Trump Tweeting, Playing Hooky As Covid-19 Hits All-Time High | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

Trump Tweeting, Playing Hooky As Covid-19 Hits All-Time High | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


As the U.S. breaks four different grim records for COVID, Donald Trump has largely abdicated his daily job duties as President. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the public evidence that Trump has drastically scaled back his work since losing the election. This special report traces how history has judged rulers who neglect their core duties, from Nero to Pres. Hoover, and the contrast between Trump and a new, bipartisan push by ex-Presidents to confront a once in a lifetime pandemic and advocate vaccination. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 12/3/2020.
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About The Beat with Ari Melber: Former lawyer Ari Melber leads this show that provides in-depth analysis of the day's biggest news stories. "The Beat" features guest interviews in addition to reporting on stories from across the country. The stories that are covered span across the political spectrum. In addition to his law background, Melber is a former Senate staffer, giving him a unique perspective to share on the political happenings coming out of Washington, D.C.

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Trump Tweeting, Playing Hooky As Covid-19 Hits All-Time High | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. @Jeb Johnston – I don’t think he ever REALLY even *”pretended to be the president”.* He mostly became president because he had a lot of debts to pay off and A LOT of Republican suckers to con.

    2. @Notta Bidenfan – I know tRump FULLY!! Read and research tRump’s history, boy, get yourself educated for a change. *If you REALLY KNEW WHAT tRump IS ALL ABOUT, YOU NOT ONLY WOULDN’T WANT HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE, YOU WOULDN’T WANT HIM IN THE COUNTRY.*

    3. @Marcos Juarez I agree with one caveat, he has never been a president. Only a tyrant railing against made up enemies and stoking racism and hatred in those dumb or cruel enough to support him

    4. @Victor Gonzalez they may not want to talk about it but it is what it is This is the same way Hitler got started and no one wanted to talk about it until it was TO LATE !!!!! THATS MY OPINION AND IM STICKING TO IT!!!!!

    5. @Skye Lark The ironic thing is that the Trumpsters elected a non-politician. And what they got was a politician on steroids. One whose every decision was based on politics.

    1. @duhmahsnabores the certified yes, but if they find fraud, enough of it, the legislatures will have to decertify or send faithless electors

  1. The man took the job as something to hide behind it what day during the 4 years he ever work anyway hes expertise always swinging the golf club

  2. That clown NEVER DID THE JOB…. it is business as usual for this human failure…..a chubby kid wearing a suit at dad’s office

    1. ​@Chris Roseborough Cheers! But only when he is on leave or not working – NOT when he suppose to be working Monday to Friday.
      You enjoy your Golf, no worries since you are not accountable to Americans (Current: 2,915 Daily Deaths, Total Deaths: 282,828, New Cases: 217,986)

      Besides your reply to Laura – Do note that the Efficacy of current Flu Vaccine is 62% some companies are doing it within 3 months at 92-95% efficacy. It may be Effective but Side-Effects years down the road may be catastrophic – That is why Effective Vaccines takes 3 years of more might be more Value (anything happen to your future child or your health can be unpredictable)

  3. trump has never done the work of the president. He still doesn’t know what the work of the president is.

    1. @moneyrunnr also covid is much more contagious and spreads easier than the flu. And there’s no medicine or remedy for covid as opposed to the flu so I still dont see your point. You have yet to make any sense. I’m sure to you condoms and PRE-ep parents good remedies for STDs either. Mosquitoes through a chain link fence right?

    2. @duhmahsnabores 15000 healthy dead…the rest shoulda been locked down. Hoax and lie and wear a mask proves your weakness and how easy you are to being controlled and told what to do…sad

    3. You RIGHT GOBIG ORANGE. Because TRUMP Do Not Know How To READ . People is said TRUMP is going to Jail once Joe Biden and HARRIS get in seat in January 20

    4. @moneyrunnr Try reading my post – The cages were built to house unaccompanied children, not to incarcerate them or separate them from anyone. Are you always this off?

