Trump Turns Off Donors at Mar-a-Lago Retreat | MSNBC

At a retreat for well-heeled Republican donors this weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Donald Trump went nuclear on some of his old pals still in Washington, including Mitch McConnell. His language reportedly turned off many of the attendees, including several large Republican donors. Alicia Menendez and her all-star panel discuss what’s happening inside the Republican party and how they will have to deal with the former president and his followers as we get closer to 2024.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump Turns Off Donors at Mar-a-Lago Retreat | MSNBC


    1. @Reg U 111 arsehat comments are mine if they read like Im the type showing up unarmed at a battle of wits. I tried to leave the comment section open on my anti-voting comments.

    1. Scariest cult in history. Not only because of how deplorable they are.. but because of how many there are. Terrifying times.

    2. @magat exterminator covert chemical poisoning are usually their methods of murder. In this case Trump isn’t a cult leader. He’s just an actor. It’s your city, state, local law enforcement, food distribution, and healthcare centers you must closely watch.

    3. @magat exterminator What’s terrifying is that most cult leaders don’t have access to nuclear weapons or control the most powerful military the world has ever seen.

  1. When you are in a public restroom and get a smear of tRump on your finger… you ignore it or wash your hands?

    1. All you uneducated know nothing hypocrite commie demotard sheep are worthless waste of space trash. Keep up the good work

    2. If you read the book, “Frankenstein,” you’ll find that the monster is actually an intelligent, sensitive, sympathetic character. Comparing Trump to Frankenstein’s creation is an insult to the “monster.” When Frankenstein’s monster does bad things, it’s in response to being treated badly. I suppose the one similarity between Trump and the monster is they way they’ll both embrace revenge.

    3. @Rick Brosky Trump IS trash and needs to be disposed of, and I don’t mean be killed. He just needs to spend the rest of his life in prison.

  2. I’m confused to why we’re acting like Trump is not being investigated from every end. The media needs to focus on that and not talking about him potentially running l. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. @free thinker Oh, They’ve hot a ton on trump if you ever cared to look. Read Craig Unger’s books about Trump and Putin. It’s all there, well researched and documented. If you idiots would have done a little research before trump cheated to get elected you would have seen it plain as day but you want an authoritarian regime. So keep being blind or working at being a troll. No one cares what trump supporters think.

    1. Lump is already playing coy about his future campaigns ..ethereal like his tax returns .follow the money and the orange turd will be at hand that is how you track his intentions he is purely transactional in nature.

    2. I predict that Trump will be completely penniless before the end of this decade. Let’s see if I’m right.

    3. Yup.!! They’re going/are saving his BIG azz and what’s sadder Is many donors are dirt poor yet they’re willing to sacrifice even more by supporting his Extravagant lifestyle. SMDH

    1. @Bob Sanders You can add to this: Witness intimidation, defamation, bank/wire/taxfraud, fraud with inauguration finances. And nobody knows yet what will be the result of Jan 6th.

    2. Elena Yeah that’s it. Of course that’s sarcasm. No I’m actually not mad, it’s ridiculous that there are so many who really think Joe’s going to do something great when he can’t even speak coherently most of the time. It’s nice that the press covers so much for him. It’s one giant lie.

    3. @Elena “He stole millions from the children’s cancer charities he collected money for using Trump Foundation..(endless crimes)”
      You’re attempting to “educate” a drooling, crawling Trump-idolator, good luck with that ultimate exercise in futility (my admiration, nonetheless).

    4. @bert larsen Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in the campaign finance violation case involving Stormy Daniels. I would also point out that Trump (and William Barr) had 4yrs to ‘lock up” Hillary. Why didn’t he?

    5. Can anybody name one bad thing President Trump has done bad?? Amd don’t try to repeat fake news… Something you believe in your heart that is wrong 🤔

  3. I’d think any CEO would be horrified that DJT would be setting the agenda for the party that had (previously) represented their interests. For the most part, they wouldn’t consider him a peer.

    1. You know he’s the real deal total nightmare when everyone with money is working together to build a financial wall to keep him out

    2. @History and Reviews hello H&R, peer indicates equal standing; in Trump’s case, he is not in the same social group and he is not at the same financial level as the truly wealthy.
      Trump has no class.

    3. @History and Reviews “Peer” means people close in age; learn the meaning before using the words. Emoji, emoji, emoji.

  4. *Trump’s whole grift over supporting him in 2024, is actually a fund for his various lawsuits.*

    1. Right! He is more likely to be behind bars than running for any office! He’s playing his ignorant followers like a fiddle!

    2. Democrat need to start compaining and having a good message in Florida and Texas for latinos and Latinas and figure out why they lose those two States. They need working on solving those issues very SOON don’t want until election complain

    1. Any Republican who truly believe that election is stolen is a stupid with an IQ much lower than a dog 🐶!! regardless of education level
      Dog think better than stupid republican!!!

    2. Flygirl fly – I do not doubt that he has blackmail material on the public figures. You have any sources ? And, what about the 74 million? What has he got on them ?

