Trump Trial Nightmare? Senate Hears Giuliani’s Ukraine Trip ‘Baggage’ | MSNBC


  1. The cover-up is literally in plain sight. Trump, Rudy and Mulvaney have all admitted to the bribery on national tv.

    1. @Melinda Bloodworth No. Trump and his cronies SAY Biden and the clintons have done everything they’ve been accused of. It’s called projection, third graders love it.

    2. @ethan sawyer OMG are you seriously in Denial? Biden and his crackhead son were without any reasonable doubt busted with their dealings in China and the Ukraine. When will liberal parents and their followers start taking responsibility for the short comings of them and their children? I’m libertarian so don’t go Republicans….blah blah blah.

    3. @Js Travelers *”lay off the meth, now you’re hysterical.”*
      Ukraine gov accuse DemParty, DNC, Biden’s and Clinton Found. of $7Bil theft from their banks&interfering w/investigations & this is your response.. Are you always allowed to play on the commuter unsupervised.

    1. He would have gotten away with it if these bozos weren’t so fame hungry and kept their mouths shut, don’t forget Guliani was bragging to media he was going to Ukrain to get dirt to protect his client, then cancelled it when he got heat over it and went on TV to tell everyone he wasn’t going, he could have easily just not said a thing and the media would have looked like they where reporting on rumors and this dummy goes on tv to prove the news of his planned travel was factual

  2. Ah, so the OAN special is really a paid advertisment. They should run that on the bottom of the screen.

    1. Jussie Smollet, Covington Student, Biden Ukraine money laundering, Obama cash to Iran…wake up viewers, you are being lied to by MSNBC

    2. They did misreport the incident involving the Covington Student. No evidence that any of the other things you mentioned were misreported.

  3. Come on America,we aren’t that uneducated to figure out that the redacted emails is totally a cover up to protect Trump! Come on people we need a fair trial!!

    1. Russia often use foreign media to plant a story. then it appears a couple of year later in a random channel. Goal is off course to get a mainstream media network in USA to pick it up. they play the long game, here they just create a fake media. The Russians would be surprised and never believe that people would be so gullible it could work. clearly they underestimate the stupidity of Trump supporters.

    2. I guess peter stzrock’s text messages were made up too? How about the 47 “mistakes” made by the fisa producer’s? How about the spying and leaking? Is that made up too? I bet you believe that obama (sorry,berry) did not weaponize the government to go after conservatives and a duly elected president.

  4. You got to love loose lips Looney Giuliani!
    He’s become a major player in the Trump* Freak Show.
    Thanks for the laughs Looney!
    Whatever you do… don’t stop talking!!!


    1. @john emeigh I am neither one nor the other. I’m a realist. But I do have to add, you do make me laugh you putin puppet.

    2. @Donna Brown There have been too many times when I have watched what Trump said at one of his rallies or a speach only to hear it completely misconstrued and twisted several hours later by one of these characters that people think are journalists.It’s happened too many times.
      I’m quite weary of people who watch mainstream news try to tell me they think they know what’s going on and yet they don’t watch the senate or congressional hearings, they never listen to the cabinet meetings they don’t actually watch what the politicians themselves have to say which all can be easily found on the Internet. When you have people like Morning Joe’s silly wife saying that it is their job to decide what Americans think I realize how these people see themselves. And more times than I can even count I have learned something from an independent journalist on YouTube months and months before I hear it come out of the mouth of somebody like Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow Chris Cuomo… my God the list goes on.. And some of the very people that think that they know so much because of their trusted dinner time news show openly admit they never listen to the president himself because they don’t like him.

    1. That was funny and I don’t laugh at this stuff, ever. It’s too serious. Please remember to Vote trump OUT

    2. Good question, maybe even determined insane and the whole bunch put in straitjackets and hauled away to a deserted island. Were they can fight with each other. The rest of us can live in peace.

  5. I think Rudy officially lost the title of “America’s Mayor” when he became Trump’s “Attorney.” Nope, I think his new title won’t be quite as charming.

