Trump Was Willing To Do Whatever Necessary To Stay In WH, Says Author 1

Trump Was Willing To Do Whatever Necessary To Stay In WH, Says Author


White House reporter Michael C. Bender joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'Frankly, We Did Win This Election,' his book on the 2020 presidential election.

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Trump Was Willing To Do Whatever Necessary To Stay In WH, Says Author


    1. Except there have been consequences. Just not consequences that effect him. Two government workers are dead.

    2. @mercury13 So explain to me this, trump shouted voter fraud and all that crap months before the election we
      are clear on that. Why didn’t he get together with the republican ran states BEFORE the election and attempt to
      get the states to provide more over sight of what we now know to be one of the most controversial elections in
      US history? At the time the most powerful man in the known free world complained about a problem and did
      nothing at all. Of course after he lost he called them and asked them to break federal law to over turn districts
      that voted for Biden but nothing prior. Or maybe it wasn’t worth it at the time for trump because he wouldn’t get
      anything out of it. Hmm.. Just a thought

    3. I think Trump has dementia. The signs are all there and his family is doing nothing to help him. Years from now it’ll likely be very obvious in hindsight.

  1. when remaining president is the only way to keep you from going to prison…one will do anything

    1. @Billy Pardew you really don’t know much about the wheels of justice do you? See, when you follow the law, it takes time to put a case together. But you will eat your words and we will be laughing when you do.

    2. The people of the U.S. are to cowardly to lock up a corrupt former president and by not doing so puts us all at tremendous danger.

    3. @Billy Pardew So because Trump only said something once, his words didn’t mean anything? It’s pretty sad if the guy you follow can lie as much as he wants as long as it “isn’t on the news every single day for 24 hours a day”.

    4. @Billy Pardew By the way, Trump gave 3 opposing opinions on abortion in one paragraph during his candidacy in 2016.

    1. @Sara Mill 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what year? Before or after we discovered he LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Sara Mill One day I estimated, that I had enough gas in my truck, that’s the last time I estimated anything.

    1. @Billy Pardew and people like you are the reason Dopenfuhrer ever had a chance. He does love the “poorly educated”. And here you are today. Doubling down on stupidity and lies… Gawd, where is the giant meteor?

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    1. @David really 60 court cases later no election fraud proven none whatsoever and yet you people believe it it was stolen duh.

    2. I would have meet somebody new and they identified themselves as a trump supporter I would know instantly that they are f***** up on some level.

    1. This criminal didn’t “try just about” anything. Trump actually did anything and everything he could to stay in office. To avoid prosecution. Trump needs to be convicted and jailed for his crimes.

    2. And the criminal’s family will sometimes try just about anything. It’s happened more than once that families of burglars that are killed by the owners of the house will be sued by the burglars family. Their case is “how else was our criminal son to make a living and you took away his right.”🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. @Maggie Omg, that’s UFB. Hopefully none of the criminal families won any of those ridiculous lawsuits.

    1. @mercury13 Having freedom of speech doesn’t mean that anyone has to amplify what you say. It means you can stand in a park with a megaphone and complain about government policy without getting arrested.

    2. @mercury13 his “freedom of speech” is what’s getting him into serious trouble; his 1st amendment rights incited the insurrection; freedom of speech has it’s limits….

    1. @Jeremy Backup they know that and they know as the country becomes more diverse their party shrinks. That what this round of voter suppression is all about.

    1. Yup. Actively seeking to wreck his own Country, funded by the money from his own supporters, and smashing whatever credibility the GOP may have once have had…because he can’t do the time.

    1. But that „madness“ has a system.
      Trump has always known what he was doing. He wanted – and STILL wants to – be a tyrant.

  2. Trying to avoid jail by committing more crimes. Desperate to grift, because his whole life is a pyramid.

    1. I’m a square peg in Kevin mccarthys district. I’m the weirdo. I went to bed when AL Gore was projected winner and woke up in twilight zone. Is this real life?

    2. Trump will try to have his followers give him more money to pay his attorney fees. Are they dumb enough to do this?

  3. Two sets of laws., One for the rich, one for everyone else! If that were me, middle class, “tax paying citizen”, spreading the disease, I’d already be in jail! Or under it!

    1. @bert larsen First, Biden won because s majority of moderates and independents voted for him.That’s the true fact. Second, 66% of the voters accept that Biden is the President, again a majority. So that alone means that Trump is lying to his supporters. As far as his loving America, must have happened after Vietnam and his bone spurs.

    2. @madmanszalinski did any one read the obsurdity,of the leaflet,its,a load of unpleasant crap just stupid,

    3. @Faylene Gostanian if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes (the cpac stage configuration) was the nazi symbol
      Oh I almost forgot about that golden statue of him where people were posing and taking selfies. That was unbelievable. People are selling their souls for his approval.

    4. @andreas obuaculla I can’t imagine it being a pleasure to read, I’d like to get an actual scan of it

    5. @sione alailima Biden won because there was a planned-demic, that’s right it was planned. That is a fact and it’s also a fact the Democrats are scared of Trump because they know they cannot control him. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why they’ve been trying to impeach him duhhh. Russia Russia Russia, a made-up phone call to Ukraine which was a lie, like come on people really… I think you people have Trump syndrome

  4. This is not shocking.. Someone whom encourages an insurrection IS doing everything he can do to stay in power..

    1. @Jim Moore yes.. I know he is not in power. My statement refers to when he was in power. Maybe i should have worded it a bit differently..

    2. @Billy Earney I read it to mean that Trump is in power in that he’s the leader of the Republican Party. It’s not president but it still is incredible power.

  5. Homie has no desire to run government except to reek vengeance, pardon himself and family, while filling his pocket w more grifting!!

  6. We are so lucky that “all those people close to Trump”, spoke up? They are all as complicit with Trump.

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