Trump Using Properties To Turn Campaign Cash Into Personal Profit | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

David Fahrenthold, reporter for the Washington Post, talks about his new reporting on Donald Trump's campaign spending money with Donald Trump's businesses, turning campaign money into personal profit for Trump just like he does with taxpayer money. Aired on 7/17/2020.
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Trump Using Properties To Turn Campaign Cash Into Personal Profit | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Sharpie? I always thought he was the reject neon orange highlighter marker that your school friend gives you when you ask for a highlighter. O_O

  1. WOW and we accuse other tin pot dictators of syphoning off the country’s wealth and becoming Billionaires.

  2. The world needed Another Russia, We are Russia in making. Thank you President Putin for your puppet and traitors

  3. The man has no shame. Nostradamus in one of his quatrains tells of a Shameless Audacious Bawler, a false (trumpet) concealing madness Sound like anyone you know?

  4. America wearing a MASK is not a political tool…it is a requirement to combat the Covid-19 virus!!!! Peace and Love to ALL!!!!

    1. *TOTALS* Cases=3,831,802; Deaths=142861; Recoveries=1774068.
      Deaths/Cases = *3.7% fatality rate*
      Deaths/(Deaths +Recoveries) = *7.5% fatality rate*
      (Worldometers data for US, other sources have almost the same numbers!)

    2. *No. of deaths per year (US):* Breast cancer=42,690; Liver cancer=27,000; Lung cancer=135,720; COVID=142,861.

    3. @Jan Tippit from canada: you are shameful, americans are being fined for being in canada during a pandemic and sent home: the director of the CDC just pointed a finger at canadians and blamed them for higher covid-19 numbers in america – why would a canadian go to the u.s.?

    4. @Matthew Valerio First, your number is wrong. Second, many people “survive” with reduced lung capacity, reduced heart capacity, blood clots, stroke, nerve damage, brain damage, etc. Our country will spend a lot of money supporting those who have been crippled by COVID-19, in addition to the lost taxes on the dead.

    5. @Matthew Valerio stupidity do not have limits is some people, you are a good example of it.

  5. He’s pocketing all the money. Omg, he’s stealing money again. This is what he’s been doing for over 4 years. He’s stealing money, that’s why he’s hiding his tax returns.

  6. *”When I’m president, I’ll waive my salary! I’ am rich enough, already. I’ll give it all away. The whole 400.000 dollar. Am I not a great person?”*
    _The grifter in Chief_

    1. Never underestimate the relationship between price and quality. Some stuff are given away for free for a reason…

    2. President John F Kennedy and Herbert Hoover both donated their Presidential salaries…Trump isn’t the first one..

    3. @vduncan54 And they also didn’t have the Secret Service or military personnel staying at their own resorts, charging the taxpayers for their own enrichment.

  7. FFS, how many scandals has this president been involved in since he took over office? I’ve lost count now.

    1. @Nothing At all Right. No major international corporation has lawyers on its staff, and there is no such thing as corporate law.

    2. Larry Byrd lol is that a direct quote? He never said that. Biden however said “fire the prosecutor or you’re not getting the money” but naaaaah I’m sure hunter is innocent though.

  8. This cash grab was part of his plan from the beginning, he raised the rent in NYC’s trump Tower just for the Secret Service detail assigned there right after the election.

  9. Trump’s response tomorrow:
    1. It’s a hoax
    2. Fake news
    3. It’s Obama’s fault
    4. Fire somebody

    1. Biden is a pedo.
      He supports.war and racism.
      Dont vote for anyone unless it’s bernie.
      Otherwise, do what Iceland did in 2009.

    2. @ZeoDyce “Bernie or bust” is why Trump won in 2016. If you don’t want four more years of Trump, vote for Biden.
      BTW, There are two dozen lawsuits for sexual assault pending against Trump. The only thing protecting him is the Presidency. There are none against Biden.

    3. Well you’re going or no a love one is going to die by the end of the year has trump will be dancing on there graves because you’re that thick to put him in office knowing his own history

    1. david white probably not many to them it’ll be fake somehow remember he “donates” his salary they would counter with it

  10. I’m still wondering where all that money that state governments were paying for Jared’s private auction of ppe supplies.

  11. If the U.S. emoluments clauses had ANY teeth, Trump would be a dry hambone by now. VOTE BLUE!

    1. Why do you think he moved to Florida? He did what a lot of New York Mobsters did when the Feds got involved, they move te escape pending indictments against them if bribery and extortion no longer work.

    2. Like this response. Once a crook always a crook. Once a liar, always a liar. Born a disgusting human being, will forever be a disgusting human being.

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