Trump Wins 2024 CPAC Straw Poll With 70 Percent 1

Trump Wins 2024 CPAC Straw Poll With 70 Percent


Donald Trump won the 2024 CPAC straw poll with 70 percent. During the event the former president continued to lie about what happened in the 2020 election. 

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    1. @Life is Good
      Lol, that fool always loses every single nonargument…especially against me. He’s the representation of hubristic dumb-assery.

  1. “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have the more need of masters.” –Benjamin Franklin

    1. Yep. I keep asking why do we get so upset at the corruption, malevolence, and lying of Republican politicians? Seems our angst, anger and incredulity should be directed at their voters. They like it and we should stop making excuses for them. Really, it’s a spiritual problem – moral apathy and shrunken hearts. And all too often it’s our family members and friends. There’s no answer for it.

    1. Well if you look up Insanity in the Webster’s Dictionary it shows a picture of the Orange Saviour and his Disciples right beside it. Remember Insanity is someone repeating the same thing over and over and over again expecting different results. These fools got it down to a Science

    1. Wonder what FZ would say about about trump specifically. FZ said he was a Democrat than leaned a bit towards libertarian

    2. @Blue Bird “And in your dreams…you can see yourself as a prophet…saving the world.” How well the words Frank said about Nixon apply to 45. Very safe to assume he would not be a fan.

    3. Frank was a genius. By listening to his lyrics you can easily predict what his opinion about Trump’s leadership would have been.

    1. @Gregory Guidry No need to believe the “liberal press” when you have over 60 judges, many conservative and many of those Trump appointed, who laughed Trumps conspiracy theories out of court. The truth is already out, Donald lost, get over it.

    1. Gas prices through the roof, inflation through the roof, crimes through the roof. The only losers here are we the American people and Biden doesn’t even know where he is . Wake up America

    2. @Paul Koehn yes yes everyone knows empty open land deserves as much say as the majority populations in cities! I’m just pointing out to the guy hilariously saying Trump won by landslides, that he lost the popular vote bigly both times. Thank you for sharing your butthurt with me, though! Go project your ignorance on someone else, and have a great day

  2. So gross. The US has become a cautionary tale for the world, that anyone could think trump is any kind of good leadership. republicans are disgusting.

    1. @CL The tax cuts were a big deal but trump did a lot more than that. If we’re talking about the economy, he also aggressively cut regulations and the low tax/low regulatory environment sparked a hiring boom that dropped unemployment to the lowest level since 1969. Wages increased 5% in one year, the fastest in 40 years. He improved the NAFTA trade deal with USMCA which forced automakers to have more new vehicle parts to be manufactured in the US. Under Trump, unemployment and inflation were low.
      On foreign policy he did a lot to stop Democrats open border policy (translation: importing future votes across the southern border to try and flip swing states like Arizona, VIrginia, Texas…which the Biden administration is importing over 2 million in this year alone), he demanded that european allies and japan pay more for their defense and he started to take on china before they “accidentally” let a covid virus escape from a lab…putting an end to any economic challenge to them

    1. Not as long as Merrick Garland has a say. He’s more focused on reestablishing norms and ensuring the DOJ doesn’t appear to be partisan. Will somebody please lock this mope up already?

    2. Yeah, trump isn’t even going to be able to run for office once New York and Georgia get done with him.
      The only thing he’s going to win is first prize for having the softest mouth in the prison….

    3. The sad and scary part is there is nothing in law stopping him from “running” the country from a jail cell. And as president he is effectively head of the prison system so he could designate theoretically the white house as a prison, and be transfered there.

    4. Killary and the pedophile network will go before him when Ghislaine lawyers bring out the evidence, Bill was a passenger on the plane.

  3. If ever there was any doubt, this poll confirms that there is serious mental health crisis in ‘murica.

    1. @Joshua Shaw
      I would say, let’s get to the oranges of it. Maybe, we could round up our infantroopen from Nambia, Yo-semite, and Thighland. Also, person, man, woman, and in conclusion, covfefe.
      Thank you,

    2. @Propa Gandia the only way to fix that is to send Oompa Loompa ALL of your money, since he ‘alone can fix it.’

    3. @UCcxNfOe2VfsNlvFrNXKzGaQ
      Right. We all know the billions and billions of taxpayer money should subsidize the fossil fuel industry.

  4. Trump embarrasses America and Republicans can’t see it bcuz all “they” care about is their “Power”. Ugh!!

    1. @Jesse Chatman Chatman Brainwashed? Where have I heard that before? God, but you people need to buy a vocabulary and some brain cells to use it.

    1. @MrSmallpoxSatan I have in Webster’s Dictionary people repeating the same thing over and over and over again expecting different results. Has a big picture of the Orange Saviour and his Disciples right beside it

    2. @MrSmallpoxSatan a delusional trump cultist telling someone to look up the word insanity. All we have to do is look at you.

  5. We truly have about 40% of the USA that are so cognitively impaired I don’t know how they feed and dress themselves.

  6. We can’t complain when our own government would not prosecute this joke of a so-called man.

    1. you mean the republicans who saved him, not the government. It was all the senate and house republicans who stood with him. They should all die.

  7. He’s not going to run. He’s on a 3 year fund raising scampaign. The phony “class action” big tech lawsuit fundraiser has already petered out.

  8. Imagine if Al Bundy got a standing ovation from people around him every time he talked about scoring 4 touchdowns in a single game back in high school. That’s what’s pretty much happening here.

    But we keep getting told by the Cult that _merely talking about him_ is TDS compared to proclaiming he’ll be the candidate and get reelected in 2024.

    1. @Propa Gandia Yea they`re lying, talking about the republicans were responsible for defunding the police “Liar, Liar pants on fire”

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