    1. @D.Christian Brooks yes Obama was and how good of you to notice that. After all giving terrorist billions of dollars in the dead of night should tell you a lot but liberals just don’t get it they’re not able to read between the lines

    2. @Good Enough You mean like trump does to everyone.
      Listen up.
      Know facts before you post.
      Hillary cleared of all charges by trump d.o.j.. fact.

    3. He’s probably been trump’s attorney during the casino venture, let Donny slide if he helped turn in Italian mob bosses so even Manafort offered them both a deal to be bag men for the Russian mob they took it…Manafort has sticky fingers he steals from the mob bosses so that’s what all of this is bag men that stole from the big Russian mob boss and in order to not sleep with the fishes they handed over the U.S to Russia and every other slime bag that wants a piece of U.S assets, those government contracts are working out fine for GOP donors that run immigration detention centers, private prisons, health care, pharmaceutical companies, charter schools, private military black ops everyone is winning, don’t forget that neverending wall

    4. Rick W Liberalism is causing insanity. I cannot understand the Democrat party anymore and want my vote back from Obama. Democrats are communists, militant vegans, transgenders, illegals and snowflake students. They do need to go home to mommy and their space space and watch CNN

    1. @S M – As for securing the border. Did you know that 2017 saw the lowest number of border crossings in 50 years? All orange turd had to do was keep his mouth shut. But NOOOOOO. He had to open said mouth and say that he was going to close our border. Especially to people of color. Anyway … according to the U.S. Border Patrol web site, turd (aka cult leader) opened his big mouth and the border crossings went through the roof. Why is this anybody’s fault but his? Eh? Border crossings were down 74% since 2000, per the U.S. Border Patrol statistics, until turd spoke. U.S. Border Patrol statistics. Note 2018 crossings jumped almost 25% in one year. 2019 was worse. Orange turd in charge. Orange turd’s fault.

    2. @S M – North Korea? Are YOU kidding? Dec. 5th, Kim called fat boy a dotard again. Come on man. Get up to date. ISIS? Orange turd stabbed the Kurds in the back. They killed more ISIS fighters than anybody. Guess who killed more ISIS fighters after the Kurds? Iran. You’re a moron.

  6. The way rudy has behaved in the last year really makes me wonder how many of his prosecution cases in the last 25yrs have been this corrupt?

  7. “He doesn’t ask you questions, he doesn’t give you orders. He speaks in a code.” – Michael Cohen 2019/02/27

    1. @Fake Fox Where do you get your lies – I mean news – from?
      Biden’s Ukrainian scandal has been debunked?
      There needs to be an investigation before something can be debunked, and now that somebody is actually looking into the hole Ukrainian scandal the very opposite is happening. We now have many facts that indicate malfeasance may have taken place. At the very least deserves attention, and there needs to be a full investigation till we get the truth.

      But it’s obvious to me, and anybody who’s paying attention, there’s allot more going on, and the Ukraine is a judge step at getting some answers. That’s why they’re fighting teeth and nail to keep us from looking into it. They are afraid because the Ukraine could be the start of a Domino effect where all the pieces to their malfeases begin to fall.
      Why do you think as soon as Guiliani started looking into the Ukraine, and Donald Trump spoke to their President about investigating corruption they all got desperate, and launched the fraudulent impeachment inquiry?
      They want to try and remove Trump from office, because it’s the only thing they could come up with to stop any investigation in the Ukraine from moving forward which would exposing their crimes?
      If people don’t see the obviously obvious, then it sucks to say but you probably would feel better living in a United States China, or some government controlled nation under Communism.

    1. I used to post:
      trump 20 to 30
      in Leavenworth
      But after seeing all this and more I’ve come to the conclusion I was wrong. So I am going to change my views and now support
      trump 30 to 50
      in Leavenworth

  8. If Giulianni really wants to help his boss, he should figure out a way to get him into an institution where he can get the care he needs.

    1. I’m sick of Youtube’s limiting our watching the news channels in full. I said awhile back that they are Trump supporters!!! I will no longer watch these 1 min to 6 min clips and be forced to watch all th ads that they are making a gazillion dollars from, and getting Phrump’s tax cuts, but not allowing us to watch the shows in full. They don’t limit other ” private” uploads!!!! See you all when this is all over after 2020 elections!!! I HATE YOUTUBE’S NEW FORUM!!!!

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