly relationship.

    2. Nah. That’s HUSSAIN’S job to blame Trump for everything, and to not give Trump credit for Trump’s great accomplishments that HUSSAIN didn’t attain.

    1. It tickles me u radical leftist demonRATS love these polls. Look up yalls polls only 2 weeks prior to Nov 2016 election. Yall just relax and return to ur basement

    1. Which is a really terrible idea because the reality of all elections is that there’s a 50/50 chance of victory for anyone. Completely will is what decides elections.

  1. Vote! He could win the electoral college! All the people around him gave up on the popular vote months ago, now they think of an electoral college theft again. Don’t let it happen!

    1. No fricking way this time they(electoral college) will be scrutinized, they got away with it the first time not again

    2. @Dan◀ republicans have been charged and convicted with voter fraud, far more often than democrats. If you know this, then you are a LIAR. If not, Google it.

    3. The corrupt and racist electoral college system, is in no way a democracy. Yet the USA goes around the 🌎, promoting what they call democracy,
      with the help of a 🔫.

    4. That’s the do nothing Democrats—-> I’m voting TRUMP this time and I’m not the only one——> Democrats are RACIST

    1. @RougeDragon whiteFlame come on stop Trump was called racist when he did act! So when should he had closed travel? Biden would destroy America the guy cant even think half the time! Vote for America yes I will Trump is America as the Democrats praise ripping down statues of America’s forefathers!

  2. Some say that many Trump supporters are afraid to admit they will vote for Trump thus the skewed polls. If that’s true the polls could be all wrong. Vote no matter what the polls say.

  3. Meanwhile trump will hold a rally.
    trump does not care about his cult followers welfare. And it is just unfathomable that they wont see this.
    He is making sure he gets tested every day, and he is making sure everyone around him gets tested every day.
    He is making sure all rally attendees sign a waiver so that if they catch the virus and die it’s on them, not him.
    It’s really strange, but it almost seems like he is taking the coronavirus very seriously.
    But at the same time he strongly downplays testing among the population.
    And he says wearing masks makes one look weak, and he also claims you don’t like him if you are wearing one.
    Practically saying to his followers: “Don’t you dare coming to my rally with masks on!”
    So, hordes of people will be packed together, inside, mind you. Shouting and cheering, most without masks on probably.
    By holding this rally in the midst of the pandemic he will be turning his dumb base into lethal ammunition,
    to be released among the rest of his countrymen.
    It almost is like he is following the orders of putin.
    Or is that farfetched.

    The covid 19 is causing grave complications all over the world, it’s certainly not easy for any government to deal with it.
    But by jolly USA, you have a disaster of a “leader” who’s not even trying to deal with this disastrous virus.

    1. The Democratic mayors don’t care about their cult followers welfare and the welfare of the citizens in their own cities because they’ve let tens upon tens of thousands of people gather in huge crowds all over the entire country every single day for the last 2 1/2 weeks and they think it’s just great. And I’m sure that a complete and total hypocrite like yourself hasn’t said one word about it either. But ONE rally in ONE town in the country is soooo horrible right? The hypocrisy of you guys on the left is staggering. Like do you guys have an ounce of integrity at all? Because from what I can tell you don’t.

    2. This is going to be a major problem, 20,000 people, very hot, elbow to elbow, yelling and screaming, and this is only inside and outside is going to have far more, recipe for death and for what only to try to get a lying criminal to screw us for four more years. Vote Trump out vote Biden 2020.

    3. @Bernie Com Thousands of people, very hot, elbow to elbow, yelling and screaming….you do realize that you’re describing the hundreds and hundreds of protests that have gone on all over the entire country every single day for the last 2 1/2 weeks? LMAO Too funny.

  4. Vote vote vote. Evict all of the criminals. Save America.its up to you.catch us now were falling

    1. That’s the name of a KINKS ALBUM ,ya mope !!
      ” Catch me now I’m falling ” is a line from the KINKS
      If your going to use a line ,do try to know who it came from .

    2. @Richard Hunt nope the album is low budget song catch me now im falling track 2 in the remastered cd

    3. @Joe Slapperasski ” Bless it’s pointed little head ” is the name of A release .
      Not THE release of

    4. @Richard Hunt i have never heard or saw that
      And sorry when you said the pointy little head o thought it was to bust my chops..

  5. Polls are not everything!




    1. @Dan because it’s every citizens duty to vote. If you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain.
      That’s why most protesters are not of voting age.

    2. @Jay Pat Well I’m not famous or anything but I would like he chance to be the one to say in a loud and clear voice the immortal words. Trump your fired loud abd clear. If they need someone. Because it would be a pleasure and a honor to see those famous words. Abd even better to say them to hus face.

  6. Don’t believe the polls get out and vote.Don’t get lazy go vote.Make sure Trump doesn’t climb over the bodies of130,000 dead Americans to get his way.

    1. Oh, by November it will be 250,000. Especially with all these fools saying mask wearing is a government control. It’s mind boggling and extremely sad that we have to lose all these lives.

    2. Pelosi was telling people to go to Chinatown! Cuomo was forcing infected people into long term care facilities! 19 murdered in Chicago last weekend! A democratic paradise!

    3. My vote goes to Georgia, which is, yeah… I’m still going to vote for Biden, if only so that’s one more vote against Trump in the final tally!

  7. People are actually waking up ‘and are seeing 45 for who he really is an evil Incompetent leader.

  8. Whenever he doesn’t like the news/facts he calls it FAKE news. This is a simple minded man. Instead of discussing why he disagrees he just calls it FAKE news. I wouldn’t trust him running a donut shop let alone running a country!

    1. Trump: No one knew donuts have a hole in the middle
      Maybe a donut shop not the best idea 🙂

    2. This guy had Hillary with 98% chance of winning in a landslide victory. And media straight up lied to you.

    1. Us deplorables and smelly walmart shoppers thank u radical leftist demonRAT LOSERS N 2016 very much. 😂😂😂

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