Trump Uses Denial & Distraction As His Strategy For The Crises Facing The Country | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Trump always be Trump….I understand that. You cannot change him or even hope for him to react differently. What I don’t understand is WHY PEOPLE STILL BLINDLY FOLLOW HIM.


    1. The Evangelicals think Trump will start WW III, which will turn into the Rapture, and get all of them into heaven.
      Seriously, they are actively trying to destroy the world…

  2. He also negated banning choke holds by adding “unless the cop feels his life is in danger” Isn’t that the excuse they use for all of their deadly force incidents?

    1. In court, cops are trained to say “I was In Fear Of My Life” to justify shooting, it’s used so frequently that I’m surprised people still believe it.

  3. Don’t let the trumps get away without paying their very large BILL! every dime they have stolen from the country!

    1. They/Trump’s need to pay back all the taxes they have never paid and their son-in-laws and his daughter pay back to the people of this country!

    2. @FOOLISH CHANNEL …”Communism”?… hey dude the 1950s called and they want their boogeyman back…

    3. @David Detrana It absolutely makes sense… to anyone who sees through all their lies (he hasnt even paid his bills from his 2016 campaign) and how much they are taking from us taxpayers.

  4. Divide and Conquer..just ancient Tactics to handle the People..not certain he will get away with it anymore though..just to many dropping their support as if he was a hot potato lol!!

    1. @John Keith hmm..actually it was already described in “the art of war”..written in 1521..but even goes a long way further back..Nazi’s were more about just conquering lol

    2. @Toward Treatise …if you don’t know what fascism is, I suggest a trump rally or hide under barr’s desk…

  5. Trump actually said the words “pursuing common sense?”
    This is the same man who suggested injecting disinfectants into your body as a good way to fight the coronavirus.

    1. trumps flaming narcissism keeps him from having any realistic insight into himself, the reason, he declared to the world, “I AM THE CHOSEN ONE,” he chose himself to be the CHOSEN ONE!! Really, it is soooo sad, people secure in who and what they are, never sound like trump, he doesn’t have any sense at all, common, or not!! Notice, trump cannot be embarrassed, he is immune to any introspection, and has no idea, he should be embarrassed by the stupid, foolish things he says and does, this is why Susan Collins was so dumb, saying she thought he learned a lesson, or any lesson, if he ever had, he wouldn’t be worse, today!!!

  6. *What happened to Obamagate, MAGAdumdums?*
    *You know…Little Donny Fail-Fail’s attempt to distract America from his own pathetic failures?*

    1. Where are the UFOs?? What about this upside down world discovered in Antarctica? Lmfao. Is the invisible covid enemy finally gone? So. Many. Things.

    2. Lol, “Little Donny Fail-Fail” is a hilarious moniker of the Divider and Thief.
      Well done…

    3. Amazing how that works, ain’t it? I’ve been hearing since the Mueller Report dropped that the big conspiracy the Dems are involved in was just around the corner from being ‘exposed’ for the whole world to see. It was always just about to happen, we just had to wait a little longer and ALL the Democrats were going down.

      Yet those same Democrats were never touched. Obama and Hillary aren’t arrested, and yet for all the bluster I heard, the Democrats were not only untouched all this time, but had the time to impeach Trump. Truly astounding how apparently the Democrats are all criminal masterminds with such a perfect, flawless conspiracy that is both always right on the verge of being exposed and yet is never *actually* exposed.

    1. Davis Tran well I guess Obama shouldn’t have relied on Hillary winning? What is it? It is weird.

    2. @Toward Treatise Wow! You are special. I love your tongue in cheek ignorance. Your cultish bias knocks your I.Q. points down about 50 or so… Keep trying…sarcasm is a sign of intelligence that the right is sorely lacking👍

    3. Billy Akin r u ready for this? Like for real: because you’re already intentionally ignorant.

  7. This garbage that Trump is trying to pass off on the American people pertaining to police brutality and accountability, is the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid on a freshly amputated leg! It’s worthless!

    1. @Toward Treatise I saw this video months ago or something similar , so what’s your point? And please don’t act ignorant once again and act as if two problems can’t exist Geo politically, globally or otherwise at the same time!

    2. @Toward Treatise you woke up to what? Both parties are nothing more than political prostitutes Republicans’, Democrats and anyone else in between, but to say that Donald Trump is a good, morrow, upright and caring president? Is like saying that Satan tells the truth most of the time. Get woke!

    3. o-ptimus prime oh my wonder, I’m so sick of saying this. He didn’t say it was a hoax. he said the actions after illegal spying, unprecedented investigation and impeachment on no crime, are the democrats new hoax. Impeach him for a crime as constitutionally required dumbasses.

  8. Ironic that Trump calls himself a Law & Order president, when in essence he is a lawless and no order president!

    1. Joseph Rankin who’s my cult? How come I don’t know? I don’t get it! Help me… I’m that hypnotized???? 💋

    1. trumpy isn’t a sorry leader. He’s NO leader. He doesn’t know how. He’s a racist. Why would he care if white cops use force???

    1. anne-marie Andrews voters maybe? Anyone’s approval? The election? The oath of office? Foreign affairs? See YouTube deleted my video I’d share and I don’t care enough to search for it. But, you betcha.

    1. @Mister Sinister just ignore it and it will go away? Don’t think so…..the whole world holds a mirror up to your face, and you still don’t know who you are…..

    2. @Joseph Rankin ignore that there’s not enough BLK people? you’re insane lol….oh btw the other day y’all was whining about BLK props or something so fk u and your fake outrage drama queen🖕

    3. @Mister Sinister you have me confused with your mom. Didn’t know you were the emotional type. Sorry to have triggered ya’….

  9. Native NYers have a word to describe Trump and people like him. JAMOKE
    Which I have figured out is pig-latin for
    Major Joke and it totally fits

    1. Don’t forget about deflection. Him and his trumplings use deflection as standard conversation points because they have 0 defense anymore.

  10. How can any person believe Bunker Boy is a Law and Order” president after his constant attack on the FBI.

  11. HE’LL BE VOTED OUT IN NOVEMBER. Let him do…..whatever.

    Senate will be lost to the GOP also.


    1. Well . . . lets hope so, but I beg you to remember he wasn’t elected by popular vote in the first place. (cringe)

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