Trump Understood Coronavirus Dangers & Lied About Them, Author’s Tapes Show | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Understood Coronavirus Dangers & Lied About Them, Author's Tapes Show | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow looks at new revelations from Bob Woodard that Donald Trump understood the deadliness and ease of transmission of the coronavirus and deliberately lied about them to the American public. Aired on 09/09/2020.
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Trump Understood Coronavirus Dangers & Lied About Them, Author's Tapes Show | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

66 Comments on "Trump Understood Coronavirus Dangers & Lied About Them, Author’s Tapes Show | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"


    • @Joe Palumbo U rly believe tRump ??? MORON !!!

    • Ana Bengalinha nah, they aren’t a moron “yet”, they’re just misinformed and have likely only been taking in conservative news rather than the views of everyone.

    • @Ana Bengalinha lol settle down bud.. I don’t know what you mean when you say “believe tRump”. I believe empirical evidence/data, as well as transparent media outlets that don’t entirely make up stories like CNN. The morons are the ones who watch nothing but this left-wing propaganda and believe idiotic nonsense that has absolutely no real empirical evidence to support it. Anyone who consumes media from both sides can easily see that the left is dangerous and a joke. Unless you have single digit IQ, which most of you do; e.g., just look at your comment.. smh

    • @Liam Wilson I agree. The nobel peace prize for a serial killer is totally insane! I bet we find out in a few months that he paid the person that nominated him to do so! 😂😂😂

  2. Richard Darlington | September 10, 2020 at 2:57 AM | Reply

    Seems like this stuff is coming out almost daily.
    Does Trump even know who Bob Woodward is?

  3. “This is another hoax” That’s what he said publicly while knowing very well this is “This is deadly stuff”

    • @H R Dems are using it to pull in votes its disgusting

    • Sigh covid isnt deadly

    • @Brian Dunn
      like he said, when did he say that?

    • How is it that some people are ok being lied to? The man lied, numerous times. It’s on the record. He acknowledged being untruthful on a recording. About the pandemic. He chose not to communicate important information to an entire country because he thought we would panic. He couldn’t know whether we would panic or not. He wanted the US to look strong. How could we look strong when we didn’t know what was happening? I imagine we look psychologically pathetic to the rest of the world if they’ve been made aware of how fear-ridden our president thinks we are. Blaming things on a hoax is getting old Mr. Trump.

    • @Jai Si
      “The man lied, numerous times. It’s on the record”
      what record? a Beatles record? wow, dumb people

      “I imagine we look psychologically pathetic”
      yup, we did when stupid people went and bought toilet paper

  4. Erika SantoshaFitness34 | September 10, 2020 at 4:10 AM | Reply

    I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again ..Just. No. Bottom.

  5. “Yeah it’s not just old people Bob, it’s young people too, plenty of young people.” “Send your kids back to school, open up the states, open the schools.” “No need to worry, kids are almost immune if not definitely immune.” “And I said to my people, Slow the testing down please”. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

    • Crow Creek Outdoors | September 10, 2020 at 9:05 PM | Reply

      Chadley Wellingon III
      I’m all for it. This virus doesn’t affect healthy children like it affects unhealthy older adults. That’s a contrasts to the flu, which hospitalizes and/or kills a significant amount of children annually. It’s just a fact a lot of folks choose to ignore. The data on the CDC’s website & everything I’ve seen in the hospital environment supports that. The worst thing about this situation is all the sensationalism & misinformation that’s been disseminated by the press & politicians for reasons that have zero to do with any concern for public health & everything to do with manipulation of public opinion and an effort to influence an election outcome. It’s really sad that our American society has regressed to the point it has. Too many people are easily manipulated by those talking heads on their electronic devices, totally incapable of abstract thought. They really deserve to be victims of Darwinism, and they’re so disappointed when they find out they won’t be.

    • Chadley Wellingon III | September 10, 2020 at 9:17 PM | Reply

      @Crow Creek Outdoors I agree with you on the corruption of the media in our younger generation. As for the divergence in the number of deaths and the mortality rate with the coronavirus and the flu, there is a significantly higher mortality rate in the coronavirus than the flu among individuals that are 20 years and older. I’d be willing to say that children are less tolerant of wearing masks, not from a standpoint of the ability to breathe, but from a social defiance one. With that, children may disobey the mask mandate and take the virus home to their parents, who then could pass it on to the older population, being at the highest risk of death. While it’s a stretch/slippery slope, I’m partially biased because I worked at a hospital and my mom is a nurse; she’s seen a spike of patients, and my fear is it will get worse if schools reopen.

