1. I’m so glad this story is coming out now. The woman should not have been sent to prison in the first place. His action was deliberate so he certainly should be locked up.

    1. @Ebaneezer Scourge I’m an Asian, I can fund something nice for her. But I don’t have the details where to donate or fund. I donated $500 each to Bernie Sanders first, then Biden & Harris before they became President and Vice President.

    2. @Imaginary Person :LMAO …. Chump will get locked up way before. Will be a national holiday so everyone can watch Chump in cuffs and taking the perp walk. Enjoy.

    3. @Corey Ham LOL Thanks for making me laugh. You might consider getting your TDS looked at or is it CDS for you?

  2. Considering that Lady Justice is blind, she has a talent for spotting African Americans.

    1. Too true. While working undercover during a protest, officer Luther Hall, a Black man, was severely beaten by five fellow officer… all White. In spite of overwhelming evidence, and one of the White officers admitting guilt in court, an all-White jury let them go.

      Indeed, Lady Justice has predator-vision.

    2. @Pretty Kayladoll i only asked because i dont give any weight to non black Americans that make those statements.
      You get 100% credit.
      Enjoy the rest of your evening.
      Not that you need my permission to have a good evening. Lol.

    1. Four years ago, Texas legalized open carry of swords. So yeah, exactly like medieval Europe.

    2. @Jerri Arriola Trust me, A LOT of us did NOT vote for any of these gas bags! Unfortunately, we have not been a democratic state since the late Ann Richards (rest in peace). We started the downhill slide when Perry got into office.

      I love my state. I was born and raised here. It truly breaks my heart that we’ve taken a HARD right into idiotic obstructionism. Now, with gun deaths going down in our state (NOT!!!!), these Mensa members are wanting to throw open the door to ANYONE over 21, with an ID and pass a “background check” (because, you know, no one EVER lies) and let them HAVE A GUN AND CARRY IT OUT IN THE OPEN!!!!!! They’re calling it “constitutional carry”. It is going to get SOOOO much worse. I would say before it gets better, but while these asshats are in office, I don’t think it will. PLEASE pray for us! 🤬😥

    3. @Josh Barker NO!! We’re trying to get rid of the idiots we already have! We’ve got our quota of morons in office!

  3. Instead of trying to figure out how to get more Republicans to vote, the Republicans decided to figure out how to get fewer Democrats to vote.

    1. While simultaneously figuring out how to subvert democracy itself and support an authoritarian, fascist, liar, criminal traitor for the highest office in the nation.

    2. @kitty cat with internet access You have GOT to be kidding! Look up what the lovely Gov of TX did concerning ballot drop boxes! He cut them down to ONE per county! People have to drive across a whole county just to cast their ballot!!! Counties here are HUGE! DO NOT think for ONE HOT MINUTE that Republicans in power aren’t finding AND DOING everything they can think of to make it harder on people to vote!!! I know you’re young, but do your research before you pop off about things you know NOTHING about!

    3. You’re making zero sense, if they wanted Republicans to vote I guess they wouldn’t have convicted the Trump voter?

    1. At the end of the day he must question why he is the only one! I’m not saying it is a racist society, cause I dont truly feel it is, but when he looks around he must think to himself how come its just him

    2. @CPX this question might offend some people but I’m just curious why is NBA majority black?

    3. @mohamed said why a question offend anyone? Blacks always want justice for all when they’re a victim, but when blacks are attacking innocent Asians, none of these people would speak up about justice for all.. got it!!!

  4. Most Americans believe we have THE BEST justice system in the world …… they teach them that in school …. they actually believe that!!!

    1. A reoffender will obviously get a steeper sentence than someone who dosen’t have any previous convictions. This is the case for anyone who commits a crime and has a record of previous crimes, you probably didn’t pay attention in Social Studies class.

  5. Everything’s Right in America … If you are White in America. That line from West Side Story applies today just as truly as it did 60 years ago.

    1. @kitty cat with internet access … Look far beyond you with excellent binoculars or maybe a small telescope and you might be able to find a place of intelligent discourse

    2. To an extent it still applies. Unless, of course, if you’re towards the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder and-or if your political ideologies aren’t right wing – conservative – Republican.

    3. A reoffender will get a steeper sentence than someone who dosen’t have any previous convictions. This is the case for anyone who commits a crime and has a record of previous crimes. I know you’re dying to make this about race, like the rest of all you butthurt indoctrinated libs, but this time it just didn’t pan out, sorry!

  6. Absolutely disgusting! Why can’t the ACLU get involved for this woman’s case? Hers was an honest mistake while the man in Pennsylvania committed blatant fraud.

