1. @William H so what if they do that’s better than child torture that the Republicans endorse and if you don’t believe me just look at the southern border wouldn’t you call it torturous if someone stole your child I took them away from you and never let you have them back

    1. don’t know if we can wait so long. It’s like @pinkmoon says, babies out of freaking control and yes, high on sugar and getting sick and making us sick mentally and physically, augh! make them go away already!

    1. They did just have that big holiday party at WH and the rally in Georgia also mask not warn should I say wtf did they think was going to hsppen

    1. @William H Delusional Wacky conspiracy Loving Trumpster, Oh, he will be leaving , the Secret Service will be carrying the Corrupt Orange Dictator Out To The Cheers Of 80 Million Americans Ringing In His Ears. LOL

    2. Sounds like the description of the Antichrist. The “Four Horsemen” packed into one body of “Death, Disease, Destruction, Division, Denial” named Trump.

    1. I’ve heard Kayleigh McEnany already has a pile of 800 affidavits showing that Rudy’s coronavirus infection is fraudulent.

    2. He actually has a bigger chance in succeeding in overturning his test results than overturning the election.

    1. Please let Sidney Powell have it too. Please let Sidney Powell have it too. Please let Sidney Powell have it too.
      It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I hope they all live, but to not have them spreading lies for a while will be NICE.

  1. This dude the caught the Rona from his special witness she was spitting the whole time she was testifying. Lol 😂 smh 🤦‍♂️

  2. probably getting the best treatment in the world at that government hospital, while theres not enough beds for regular people getting.

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