  4. Don’t support McConnell protecting companies from being held accountable for irresponsible COVID policies. Dems must not agree to the further disenfranchisement of workers.

    1. Right. Makes ya feel great going to that ten buck an hour job. It just screams that the elite really think their employees are literally dispensable.

    2. McConnell insists on that being in the bill- protecting business over health. HE PROMISED something to someone and we are suffering for it.

  5. He’s played golf roughly 280 times, that’s almost one year of his presidency. As soon as he called himself a wartime president we all knew he would dodge it.

    1. Hey man, bone spurs are serious. He could have been running wild and free on the golf course at least 300 times – that he only did it 280, that’s just a human medical tragedy.

    2. Trump criticized Obama when he went golfing when there was an Ebola outbreak. Someone really needs to tell Trump that Covid pandemic is still raging and perhaps he shouldn’t go golfing. We wouldn’t want him to be a HYPOCRITE.

  6. I heard what Obama, Bush, Clinton were doing with the vaccine effort and remember thinking…THIS IS WHAT REAL LEADERSHIP LOOKS LIKE.

    1. @Rebirth tRUMP inherited a booming economy from Obama…Also, he tries claiming things Obama did such as the veterans act..Learn as you grow instead of vegetating

    2. @zhang MW Your mum, zhang. I gave you an answer that is exactly equal to the quality of the question posed by you. Keep dreaming up stupid things.

    1. @Mac888 spectral of course the socialist countries are happy. Trump was demanding they all pay more for their defense.

    2. It’s also a disgrace that Joe is ignoring the people who worked so hard to get votes for him despite knowing they wouldn’t have voted for him at any other time. Yes – the Progressives. Without their votes Joe would have lost and now he’s stabbing them in the back and appointing really nasty people like Neera Tanden. It’s also quite funny to see Warren still pretending to be a progressive.

    3. @Raptango_NA sorry about that. I assumed it because of spreading disinformation. Alot of people are trying to tear down our democracy and our country. We can’t let that happen. Don’t be persuaded by manipulative destructive people to go against your fellow American regardless of their political party. Put love of God and country before political party affiliation. Otherwise, we can be destroyed from within. Go back and read the constitution. Read what the forefathers said. Don’t listen or follow Any leaders that preach hate or division. They are the enemy

    4. @Donnie TRUMP Hey, for your CONTINUED support, Dump is having The my pillow dude hand out free pillows for Trumphumper’s to cry themselves to sleep on.

  7. Its been said before but I’ve never seen anyone fight so hard to keep a job that they don’t want.

    1. @GoGreen1977 that person is one major shortcoming. Failed son, husband, father, businessman, playboy, patriot, president, and person in general. Every lie he tells is to convince himself otherwise.

    2. He doesn’t want to be president and never has. It wants to be the most talked about person. He gets more attention the more obnoxious he is.

    1. Leader of the free world – says who? Americans self-anointed their leader long ago with nothing but arrogance to back the claim. Shameful that after this clown you all think you are still entitled to think that!!!

    2. @Lynne Normandeau It’s not a matter of “entitled”,it’s what our soldiers fought for! WTFH?! So STFU!!!
      All,Trump supporters are,Trump cult 45 virus spreaders and Trump breadline,cutters.
      They have no conscience,and no accountability,like Trump.All are entitlement narcissists!

      “the uneducated.” – cowardly murderous,Authoritarian,without conscience,and without accountability,Trump.
      He Knowingly used,”the uneducated”,as he tagged,to spin their weak minds into a hate frenzy of hate,knowing they would blindly follow,,his corruption,and do his bidding,without question.”stand back,stand by” – Trump.

    3. @Lynne Normandeau most other world leaders have noted the America is no longer the leader due to its lack of morals and rudderless direction. When Canada, UK, France, and Germany all mention America is ‘no longer the leader’; we lost the beacon we used to be.

