Trumpist Gaslighting Of January 6 Shattered By Committee Testimony 1

Trumpist Gaslighting Of January 6 Shattered By Committee Testimony

At its first hearing, the House Select Committed on the January 6 Attacks made clear its intention to conduct serious business and get real answers, standing in stark contrast to Trump-supporting Republicans trying to rewrite the history of an event that Americans saw with their own eyes. 
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    1. @Ethan Early I don’t smoke. But I’m sure you do. Especially if you believe what your masters demand you believe. Mask buckle on?

    2. @MrRaintile Your minority party is getting smaller everyday you meth heads escalate. This pleases me

    3. Police need to realize Republicans backed the coup, not the blue. If any police organization backs the GOP in any election, call them out. January 6th is proof positive the Republicans didn’t have your back, why on earth would you give them your support?

    4. @Athena Nike well.. why did the Dems hand pick select D.C officers and write down what to say? Why wouldn’t they allow the Union Rep to speak? Why is there video of the police moving the barricades and waving folks in? Hey wasn’t the dude that got arrested a judges son and an Antifa member? An air force veteran was shot.. the video shows who it was.. oh.. something happened that day.. no one is worried. Truth is like a Lion.. set it Free and it will take care of itself.

    1. @Fake President; What does this comment mean? What fake(?) Impeachment? Impeachments levied by a US Congressional Commission is about as serious as you are going to get, and there are still major question out there, whether a complicit, seditious GOP Senate wished to deal with them or not. This investigation is part of that, the one that the GOP vehemently opposes. You really need to review the facts and reality a whole lot more.

    2. @Ice 9 Snowflake
      You are the losers who think you “won” by stealing. You are the ones living the “big lie.”

    3. @David Cat haha…the irony is, the leftist and leftist media still hasn’t got over trump. they are still talking about him like he is still president. get over it, trump lost, biden is in charge now.

    1. Pat Pulley, it will all depend on whether the Democrats and the committee have the courage and conviction to subpoena all the individuals involved, Congressmen, and Senators, White House staff, and witnesses and force them to testify under oath.

    2. Fifty years from now, when everyone involved is dead and buried, the truth will “come out” and it’ll exactly what we already know it is. Trump lost and threw a fit. Trumpublicans in Congress joined in the carnage because those insurrectionists are their voter’s. We ALL know what happened. It won’t matter if Independents and democrats don’t get out there and vote out every last Trumpublican in office.

  1. Only time the facts will come out and leads them to some republicans that enabled riot!! Can’t wait for them to start singing and outing each other!!

    1. @Cotton Candy they will have no choice, there is already videos of those Republicans that gave tours of the Capitol to insurrectionists. There is lists of telephone calls to and from insurrectionionist, there is signed entry forms documenting their arrivals and what Congressmen/women they visited and there is an agreement to snitch by the Proud Boys leader for his role and a reduced sentence. There is no one to pardon them for their roles in this mess. So a get out of jail free card is not forthcoming. They are going to fall like dominos to tell all.

    1. Maybe not all who voted against were involved, but those who were involved certainly voted against it.

  2. The Republicans are just embarrassing themselves now. We all watched Trump’s violent failed coup live on TV and a 5-year-old could see through their lies.

    1. @Mark Treissman my only question is Will it really stop. Actual continuous lies by Donald Trump and the continuous disrespecting lies by The GOP. They should all be convicted truly all American people need this for us all to MoveOn

    2. @Barbara Bretti you are absolutely right. Enough of this Madness it is Time to really put a stop to this. And I do mean now. We as American people deserve better than this oh yes

    3. Alli P. The whole bloody world watched it and we all seen through it. The GOP are making total d***s of themselves for all the world to see. Never thought I would ever witness such rubbish coming out of America. We’re praying for you all that this charade will end soon.

    4. @Robot E7 They’ve already started. Just watched a really disturbing clip from Laura Ingraham where she mocked the Police Officers who testified. She showed PART of an Officer’s testimony, and NOT the clip where he spoke about being called a racial epithet.

  3. I never want to hear another Trumper say the words “Law and Order”. They have LOST that right.

    1. @Aimless Bauer I am not supporting the Dems attacking and persecuting Trump voters that is you. You support a side that supports the suppression of free speech, a side that is in cahoots with big tech, and a side that, defends violence on its streets. If both sides are bad then what do you get from the Democrats? Do you ever consider Trumps drain the swamp motive is actually a populist anti corruption in government movement? And that the Dems are pushing a narritive using race bating to change election laws and cheat, alongside there social media allies censoring Anti Biden information?. So why i would support evil Trump over Dems? Trump actually secured peace deals, did not take a wage whilst being president and put American jobs first unlike China Joe. Enjoy your high gas prices and 70 different genders moron.

