Trump Trails Biden In Fox News Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

New Fox News polls show Biden ahead in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Michigan. The Morning Joe panel discusses the early numbers and how the Trump campaign will need to focus on key states like Texas, where a Quinnipiac University poll shows it will be a tight race. Aired on 07/23/2020.
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Trump Trails Biden In Fox News Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. You don’t need to poll the people. Just poll the electoral college if you want accuracy. When are we going to fix this antiquated system?

    1. @B Bodziak That’s not the point. The point is that the electoral college gives a voter in Montana effectively 5 times as many votes as a voter in California. (For example.) Millions of Americans essentially disenfranchised.

    2. @Meh Oh, I understand how it works, including how less popular states have less people represented per electorate. I personally think the EC should be abolished, and just as governors are elected by collective/popular voting (not by reps from each of its counties), the office of President should also be done by straight popular vote. That’s literally the one thing I agreed with Trump on — at least that was his stance prior to Nov 2016.

      I’d also like to see voting become mandatory just as it is in Australia. In addition, I’d like to see absentee ballots allowed for any reason and not just a short list of 5 allowed reasons to receive an absentee ballot in my state of Georgia. They should also come postage paid. If we can pay for secret service’s pay, room and board while the incumbent is campaigning, the least we can do is provide a stamped envelope to return an. ballots!

    3. @cordelia kates When he said Vermont is equal to California with the electoral college, he’s saying that our least populated states get a minimum of 3 EC votes which works out to less people per vote than in other states, like California. It should at the very least be revised to reflect equality between the # of residents per EC vote so that each state is the same.

    1. Lol. You mean a virus that has killed less people than the common flu???
      You people are dumbasses

    2. @ATV HogHunter Hmmm. I suppose you’re right. The coronavirus has killed less people than the common flu. OVER THE ENTIRE SPAN OF RECORDED HISTORY.

  2. “Person, woman, man, camera, TV” – Jeez! I’m almost 57 and because Alzheimer’s & early-onset dementia run strong in my family, I’ve been given this test 4 times a year since I turned 50. In the 26 times I’ve taken this exact test, I’ve NEVER been given 5 associated words to remember. Never! It’s always “rock, fish, chair, car, sister” or the like. Never associated words. So, this is either another lie or the “doctor” deliberately fudged the test. Bunker boy has some major cognitive problems.

    1. @FUKOFPET Most “ecstatic” I’ve ever seen my doctor was: “Ok. We’ll check again in 3 months…”

    2. My mother had this test done the words used were completely different as to disassociate each item I’ve never heard person, woman, man,camera TV used in that sequence

    3. @Michelle Nichols As I said in my original post, I’ve done this test 26 times. Never once was I given words that were associative. 🙂

  3. Trump is horrible. 39% is too high for his performance. It is alarming that America has so many uneducated people who support a racist, sexist, and gross man.

    1. @Humility humilitex The only reason Trump would ever be in God’s eye is because God keeps a watch on the Antichrist. Trump is the least Christian-like politician in my lifetime. You’re probably one of those that was convinced Obama was the Antichrist. Right?

    2. @Eddie Orama i will remind you this later, Trump is not leaving the office.
      let watch and see

    3. @B Bodziak Obama is devil, including joe Biden, they want defunding the police to bring in the chips and the mark of the beast into existence, which Trump has seen and refuse to sign the one world order.
      this is there problem but they turned everything into police now.
      that is why they are fighting Trump.
      All i know is that God alone select the president and he will put Trump back

  4. Vote him out! Vote him out! Vote him out! Don’t depend on the next person to vote him out, get out and vote!

    1. @Alex Power i will be voting. Win or lose doesnt matter. I know i voted for the best candidate for presidency and my conscience is clear. I did not succumb to my hate and anger. You can its ok. Thats your right as a human.

    2. Richard Batchelder WTF does this have to do with anything? Didn’t like her response to the Pig on the floor?

  5. Trump was IMPEACHED. How can he run again. Are Americans going to want a second term IMPEACHED President. I pray NOT!

    1. …because he was impeached by the House but not convicted and removed by the Republican-dominated Senate. If the Senate had “turned blue” in 2019, Pence would currently be President


    2. @Cryptic Is AMERICA still that confused & illinformed to NOT vote Trump /GOP 🚽 PARTY OUT ?
      ( Maybe )
      I hope not.
      Biden Will win the national vote by 5+ Million , but it’s all about those 5-7 swing states.

    3. @Cryptic If the Election were tomorrow it’s would be Giant Biden Landslide .
      But AMERICANS tend to lose Focus easily.

    1. It will help. The bigger the landslide against him, the harder it will be for Trump to deny reality. (And, unfortunately, you know he will).

    2. @Greg Bors He has no trouble denying reality under any circumstances, but it will be harder for the GOP to support him. Also, the more people vote the harder the election will be to steal. I hope.

    1. Zaidia Naif I’m an ICU nurse. I deal with it daily. Ever since March. I wash my hands and I haven’t gotten sick yet, but I wouldn’t mind getting it. When I grew up we had chicken pox party’s. Herd immunity.

    2. Democracy is also dying under the Block everything GOP 🚽 PARTY .
      The Virus is only 1 issue of a thousand that Trump / GOP are on the Wrong side off.
      Let’s Flip the Senate Blue
      We must !

  6. He’s trying to undermine mail-in ballots, so get out and vote. Get your masks, lysol and hand sanitizers ready.

    1. Eary voting in person!!!!! I am saving a vacation day to vote early in Ohio hardly any waiting at all and treat myself to a piece of pie and a piña colada afterwards!

    1. Zeek Banistor why are you telling lies! You know very well more than half of what you are saying is an out right lie. No one that can read and google will believe that crap!

    2. @Zeek Banistor Maybe you read the Trump’s analysis of the Democratic platform because what you listed has no relation to reality.

    1. yes five years or records by the trump gov. he will win again. i guarentee that . might as well start the tears now

    2. Racists, rich people who are still greedy for more tax cuts, shut-in FOX News addicts, hyper-partisan Republicans, one-issue voters whose only issues are restricting abortion rights or not restricting gun laws, incels and other miserable internet trolls, Russians and other foreign enemies of the US (they aren’t being polled, of course, but they definitely support Trump)….

    3. Greg Bors – nice msnbc and dnc talking points! You don’t have one original thought you sheep🐑your incredibly warped view isn’t from reality.the silent majority is too busy working paying our taxes for you to notice us.

    1. Don’t know, i think Trump meant not a fan of Chris Wallace, but FOX news has been the best to him.

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