    • Crow Creek Outdoors | September 10, 2020 at 10:34 PM | Reply

      Chadley Wellingon III
      That’s assuming the asymptomatic transmission theory is possible, which would be atypical compared to virtually all illnesses, viral or otherwise. Having been a medical professional for the past twenty years, that just doesn’t hee haw with anything I was ever taught or have ever observed. If you aren’t symptomatic, you aren’t coughing or sneezing, which is necessary to put a viral pathogens into the air. I’m certainly no expert, and neither are any of the politicians or political activists posing as journalists. The “medical experts” that news outlets pay for their medical opinions aren’t reliable either. I’m just going on my past experiences. Last week the CDC posted stats on their website suggesting that CV19 was the primary cause of death in only 6% of the total number of reported CV19-associated deaths. Good luck finding it now, but I read that information with my own two eyes. They also said that over 90% of that 6% was elderly adults. Their website also said that the remaining 94% of CV19-related deaths had at least two comorbidities listed as contributing or primary causes of death. Those comorbidities included age over 60, immunosuppression, morbid obesity, chronic heart disease including UNCONTROLLED hypertension, chronic lung diseases including asthma & COPD, UNCONTROLLED diabetes, hemorrhagic strokes, ischemic strokes, blunt trauma, penetrating trauma, and the list continues. Do those stats sound consistent with what MSM keeps repeating over and over? Absolutely not. What’s the key concept for indoctrination? A This is a repetitive narrative non-refractory to reality. Do you agree? Do you disagree, and if so, why?.

    • When it comes to this president it’s either a lie or a fantasy. And if it’s not a fantasy it’s a horror story.

    • 🙂 Trust me; what have you got to lose, it’s beautiful. I thought I was listening to a street corner drug dealer when I heard that one. To be followed shortly after by the “can’t we just inject you with bleach??”

  6. Interesting how much more articulate and knowledgeable Trump seems when speaking privately…

    • @Helen Short no trump couldn’t have handled it any different. no matter how or what he would or could have done, some democrat would have tried to to throw a monkey wrench in the works cuz that’s all the democrats know how to do … god forbid if they should actually help americains or US in some way, nope lets waste everyones time and tax money trying to bash trump and pin something on him so he wont get re-elected. they spent the last 4 years doing just one thing! not one single constructive thing thing was acomplished by the democrats while trump was in office! i whole heartedly support multi party systems but when one party does absolutely nothing constructive but bash the other then there is a problem and america as a whole ends up paying the price for it.

    • @Val Villanueva @Val Villanueva you may be right, to be honest, if I had my way, I wouldn’t vote for either of them … but I’m not about to throw away one vote either.

    • @AnyWho Well, If you can honestly, in your heart of hearts, say that you believe that Trump is a good, honest, decent person who has YOUR best interests in mind, please, as soon as possible, contact me so I can sell you some beautiful ocean front property in North Dakota.

    • @AnyWho Trump’s own staff is telling us that a second Trump term would be more dangerous than the first. These are rock-ribbed Republicans, folks. How many times do these people have to risk their careers by sounding the alarm for the country before Congressional Rs believe them? More than 70 former Republican national security officials, including some former members of the Trump administration, back Joe Biden in an open letter: “We are profoundly concerned about the course of our nation under the leadership of Trump.” Can you blame them?

    • @AnyWho If he had done even half the things that I suggested he do, no Democrat would have opposed him. He didn’t even take basic precautions. Not only that, he deliberately eroded public trust in the very institutions that could have helped them. Democrats oppose him because he is a garbage President who isn’t looking out for the interests of ALL the American people. You only have to look at how he dealt with Puerto Rico and listen to his divisive, racist rhetoric to know that. If you think the investigation of him was a waste of time, I suggest you read Mueller’s report in it’s entirety and don’t just swallow what Barr gave you to swallow.

      BTW, let me tell you what a true waste of time was. Countless years of Benghazi dog whistling. Hillary’s emails. Uranium 1. Pizzagate.

  7. Salvador Bagamasbad | September 10, 2020 at 4:20 AM | Reply

    “the sniffles.” LOL

  8. Nobody in the world can do more harm to Americans than their own political system and leadership.

  9. I like the part where I was the lunatic*
    Tired of waiting for others to catch-up!

  10. MSNBC viewers must only get their news from MSNBC

    • Liberals are socialites that’s there value they’re trained to live like that from the media. They don’t have time to watch right wing news when their cult told them it’s ok to sodomize themselves for money. And update their insta and snap and twitter! fab! just pure narcissism and they have mirroring syndromes also where they blame their psychotic behaviors on others.. this happens in children where the brain is under developed..

    • This news came from trumps MOUTH…soo..

