Trump Tweets An Attack On A Protester As George Floyd Is Laid To Rest | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Everyone of those senators have enabled the harm that has been done to our country. Do your job or step down!

    1. @Afakasi How about canceling all rioters? Looting, burning, smashing and attacking innocent people and their property — only savages do that. George Floyd was a career criminal who definitely was NOT “turnin’ his life around.” Meanwhile, about 150 law enforcement officers in this country die in the line of duty each year. How about some prayers for them?

    2. @Carl Horowitz police officers murdering citizens because they’re POC and getting away with it for so long are the savages. How about looking in the mirror? How about boiling your silly head.

  2. So that’s where he got the word “provocateur “. He certainly didn’t come up with it himself, he doesn’t know big words 😩

    1. Jeff Devries you’re the Moron, you probably understand his gibberish, go back to your cultish worship of the great orange pumpkin.

    2. @StraightReject super duper missiles. We had berlusconi that was a joke but trump is a joke too.

    1. @The FPV Life. America is doomed. Damned if u do vote..damned if u don’t vote. The government failed ! Man isn”t fit to govern man. The people’s concerns are never a priority to America government. Subjugation and oppression are always present be it quiet or spoken.. Who voted Trump in ! People are used to obtain government seats then thrown away. Just like Barak Obama did to Africans in america. Too much talking and not enough action. Divided democracy equates doomsday…

  3. “Profiles in courage” 😂😂. What a bunch of spineless Traitors. Their cowardice is breathtaking to behold.

  4. Mitch sure looks ill, sweaty, temperature etc…Oh i hope he’s hasn’t got covid 19, if he has, he is spreading it.

    1. @M John Because they him to have more power as a tyrant and dictator and for him to stay in office. Not only that, but because they’re scared of even facing him or even dealing with him. It goes to show how loyal and completely stupid they are for even voting for him in the first place.😤😠

    2. @Stephanie Reynolds Ms. Graham is getting outed on LGBTQ web sites… pays for male hookers!

    3. Right because he is racist? He puts America first? We dont want illegals running over our borders and bypassing the system that makes our country great..your boss must be the mainstream news who leads you by the nose everywhere you go.

    1. @chris silver
      Hello Chris, thank you for your response.

      Firstly, you can’t blame Trump for COVID 19. Everyone’s prediction for COVID 19 was wrong.
      The W.H.O. was wrong. Dr Fauci was wrong. All the experts were wrong.

      However, if you insist Trump is at-fault, would you not agree that THE GOVERNORS ARE MORE AT FAULT?

      Trump can’t force the Governors to shut down their states. Trump can’t force the Governors to reopen their states. If we are playing the blame game, you have to agree that GOVERNORS BEAR THE MAJORITY OF THE RESPONSIBILITY!

      Regarding the Economy, Trump wanted to stay locked down for approx 1 month. THE GOVERNORS KEPT EXTENDING THE LOCKDOWN!!

      In my opinion, you guys blame Trump for everything when YOUR GOVERNORS NEVER LISTEN TO ANY OF HIS ORDERS.

      Trump tells your Governor to do something. Your Governor doesn’t listen. Something bad happens. Somehow its Trump’s fault.

    2. @chris silver
      Lets focus on what the President actually has direct control of.

      Hillary Clinton caused the Libya destabilization.
      Hillary voted for every war ever.
      Hillary wanted to go to war with Syria even after all of the American citizens said no.
      Meanwhile, when I was a liberal, I always thought we were anti-war?

      Hillary wanted free trade/ labor. Trump brought back American manufacturing even after Hillary & Obama claimed he would need a magic wand to do so.
      Unemployment at record low during the Trump administration. EVERYONE WAS MAKING MORE MONEY BEFORE COVID 19!!

      Most importantly, Hillary has a very very bad reputation and history.
      She made horrible comments about several different races.
      She bragged about killing other foreign leaders.
      SHE GAVE SEVERAL PRIVATE-PAID SPEECHES and told these companies different policies then what she told us.
      She lied about Russia.
      She paid funded the RUSSIA GATE investigation!!
      The whole Wikileaks, email scandal was pretty bad.
      Benghazi was kind of bad, but the Wikileaks/ emails, if you looked into what they revealed, you would know she is borderline evil.

      Bro, anyone who looked into Hillary’s history and still had hesitation to vote for her are scary people.

    3. @H N trump said it was under control. I am italian and understand your language better than you.

  5. Jared belongs in prison, just like his father. The thought of him in general pop, makes me smirk.

    1. It freaks me out how Jared can just smirk his way through all of this. Something is very wrong with him.

  6. Was that Jared, looking like a muffet saying to himself “thank goodness she didn’t asked me a question.”

    1. It was more like “Look at these peasants. They actually think they can change their superiors with their questions.”

    1. Oh, there is no doubt, they’re critically thinking about their own personal futures with no regard for the public they represent.

  7. Remember 95% of Republicans LOVE this presidunce. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, trump is the symptom.

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