Trump Used Michael Flynn Case As 'Means To His Own End, To Undermine Mueller Investigation' | MSNBC 1

Trump Used Michael Flynn Case As ‘Means To His Own End, To Undermine Mueller Investigation’ | MSNBC


Carol Lee shares her latest reporting on Michael Flynn, says President Trump used the Flynn case “as a means to his own end, to undermine the Mueller investigation.” Aired on 12/03/2020.
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Trump Used Michael Flynn Case As 'Means To His Own End, To Undermine Mueller Investigation' | MSNBC


    1. @Wally Censorship So , was he lying when he announced publicly he had fired Flynn for lying to Pense , so hard to know , Trump tells so many lies .

    2. @Wally Censorship
      Donald J. Trump
      I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!
      11:18 AM · Dec 2, 2017

    3. @Wally Censorship Dec. 2, 2017, Trump said; “I asked for his resignation and he gave it.” Dec. 4, 2017, Trump tweeted; “I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It’s a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!”

    1. @Dementia Joe Dementia Joe beats Conman J Swamp like a drum while sleeping in his basement. Imagine what President Biden can do awake from the basement. I guess Mr. Swamp needs a cognitive test: Person, woman, man, camera TV to show that he doesn’t have dementia? You got that President Biden made billions from where ? – not from 15years+ of tax returns. Whoops, Conman J Swamp has not produce any tax returns which include his loans from the Chinese/Russian / Turkey’s banks…

    1. @Jon Doe hahahaha. So Because I don’t agree with you I’m ignoring the truth ?
      Well I do think for myself and don’t bow down to what you want. So it’s hilarious you say that. Because my thinking and opinion is different then yours. Truly hilarious
      And your just making excuses for the failures of Obama. It’s always everyone else’s fault

    2. @sclogse1 34% vs. 24% And that includes healthcare, so actually most Americans pay as much if not more in taxes and healthcare combined.

    3. @Wally Censorship Obama was the best President in modern history and he did it all with the republican party trying their best to stab the nation in the back and work against America’s best interests.

    4. @Wally Censorship you don’t have to bow down to me. Clearly you already bow to your party affiliation and their propaganda

  1. Dear trump supporters ,
    Remember in 2016 when dems were mad but didn’t throw a fraud fit ? tables turned don’t be a
    Accept reality

    1. Cancer isn’t really a surprise in today’s world neither, but it’s no less difficult to deal with. That’s the question. How do we cure cancer? How do we extirpate Trump[s] from the body of the nation and watch out for remission?

  2. Nothing shook his presidency there was zero zero chance of him being held accountable ; only true statement trump has made is that he could shoot someone on fifth Avenue and still have support …. right now he is basically engaging in treason trying to pull off a coup and barely any republican has the balls to speak out…

    1. When the NSDAP seized Germany by essentially switching off the German democratic constitution in one swift move what happened? ….. Nothing. They just took power and started to dismantle the German state and replace it with the 3rd Reich which took less than a year to complete …… Unfortunately history, power and control favours those without morals.

  3. He’s tarnished not just his own legacy but that of our Republic and democracy as a whole. The Republican party will feel this blow for years to come¡

    1. I certainly hope so. They have betrayed their country for their own selfish interests. They have proven themselves to be unpatriotic to their country in favor of their own special interests. The whole nation should be disgusted.

    2. Wow. The country truly is completely divided. And I hope you guys will come to realize that MSM mainly, with sharing all the drama and also lying to all of us from both sides all the time, it has caused this divide in us, the people. I’m a republican, and this is a country right now that needs to come together. We the people, Americans, all of us. Not the government& politicians, but us people. We are ALL being played on both sides. All of us are useless to them. This nation is not falling apart because of just the Right. It’s everywhere, from BLM, defund the police, to now our voting system…it’s just clear from all sides no one really trusts the government, or politicians. So let’s come together.

  4. The end of the rope is the bitter end, he has almost reached it ENEVITABLE outcome for a want to be Dictator.

  5. President De-elect Trump is shredding and pardoning like mad. He wants to pre pardon his grubby family and Ghouliani, so sad.

  6. Are you as tired of this mess that Dump has gotten and continues to do to American? I am. Can’t wait for January 20th to come and go so we have some peace return to our lives.

    1. Agree but know that unless GA votes blue, he’s going to have an almost impossible time making changes. The GOP Senators will thwart him at every turn so they can claim that a Dem didn’t make any progress so they can push for another GOP President.

  7. I like the part where t’rump pardoned a literal traitor to our country, and all the “law and order” republicans sat by and did nothing.

  8. Let’s face reality, trump is gonna use this to cover up homies crimes that pledged total loyalty to the king!

  9. What happened to the days when generals were highly respectable and admirable men? Flynn is not fit to be called a general.

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