Trump Under Oath In 2021? New DOJ Ruling Rattles Trumpworld 1

Trump Under Oath In 2021? New DOJ Ruling Rattles Trumpworld


The DOJ has announced it will not use its powers to try to shield Trump administration veterans from testifying to Congress about the January 6th insurrection and Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by Obama veteran Neal Katyal to discuss how this reduces the veterans’ ability to duck accountability and what this means for citizen Trump himself. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @David Gore The culture War IS a valid reason. Also, I’ve worked hard all my life, and guess what? It works! Hard work works! Whoda thunk it? It just boggles the mind..

    1. @Dom Dubz

      Contempt of congress is a legitimate chrge, asis contempt of court.

      The next three and a half years will prove to be interesting and hopefully productive.

      Many people hope that trump and his sycophants receive exactly hat he deserves and it’s a obvious that Trump is highly concerned about that.

    2. @Richard Ivonen choosing to exercise your constitutional right and not testify is not contempt of Congress. And then again, you go on to say he needs to be locked up because people don’t like him. This is an authoritarian style of thought process and judicial system. You don’t get to lock people up because you don’t like them.

      The next 3 in a half years will show how badly Joe Biden is suffering from dementia, and will be plagued with periods of stagflation, violence, and destruction of western values. And this comment suction shows how eager leftist ideology is to adapt to a communist system of governance.

    3. This may be a good thing…. A beginning of a time when we investigate all politicians from the president to the local mayors….with a zero tolerance policy for corruption……If the politician is innocent he/she has nothing to fear…..if found guilty they can be immediately fined and removed from office….no prison…..confiscate all assets……give them a cheap car and $2,000 and tell them to go away.

  1. Omg. To see him on the stand getting eviscerated by lawyers would just be….. amazing. You don’t even have to get me anything for my B day or Xmas… just that. Plz.

    1. The usual wishful thinking by lefties. Trump would eviscerate them, and you’d be pulling your hair out.

    2. @bloodsport 1 There are no Coup Cult Clan members with automatic weapons who have already attempted an insurrection once under my bed.

    3. @bloodsport 1 this is how America gets help. By putting Donald Chump in the hot seat under oath. He will fry his own fetid bacon trying to wiggle free from responsibility for his own actions. That is not a pulpit, where he can lie all he wants. He will be asked about facts and he only can confirm or deny with the downside for him that the videos will be on hand to prove he said the things that led to the insurrection. This time his craving for attention and the cameras is his worst enemy as he is on video saying far too much that is indefensible and specific.

    4. @Flapkatt There were 74 million people who voted for Trump for different reasons. However, we also know a lot of Republicans did not vote for Trump. Polls in March 2021 indicate about half of the Republicans who voted for Trump feel Biden is the legitimate President of the US. We don’t know exactly, but it seems only 3.5 million people feel the election was stolen. I expect that number to decline.

      Trump is pushing this idea to get donations. The recent investigations showing the fraud claims to be false, together with the revelation that Trump isn’t gone to spend any of that money on audits will likely cause donations to dry up. At that point, I think Trump will simply move on to the next scam.

    1. AG Garland will dot every i & cross every t, and those creeps in that Swamp Administration will wish they were never born.

      And he will do it without malice. He is the right man for the job. Trust me!

    2. @Konrad Yearwood The divide amongst the American people was already there long before Trump arrived on the scene. People already don’t trust governmental institutions. What’ll arise because of the mistrust, who knows.

    3. @Hooligan’s Heroes You really are not that bright. The last four years aren’t the only years that they are looking at. Besides that they already got the CFO in a tight spot and all he has to say is who.signed the checks and authorized you to make these illegal things happen?? Who cares anyway by the time he finishes paying legal fees and paying back his loans he should be out of the spotlight anyway. He did this to himself. So be it.

  2. I want to be encouraged by this news. Certainly, Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton were held accountable, and Nixon was on deck until he resigned. Considering all of these people, it makes absolutely no sense that someone like Trump is not held to the same requirements. At a minimum, he needs to be required to testify.