    1. @Ebaneezer Scourge – “they are too cowardly to face me” – Says the dweebbot hiding behind a Fakename…

    2. Just wait, you will be amazed at who committed blatant fraud. And who covered it up.

    1. @Ebaneezer Scourge Of course they can, and if incidents of racism can be cited, they should be dealt with appropriately. White on black, or black on white. Fair?

    2. Why do you think Texas keeps electing Ted Cruz? He represents their true values….discrimination at whatever cost.

  7. I’m so glad to hear this lady is getting the attention she deserves. TX and FL should go on and secede. The rest of us won’t miss either state. Gun crazy flat earthers, almost all.

    1. @Baroness Fahrenheit They fall for it because of Castro. they lived through it once, and they are terrified it will happen again.

    2. You probably don’t want to do that because Texas is slowly shifting towards the Democratic party and Democratic Values. It’s likely to flip any time though I think it’s going to take until 2028. Texas is currently extremely gerrymandered by Republicans period when it flips and the districts are redrawn, Republicans are pretty much done in this state and the state will be voting blue and presidential elections and possibly one senatorial seat.

      Conservative Texans are mostly older and are dying faster than liberal Texans. Change is coming.

  8. We just can’t all get along with such double standards, my prayers go to that woman.

    1. No double standards here.
      She’s a convicted felon, he’s a first offender.
      Don’t courts in the US take that into account?

    2. @Маша Паракина ignorance isn’t recognized as a valid defense in any North American court.

    3. @NiNi J That is maybe the dumbest thing I have read this week on youtube. And Youtube does not have a shortage of idiots, so you are in a class all on your own.

    1. @Michele Jennings ? Not jealous, just spitn the truth. biden is not all there. If you can’t see that you are completely blind.

    2. @Mister Hat the other thing I can not understand the right keeps saying Biden is destroying America but then can’t say how or show any proof of it and they say how trump was doing so great for America but again can’t show any proof on what he did for America that benefited the working class and the poor but I get it they like the lies they like the chaos they like the insults they love seeing unarmed black ppl shot and they love all his crimes and things he did to ruin America they love the fact that he paid other countries more in taxes then he ever did in America they love the fact that he would support other countries and they called it making America first

    3. @Rosalyn Jeffery *Nope, reread, already covered, you’re shooting blanks.* President cannot unilaterally override the constitution, Trump couldn’t do anything he wanted to do (he lost court battles over EOs, and removed others before the court ruled against them).

    4. @foxy 47 *Definitely nope.* If Biden starts discussing using nuclear bombs on hurricanes, carcinogenic noise from wind turbines, subjecting the body to UV radiation sufficient to penetrate body tissue as a virus treatment, the Continental Army storing the Red Coats air force bases, cancel a meeting with the Netherlands because they won’t sell us Greenland, forcing another country to fund US border security, and many more, then you discuss who is all there… *right now you are just exhibiting the Right’s low information and disconnect from reality (delusions).*

    5. @S C you honestly believe 100% that biden is going to last 4 years? His own team doesn’t want him answering pre selected questions. What could possibly go wrong?

  9. Email your congress wo/man in support of The John Lewis Voting Rights Act, H.R.1 & The George Floyd Justice and Policing Act. Thank you.

  10. Surely, that unfortunate woman should have her sentence commuted! This shows clearly that there is NO equal justice – and there has NEVER been!!!. When will it change?

    1. @Alexander Reid Democrats are better communists than they are Americans. Communism should be rejected in America. 🇺🇸

    2. When the GQP is looking for voter fraud, they always forget to look to their own voters !!!!

    3. A reoffender will get a steeper sentence than someone who dosen’t have any previous convictions. This is the case for anyone who commits a crime and has a record of previous crimes.

  11. Absolutely disgraceful – the DOJ/Federal judges should look again at this probation sentence. Appalling beyond belief.

    1. How about the 5 year prison sentence also? That lady should not be going to jail at all.

    2. @Ebaneezer Scourge nah, democrats point out the problem and try to resolve them…republicans ignore it hoping no one else will notice.

  12. Absolutely disgusting, she shouldn’t even have been charged let alone convicted. I hope she wins a retrial and it goes to an expended SupremeCourt. The guy in Pennsylvania committed clear and deliberate fraud, he should have been charged and convicted to 5 years.

    1. @Gregor Heisenhorn of asking a question and believing the answer she was given. By an official.


    1. NO, NO, NO Isaac! Tim Scott just gave the GOP response of Pres. Biden’s to the joint session, that racism doesn’t exist in America. If so, I didn’t get the email notice of when the racism stopped.

  14. Republican: Biden only won because of massive voter fraud. Dead people voted!
    Dem: what evidence to you have?
    Republican: “I saw it with my own eyes. I cast a vote in my dead mother’s name!”

  15. The American justice system is a total and utter joke and certainly is not sit for purpose!

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