Trump Views Ditching A Face Mask As A Projection Of Power | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Views Ditching A Face Mask As A Projection Of Power | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. Here we go again. t’rump knows he’s always going to be the dumbest person in the room. So in order to deal with that, he forces himself to project an image of strength and power, as a defense against the reality that his first instincts are always the dumbest. Any crack in that image forces him to face that reality: that he truly is and always will be the dumbest person in the room.
    Unless that room happens to be a t’rump rally, that is. 😄😆😅🤣

    1. That is not at all why he is not wearing a mask. Try doing some research on numerology for a change.

  2. Power! Gimme a break, In all my 65 years I have never seen such a sniveling little weakling in a position of nominal leadership. The man needs a kick in the teeth.

    1. The 1% elite globalists own over 90% of America’s corporate news. Stop repeating their propaganda as if it’s news. They belong to a private club, and you ain’t a member. Trump just got in their way, is all. #thecfrcontrolsthemedia
      #AmazingPollyChannel #WokeSocietiesChannel #ReallyGracefulChannel #DontDrinkTheKoolAidChannel #whytheestablishmenthatestrump #WhereWeGo1WeGoAll #TheGreatAwakening

  3. Just give trump a solid gold glove with 5 stones and make sure the combustible ones are on the thumb and index figer.

  4. “Project a sense of normalcy”??? Trump??? In his darkest days it felt more normal to share a room with Charles Manson.

  5. tRumps ditching of a condom with Stormy Daniels while Melania was giving birth to Baron was a sign of power & despicableness!

  6. Power? Sure , but not the right kind. Biden wearing a mask shows power , strength , humility , empathy and most importantly shows he’s with the people of America , as one! Trump not wearing one shows weakness , incompetence and corruption of power! The wrong kind!

  7. I don’t care. It’s sad for the ones around him that he might affect, but let him become infected if he wants. He has made his choice,..

    1. The people around him should be ashamed of themselves

    2. Pinto 6,.. // Well, there’s the people like Fauci and others like the ones he’s visiting on plants. Then there’s the military personal, drivers, staff and so on, that are just trying to do their jobs,..

  8. The more insecure and incompetent one is; the more one must project superficial facades of strength and control.
    Stay safe
    Be kind
    Keep your distance, socially speaking that is.

  9. not wearing a mask,question of pride?it’s vanity,stupidity,not caring for the health of others

  10. GEORGE FLOYD: My deepest condolences to the relatives.

    An isolated case? But what if every day you hear a leader spreading HASS via twitter? TRUMP – this is also your CLIMATE that you can create.

  11. Agolf Twitler bloviating lies and germs. I guess if I killed that many people I’d lie too.

  12. I hope he and his family contract Covid and share it amongst themselves. Hopefully, Steven Miller’s wife has done likewise.

  13. Vain….a person who thinks their Apeirance is more important than the actions that define a person is weak minded….very weak minded

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