    • They’re literally showing trumps clips lmao

  11. This was back when we only had guesses about it based on italy and what we had no real info about from china.

    • This was the info WHO gave him.. That’s why he defunded it.. but MSNBC was against that.. why if this story is anything special?? . Rachel is just a Alex Jones of the leftists she should go off youtube if they’re getting rid of propagandists..

    • Everyone assumed China was downplaying the infection and death rates and at the same time thought they were immune. A bunch of people still think it’s a joke…
      I don’t get people…

    • @Nova6Sol from dealing with the public and hearing peoples thoughts about it all the time the ones who aren’t worried about getting it and just want us to open everything up again they know the virus is real they just think that since we see the death rate is down on the same level and often reported even lower than h1n1 and it’s not as dangerous to the population around 50 and below unless you have major medical problems as the flu and every other common cold that is circulating all the time. They just think closing everything ruining people’s livelihood and taking away school is a greater harm to the vast majority than the virus is. So instead of continuing to keep whole states locked down why aren’t we protecting the vulnerable and having children and the healthy to go on to work and to school. They think the “cure” is much more detrimental than the thing were fighting plus it really seems like places are shut down out of politics instead of actual harm since the country hasn’t ever gone to any where near this extreme even for things with a much higher death rate and that we had no explanation of or that was hurting children like polio we never closed schools for that we never went to any extremes for aids and it killed 2 million people a year for years during its peak plus flu kills children at a 2 times higher rate than covid so why stunt their education it just seems more political than real public concern to a lot of people. It’s not that they think the virus doesn’t even exist.

  12. He could have decided to put the sick into Nursing homes like Cuomo did

    • @Ike Kamalu Liar.

    • @daddy don Pants on fire!

    • @Ike Kamalu I’m waiting to see the report on that I know there are reports and evidence put out daily debunking all the lies the media tells about trump or the twisting of the truth and taking things completely out of context and spinning their own narrative all the way from the disabled reporter they said he mocked 4 years ago up to him calling mccain a looser referring to war when the tweet they were using was about an election and back to him calling all women pigs because he called rosie o Donnell that in a Twitter argument in 2006 and even said “only rosie” when asked about ever calling women pigs but to the news he said all women. He has far to many staff advisers and top employees that are female to hate women or think of them as stupid. His former and current press secretaries are women so he is perfectly fine being represented by a female to the media that constantly bashes him. Also if hes a xenophobic racist that wants to deport all immigrants why would he be married to a foreigner who speaks with a heavy accent and that the left who hates him enjoy ragging her for it and saying she needs to learn english….but hes the xenophobe. None of it makes sense

    • @Chicken Little Don’t worry. The truth always prevails. I doubt you will change your mind though even when you see the evidence.

    • @Ike Kamalu like the CDCs new report after their evaluation that shows about 96% of covid “deaths” were covid related with 2 or more underlying illnesses and weren’t directly deaths from covid only 4% were actually covid caused deaths the rest are people who died of other thing and had a positive result or a presumptive positive from stated symptoms since hospitals and states are getting funding for covid related deaths they’re counting every death they can as a covid death to get funding since they’re not doing as much of the usual surgeries and procedures because of lockdowns so it’s a Money thing that’s driving up the death number that’s not just a rumor either any person I’ve talked to from the hospital has told me that and one of our fire chiefs told me originally because he was furious about the death number being driven up over deaths that weren’t even caused by it and terrifying people for no reason theres a lot of disturbing facts in all of this. We’ve never locked down for anything like this before or turned a virus into a political debate either

  13. This is too serious to walk off with bragging rights. I think he’s not admitting anything, as far as he’s concerned. Acknowledging the seriousness of covid19 in order to show how tough you are is a pretty sick posture to have.

  14. Why didn’t Bob Woodward release these tapes sooner, instead of waiting for his book to come out.

  15. Radwulf Eboraci | September 10, 2020 at 8:53 AM | Reply

    Yet he promoted anti-masking all the way through. Got on the ‘free this or that state’, was all about opening America in May – ‘We’ve turned the corner’ – you had 1.1 million cases and 68,000 deaths May 1st. You have added 5.3 MILLION cases and 125,000 deaths since then. Now 75,000,000 students are going back … the virus will explode.

  16. Lmao Good God you’re desperate MSNBC

  17. Trump lies so much that everyone is going to need a score card. “Can’t tell the players without a scorecard!”

  18. And he was racist for taking this seriously and banning travel from china…

  19. He did act late by his own admission he withheld information about the virus from us

  20. Claims he lied to prevent a panic so that’s why he allowed thousands to die.Bull,he lied to keep the stock market from going down and hurting his claim of the economy recovering.

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