    1. @greg j she sat and answered questions for more hours than it would take to numb yer butt and didn’t say she liked beeeeeeer and sweat like a bishop in boys gym washroom unlike kavenup.

      in case you missed the result it was hrc 4 and the GQP 0 even after 4 investigations she was EXONERATED.

    2. Under oath!!! A serious problem for a pathological liar! I see an orange jumpsuit in Trump’s future. He will undoubtedly perjure himself in this investigation!!

    3. @Sleek S Trump spent nearly 200 million dollars on tax payers money during his term. Not kidding its on Google, yet it takes him 2 to three tries before he hits the golf ball.

    1. @jsean g what you think does or doesn’t look good in front of cameras is absolutely irrelevant in court. No one can be held in contempt for refusing to testify, that’s not how things work in this country.

    2. @jsean g you kids really dont know how these things work very well do you. A subpoena has no power, and no one has any obligation to say anything, refusing to testify doesn’t mean anything at all in a court room. You dumb kids are too concerned about emotions to understand the facts. No one can be held for refusing to testify, that’s just not how things work.

    3. @iamthe partyone Oh they have the power,. Just to say because they haven’t used their authority in many decades doesn’t mean they still don’t have it.

    4. @jsean g no they don’t, this is the United States of America not communist Russia…. Refusing to testify is not a crime and it means absolutely nothing, a subpoena doesn’t change that fact.

    1. @Myriam Ickx That does not matter to the Trump cult. He has been doing that for the past five years and still has zombie-like support.

    2. The only way to have an effective testimony from Trump is to have him hooked up to a polygraph machine during questioning. His pathological lying has no end…

    3. He has off shore accounts full of $ he’s gained, swindled and plans to flee like the coward he is. Watch!

    1. @Les You said what I came here to write.
      It’s NEVER a matter of truth, for Trump. Just as you said: It’s what benefits him. Period.

  3. Mark my words: My prediction is that when they subpoena 45 is when his attorney will bust out the Early Onset Dementia defense…

    1. @Aliza Kessler But what about… just kidding. I have no comeback. I just think you’re stupid.

    2. Not so much ‘early’ onset, the guy is a dinosaur… but definitely he will be declared insane to avoid jail time.

  4. In other words, the rule that says “no one is above the law” has finally been implemented after years of empty marketing campaigns.

  5. Get Cheeto, Rudy, Brooks, Flynn, Flynn’s brother, Kraken, Wood, Miller, Acting SecDef Miller, McCarthy, Doofus Jr…

  6. If Trump has to testify, he’s finished. He can’t keep his mouth shut and he will certainly lie through his teeth.

    1. You gotta love a dumb animal that sets its own trap – it couldn’t happen to a better dirtbag

  7. They should have Trump testify first. He’ll throw everybody under the bus, maybe then the rest of them would tell the truth.

    1. Either you hate trump or you hate us taxpayers can you imagine trump not lying under oath ever?
      If his record as POTUS is at all indicative they will bury him under the prison.

    1. Absolutely! And after he lies, and tries to throw people under the bus, subpoena those people. Should be fun.

  8. protecting democracy needs to start by stopping and incarcerating those officials who are currently working to take voting rights away from Americans.

    1. Its sad you and others fall for the big lie. Try reading the bills you demonize first, before repeating your overlords talking points word for word. Both tribal sides are fools playing into the establishments games.

    2. The vote was the only legal way to remove a blemish on this great country’s history. If there was a fool proof way to cheat in an election so as to win, Trump would have jumped at it. Might be how he got elected. You did not see the Dems storm the Capital Building after the last election which was a mirror image of his win (his landslide). He has split the GOP and they can’t get enough votes to win anything.

  9. Still shocked that we had a president that makes bush look like a saint… A brilliant saint…

    1. Incorrect. When they’re operating as a functionary of the government, and the government is sued, as long as they were doing their job properly, they should have protections

    2. @JungleBoi9. Was you’re mindlessly asinine comment brought to us by meth or just blatant stupidity. ?

    1. A lie told in court or when under oath is perjury and carries a penalty, usually jail time. If someone is called to testify and doesn’t show up, the person is held in contempt of court and it also carries a penalty and some jail time.

    2. @Ben Christie trump doesn’t know the truth at all he’s living in a delusional alternative reality!

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