Trump Tries To Rebrand Biden's Legit 2020 Win As 'The Big Lie' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Tries To Rebrand Biden’s Legit 2020 Win As ‘The Big Lie’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Trump reemerged on Monday to again attack the 2020 election results calling Biden's legitimate 2020 election win 'the big lie' using the phrase Trump's critics use to describe his attacks on his race with Biden. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Ashley Parker and A.B. Stoddard.
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    1. The liars try to brand the 2020 election fraud/crime as “legitimate.”

      The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are overturning this crime and putting President Trump back in Office in this year 2021 and getting Biden and Harris OUT.

      Welcome to God’s Universe and Justice!

    2. Both sucks as President. Should’ve gotten either Bernie or Mitch McConnell as president.

    3. @Dolores Reynolds “We are born ignorant. One must work hard to remain stupid”—Benjamin Franklin

  1. Trump has longstanding history of calling elections ‘rigged’ if he doesn’t like the results

    1. @Darrle Ennis only because he thought he was going to lose…(he did lose the popular vote in 2016 as well)

    2. @Rick Simon yes I have been a republican my whole life and proud of it and will be forewarned the next sixty years as well. I have watched the democrat party bully republicans into submission and I was always like why do they cower to them stand up and fight for what you believe in but they don’t believe in anything except big government along with the dems and I see that now because when trump came on the scene he fought with the establishment on both sides which meant he was fighting for the people. That’s fine that you all are ok with Joe as your president someone who cowers to everyone’s demands from teachers unions to your part of the party that wants Marxism in this country. Joe’s been in gov. for almost 50 years plagiarizing and lying his whole life getting rich off your back and mine. Dorsey and bezos they control your party and their leaders they won’t get taxed more they’ll find ways out of it. Keep living life in your bubbles though and let this gov. destroy your lives I refuse to allow it to destroy mine. We need more people to stand up to the useless idiots in government

    3. @Captain Chaos yes you are absolutely right the man who says his crackhead son is the smartest person he knows not the administrator teacher wife with her doctorate. The man whose been in government his whole life. Yeah ok that’s the savior of this country you all need help not me.

    4. @Blair Haffly no I hate to break it to you it’s not about flaws it’s about the deep seated hatred the people in the democratic leadership have for this country and it’s cities and the citizens in them. They don’t take pride in our freedoms they want to destroy them. Look at Baltimore, San Francisco, Portland they coddle and throw money at issues like homelessness and say that’ll fix it but now we have more needles in the streets and the parks and let’s tell antifa we’re with you so you don’t burn our cities down but the do it anyway. Your leadership wants us to be like the European countries but look at the disarray they are in everyone depends on the government to take care of them. Those countries had at one time pride in who they were now even they don’t recognize themselves. Flaws, flaws, flaws are having affairs not Kerry flying all over the world in private owned plane telling the leaders of the great reset prince Charles we the American people will stop using planes and conform to globalism.

  2. What a sad, pathetic, lonely life, the Stable Genius must be living every day, to be this shattered by the loss that he is still lying about it months later.

  3. “Stone Cold Loser”? Never has the comeback, “It takes one to know one”, ever felt more true!

    1. @mike briganti actually Trump isn’t worth what you think he is. He owes billions in debt, doesn’t own most of the properties his name is on, and lied to Forbes when they wanted to know how much he is worth. But keep melting…

    2. @mike briganti Nope but he told people it was a hoax and that it would magically go away, based on a hunch. So they got infected and unfortunately too many people died.

  4. Cheney has more courage and integrity than most of the men in the republican party

    1. Errr… By my reckoning; she’s up there with 1.25 Republitard men: A whole Kinzinger and a quarter of a Romney…

    1. Until he is behind bars, they will continue to escalate. Those 74 million enraged and brainwashed cult members are too tempting a weapon not to use.

    2. @Mainely, precisely. It seems as though his desperation is driving them to cause some sort of attempt at a second coup or civil war. If he can’t stop the myriad of investigations closing in on him, he’ll slow them as much as he can with lies and deception.

    3. @Uniquely Lily Rudy has admitted things already. Things a former prosecutor should know to keep his mouth shut about. He might out Trump unintentionally at this rate.

    4. @gilesluver nah Rudys In a world of trouble, he’ll cooperate and throw Trufmp under the bus, unless he has a pocket pardon in that case, he may try to set precedent since they’ve never been established as a legit pardon Right?

    5. @Uniquely Lily we can hope. We’ve seen how loyal Trump is to his fixers/lawyers.

      Anyone know why Rudy would have Hunter Biden’s hard-drives? How he could *legally* have Hunter Biden’s hard drives?

  5. He’s trying to confuse his supporters so that when they hear the phrase “the big lie” they believe it’s about Biden. He continues to be a danger to the country.

    1. If they’re confused by that, they are confused by left shoe, left foot. Maybe by shoes altogether.

    2. He is correct! I am a black conservative and Trump supporter and I 100% believe him! They stole this election!

    3. @thisbarb the left who is bed with big tech. The sheep think Google is set in stone. Google antifa quick! See anything about them rioting for the last 200 days? Nope!

  6. Cheney needs to confront her Kool-Aid drinking colleagues loudly, directly, and in full public view.

    1. @spymaine89 and the people don’t like that from what I have seen, they should let voter verifier in and do what they were hired to do. I don’t mean the people, I am talking about the guy who does not want voter verifier in there now.