    3. @steve jette I can answer that. First off – there aren’t 74 million anymore.It’s more likely less than half of that now. Second – remember when the Dems were hacked? They weren’t the only ones. The public figures are forced to perpetuate the lies or else. Remember when Kevin McCarthy scolded tRump for the insurrection, and then shortly after, he was having snacks with him at Mar-a-Lago. McCarthy got a strong reminder of his misdeeds.Same with McConnell. And the others, too. Sit back and watch. Their dirty laundry will be aired. Gaetz is the first in a long line to come.

    1. @OSCAR m.p “All I Have to Do Is Dream” by Everly Brothers – “…When I want you and all your charms
      Whenever I want you, all I have to do is
      Dream, dream, dream, dream…”

    2. @nope nope trumpers are the sheep. You gotta be very dumb to give money to Trump after its been shown for years he’s a con man

    3. @Mary Poppins Biden tripped up stairs after recovering from a broken foot. tRump is morbidly obese, leads a sedentary lifestyle despite his high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure and his vocabulary is that of a 2 year olds. tRump was literally laughed at by leaders from around the world at the U.N. meeting. tRump said there were airports in the 1700’s, that Belgium is a city and said Finland is a part of Russia. tRump’s ignorance is legendary. He hiked up the deficit to it’s highest level ever. His trade wars were a joke, and he screwed over the farmers. Biden has already reached a higher approval rating than tRump. Biden is intelligent and speaks on an adults’ level. Biden appointed qualified people to his cabinet instead of family members and people like Betsy DeVos. The majority of Americans and people around the world celebrated Biden’s win.

  5. Gee this guy would throw anyone under the bus ! He demands loyalty but gives none to anyone . How do you trust a man that might knife you in the back at any moment ?

    1. @Amber Hollowell That’s ridiculous and you know it. Trump was (is?) an actual Russian agent. All that Biden has done so far, is make sure that Americans who want a vaccine can get one. He has already done more for the country than Trump did in four years. Trump left so much damage that Biden will have to clean up.

    2. @Amber Hollowell Yeah, that vaccine is a real stab in the back. I think Biden actually showed and admitted to getting the vaccine while Trump still hasn’t said anything about it but got it.

  6. Only way to quiet him down is follow through with indictment and trial for all of his ‘alleged’ crimes against state and country. That will shut up a lot of people. Watch how quickly they all try to separate themselves from T * * * *

    1. @Gorman Micki yet they’ve never found anything and likely won’t now either – who’s the nitwit again? Pls list all these “alleged crimes” that the top law officials and advisers in the world have missed. You’re obviously in the wrong line of work – help them out, nitwit.

    1. @Abdel Krim We must still vote like our lives depend on it to get rid of the
      RepubliQans because they’re corrupt and they cheat.

    1. You RIGHT U LOUIS if he or PENCE RUN for President They Not going To WIN. Not by MY Family Vote. I VOTE DEMOCRATS ALL The Way

    2. Right,
      Pence on January 7 could start 25 amendment,
      Mitch could allow to start 2 impeachment as soon as possible instead of waiting for 45 to leave office.
      I’m pretty sure that if impeachment started right away the outcome would be different.

    3. @Kevin Lee Never again! Republicans are just too untrustworthy. They can’t stop lying — even their rank and file supporters!

  7. How about loyalty to our Country and it’s Constitution? That is what makes America great. No one person. ❤️🇺🇸❤️

  8. Congress should pass a law: for every dollar spent by lobbyists, corporations should pay an equal amount to go into a fund to pay for social programs. Watch how quickly the money stops rolling in.

    1. In the sense of fairness, that should apply to every political donation, on a sliding scale. There are many, many ways to funnel ill gotten money and this would be putting your money where your mouth is.

    2. @Clay Wright I agree that is why we need to hear from corporation CEO stand on vote suppression if they are against it we will continue buy from them if they are for vote suppression or neutral we stop buying their products!!!!!!

    1. Yes we will see more damage in the future in the republican party we are now only 4 month in Biden administration!!

    2. @stopthecrazyguy He’s 79 as of February, that would make him 85 at the end of his term. My guess is he rides this term out (if he can) and then retires.

    3. He can keep his wife working. She has plenty of money make from working deals with her Chinese National family who own a billion dollar trade company. Nice being transportation secretary while hubby was speaker. I wonder how much free loot they cashed in.

  9. We should make our voice heard against those hight donors, you should release a list of who those donors are so we can stop buying their products.

    1. I agree with you we need a list of all company donated to the republican and stop buying from them and buy from local democrats small owners
      You also need to boycott friend and family if they have no brain and believe the election is stolen!!!!

    2. We need to start an organization that specialize to get the list of corporate donate to Republican party and start texting all friend in America band in the rest of the world to stop buying their products
      We should also hold all company accountable if they for or against vote suppression

  10. It was said… “Them who hang together will hang together” It is time for the people to wake up and see them go down… together.

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