    1. @Jim Lincoln You may not be the dumbest person on the planet but you’d better hope the other guy doesn’t die…

    2. @Hoober No Hoober I can think for myself and do not need to be spoon feed by the media. Everything the above so called news person is a lie or a misstatement done on purpose.

    1. Trump is so severely NARCISTIC, he cares nothing about the deaths or hospitalizations of more dying from Covid. He goes golfing, so that he doesn’t have to listen to anyone, about anything. And now, while he awaits transition to Biden, he is not attent to any of his duties as President, because he’s been a big bully who finally realized, most voters dispose him!!! So, he just goes golfing! So glad he will be out of the entire picture soon, but that does not mean he will not retaliate his loss with more of his evil doings!
      Hope he goes to live under Faschism and Putin. He adores both!!! Wonder if he could live within Faschism as a regular human being. I have my doubts!!!!

    1. I am going to be glued to the TV…..waited four years for this! This event will have the highest number of viewers to ever tune in!

    2. Take his golf clubs away and remove all hamberders and he’ll leave in the blink of an eye.

    3. He didn’t grow up in Wal-Mart. And he never had to be told “no”. He was a millionaire at age six.
      Not his family, but HE, Donald J. Trump (a.k.a. Individual One) was a multi-millionaire at age 6.
      By the time he was old enough to pay somebody to graduate for him, his father had gifted Individual One hundreds of millions of “self-made” dollars. In between rallies, that is.
      He’s been a grifter ever since. A self-proclaimed “King of Bankruptcy”.

    1. Sadly I believe Trump will become even more dangerous when he is gone. He wi do everything he can to create havoc by insighting violence amongst his blind followers

    2. Joe (who I voted for, not wanting to) is going to do what Obama did and will most likely cause a more intelligent trump-like person to get elected. 72 million people voted for a stupid wannabe dictator. What’s going to happen when a smart one comes along? Considering how so many white Americans will vote against their own interest just to feel superior to others, no to mention the non-whites that also vote against their own interest, this country will be in a pretty f@cked up situation really soon (if we haven’t already gotten there already)!

    1. His followers are so dense that even if there were a deadly disease killing thousands of Americans per day, he could tell them it’s no big deal and they would still believe him even as they’re coughing up their last or getting hooked to ventilators. Oh wait.

    1. @Notta BidenfanHello @Notta Bidenfan.
      This is just a guess, you are a supporter of soon to be, ex-‘president’ Trump, am I right?
      (I must admit, your avatar name kinda tipped me off, I’m not really a psychic.)
      I am reasonably intelligent though, academically well qualified, a combat veteran, and living far from your shores. I have lived, travelled, and experienced a great deal, some to my regret.
      I have a very analytical mind, and thoroughly research anything about which I decide to write.
      I read Lucyloo Jones’ posting, and thought @Lucyloo Jones appears to be an avatar name, similarly motivated to your own.
      Clearly, you have opposing political opinions; your right, both of you, guaranteed by your own Constitution.
      Also guaranteed, in the First Amendment, your right to speak your opinion, except in expressing Sedition with the intent to bring down the lawful government of the USA.
      I found the content of Lucyloo Jones’ letter to be accurate, erudite, and reflective of the majority of the population of eligible voters.
      Your comment appears therefore, unfair, and rude in the extreme, even if you know Lucyloo Jones.
      Do you know this person?
      If you don’t, I must ask politely, why do you feel justified in casting such an aspersion?
      I have judged you, from an even shorter composition, but, in no way have I been discourteous to you.
      If I might make a suggestion?
      Please try to be kinder to others, you will feel better for it, I promise you.
      It may take a little getting used to, but working together toward the rebuilding of your Nation will make you stronger.
      Fighting with your countrymen will reduce a once great Nation, an example to the world, to the level of a banana republic, just a blot on the globe, and ripe for foreign domination.
      For the sake of your country, and those whom you love, consider what I have stated here.
      I’m not being smug, or condescending, I just miss the friend I knew, and want that friend back……..Please?

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