    2. Shake Rattle and Live
      she won’t do that. No backbone. Her place is on BSnbc with her friends. Perhaps if she runs again and she loses they can offer her a job with the other token Republican RINO’s on the pay roll I dare her to address any conservative group with that crap. My question is if Trump lost fairly why does BSnbc, the Democrats, RINO’s, and their minions keep talking about Trump and giving him free press and fueling the fire under the Republican base keeping it in the news?

    3. @Alex Hamilton Well, obviously he should sit down and shut up, and stop grifting on his supporters. Who does that? I am not sure why they even mention Trump again. Let it just die! Fade away.

    1. Yes, Romney should Respect President Trump . Why is This so hard to understand ? Very Basic manners .

    2. @xjaskix Are you saying trump is respectful………? Seriously? You need a lobotomy. Your brain has got a major glitch. Did trump respect the disabled? No. Did he respect women? No. 20 odd women are suing him for sexual assault and abuse. Did he show respect to a teenager who’s trying to make a difference? No. So get trump to show respect and others will follow his example

    3. @PBG It’s proper name is “The Bizarro World” This has been scientifically
      researched and found to be the most appropriate Description. The Methodology and Peer Reviewed Studies & Assessments tell us this plus all the brainy people and scientists say it as well as superman.

  7. I can’t help but to love that it’s a woman who slaps him down to size anytime he tries to spread his bs. The men in the GOP won’t do it. They don’t have the balls.

    1. He is correct! I am a black conservative and Trump supporter and I 100% believe him! They stole this election!

    2. Me, too!! If Nancy retires,Liz should replace her as Speaker of the House!! She’s got solid brass cojones!!! That’s what it takes to put the men in their place.

  8. I love that it takes him hours to reply because he has no social media. I really hope they don’t give him his Facebook account back on Wednesday.

    1. @Major Pwner we don’t care if the lie spreading piece of never gets free speech again. He lost those rights when he proved he couldn’t say anything that resembled anything accurate and incites violence when he doesn’t get his way. He’s going down in history as the LEAST credible person EVER to be in office, and that’s saying alot. So buhbye to the 1 term mistake. Couldn’t be forgotten fast enough and couldn’t have enough liberties taken away imo…

    2. @Major Pwner how ironic.. the right is accusing the left of silencing the opposition when the right was trying to lock up democrats, INCITED A RIOT TO SILENCE THE RESULTS, & paid stormy Daniels to be silent.. get owned

    3. @Heather Seng he can have his freedom of speech. That doesn’t mean Facebook, a privately owned business has to allow him to say it on essentially their property. The first amendment is a contract between the government and the people, not people and private companies. No one is wanting to infringe on his right to say whatever he wishes. He just doesn’t have the right to be on Facebook, it’s a privilege.

    1. @spymaine89 what the actual f… are you on or what meds are you off? What ever it is, find a balance…

  9. “Trump has never been wrong” – wow. I hesitate to use the word “brainwashed” but what else can you say? That’s just insane. There is SO much evidence that goes against that. I’m shocked. I don’t think there’s any hope for people that far gone. They truly are brainwashed.

    1. Trump is now Mr. one and done, he took no salary yet fleeced taxes payers of 1.6 billion that’s why he wants to get re-elected to continue the con.

    2. @YouTube Moderator So being a drug user and having a $20 bill is a death sentence? Your comment has no point.

    3. Trump has never lied? Where have they been for the past 4 years & prior years? They are some sad cases and I dont know how they will recover. Question: When is Trump going to jail?

    4. He is correct! I am a black conservative and Trump supporter and I 100% believe him! They stole this election!

  10. The fact that they’re going to throw Liz Cheney under the bus for telling the truth should tell you everything you need to know about the modern day GOP.

    1. @J Groovy you sound stupid!! You wanted to vote at autocrat in and turn us into a dictatorship under Trump.. do you think we forgot that

    2. @Silver Sergeant let’s see direct payments $1400 for most Americans, expands tax credits for families with children, bolsters unemployment benefits, reduces taxes on student loans, cut child poverty in half, more money for vaccine distribution, just to name a few. Trumps tax cuts trickled down to no one, corporations brought back their own stock, no wage increase, did not hire or train new personnel.

    3. DC Wesly – Did you reply to the wrong person or are YOU stupid? Who do you think I’m talking about?

    4. Why are we still giving energy to fools..We wasted for years The Bible Dont gloat when your enemy falls or God will turn his wrath from him..My lips are zipped later

    1. He doesn’t even deserve to be called president or even 45 cause his 2016 win was illegitimate.

    1. @dniMruoYfOlortnoCfeirBeMneviGtsuJevaHuoY you shouldn’t be calling out how others talk, when this is a written format kiddo…

    2. @dniMruoYfOlortnoCfeirBeMneviGtsuJevaHuoY You are incorrect. The spelling in that context is lose.

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      be deprived of

      suffer the loss of
      no longer have
      stop having

      cause (someone) to fail to gain or retain (something).
      “you lost me my appointment at London University”
      be unable to take advantage of

      fail to benefit from
      be unsuccessful
      be defeated
      be the loser
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      miss out on
      be deprived of (a relative or friend) through their death.
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    3. James Talbert
      we will see how long she feels that way if she runs again I just don’t remember Hillary having pride after 2016 or even now LOL

    4. @dniMruoYfOlortnoCfeirBeMneviGtsuJevaHuoY Your dead wrong! It’s lose and this is why we need to focus on education and minimize inbreeding in America!!!

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