    2. @Raj Kumar don’t let these people get to you, antifa is not a group and black lives matter is just a slogan

    3. @The Brightsided Another thing (I’m black so I have to say this). You said the dems are pushing race baiting. What do you think about Trump supporters calling black officers racial slurs? Is that race baiting if we get mad at that? And you seem completely fine with it. Is that race baiting, too? Did black people and dems make them say that?

      And before you throw Biden in there, I want to make it clear I do not like him, either! I just voted for him to get the orange dimwit out! That’s all! They were both sh*tty choices!

  4. Subpoena Trump and his sycophants like Mccarthy, Giuliani, Hawley, Cruz even crazy pillow guy Lindell. If they don’t obliged Subpoenas then bring them in Shackles.

    1. @MrRaintile Stop trying to Gaslight people with your lies. No matter how many you tell, it will never become truth.

    2. @William A Nancy to what? Or Nancy too? Learn English OK. But I digress. Why would she be indicted? Just for having the gall to live?

  5. Republicans on 911 and Benghazi  : we need to find the Truth.
    Republicans on January 6th : shhh  we already know the Truth and do not want to Incriminate our dear leader Trump and colleagues.

    1. @Neil Rusling Furthermore, research how many “violent” demonstrations occurred in summer, 2020. You’ll find outside agitators came to many of those rallies to instigate trouble!

    2. @Blake JonesII Are you serious? If you even think saying that those killers were happy, loving tourists you are pathetic and you deserve to go down with the rest of your clan.

  6. I’m not at all about the Republicans and the inherit corruption, but I do respect Cheney for being true and not act as a cover-up from the lies that even Pinnhoicho will call Majorie Taylor Greene out on.

    1. If the loyalists are in control of the Wyoming Republicans, Liz Cheney has nothing to lose now in going all in.

    2. You don’t have to be. If a president commits a crime this ugly, it shouldn’t BE about parties. That’s the point. You can respect her because of that.

    3. @M Murase they were trying to silence Cheney. Looks like it’s not working. The “cancel culture” the GQP vehemently rails against did the exact same thing to their own, for telling the truth

    1. @Reige17 Don’t even pay him any mind. To some people, you will have to break it down to the simplest term for them to have a hint of understanding.

    2. @Orlok TheEternal the witness got a little confused in his analogy. But we all know what he meant. Trump assembled the seditionists and sent them to stop the certification of the election. It was his entire purpose and his ‘statement’ afterwards confirmed it. The whole world saw it. And that entire episode was consistent with his actions for the 4+ months leading up to Jan 6th and he should be in prison NOW. Anyone who denies that is beneath contempt. From McCarthy on down…

    1. Gitmo for donnie small hands the orange tyrant and his lying goons they are all enemy combatants and they don’t deserve a trial in the USA

    1. McCarthy when from “Who the F*** do you think you’re talking to?!” to “I’m your personal sock puppet, Mr. Trump.”

    2. They do, but honestly every word out of their mouths are lies and that won’t change! tRump and McCrappy are people who spew evil words and these two are at least number 1 in that category and losers in life!

    3. @spaceballs44 and when he passes with flying colors then what you going to blame the machine for lieing

  7. After listening to these 4 Officers today it is now imperative that TRUMP be called to testify under oath and explain to us ‘all the Love that he saw’, and excuses are not acceptable…

    1. @Cotton Candy Unless The Republikkkans Lose A Few More Seats In 2022 Were They Wont Have The Votes To Obstruct Anything.

    2. You actually think that Drumph would not. could not lie under oath? If you do I have a quit claim title to a bridge to sell you. Really cheap too!

    3. @Clarence McGregor Its Not A Matter Of If He Couldnt Or He Wouldnt .The matter Is For The First Time In His Life There Will Be Consequences For Him Telling His Lies Under Oath.

  8. Sgt. Aquilino Gonell said after Trump claimed there were so much love, hugs, and kisses:
    “if this was hugs and kisses, we should go to his house and do the same.”

    1. If a mob went to the losers residence in the same fashion, and he wasn’t able to get police help he would s*** himself on massive levels.

    2. He later walked that back and apologized for saying “we should go to his house”. He doesn’t need to apologize for anything right now.

    3. @Mary Larson What’s interesting is his words can only be seen as inciting, by one who admits T****’s are a lie. Otherwise, he’s just saying people should show affection for T****.

    4. When there was demonstrating for ‘black lives matter’ they’re violent thugs,but when they are supporting a president who was fairly voted out of office, it’s not violent at all. It’s double standards and it’s evil.

  9. Sen. McCain is smiling upon this effort. I can see him giving a thumb’s down on GOP efforts to whitewash 1-6 and the near destruction of the American experiment. Shameful. Go get them, members of the 1-6 committee.

    1. Amen to that do Not let up get these people out of office that includes the sane Republicans that are about Country before one individual

  10. Don’t forget Republicans voted against awarding the Officers the real patriots the Medal of Honor and now insult them by saying they were only Tourists and get over it.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 BLM didn’t try to destroy our democracy. Why do you hate America and support terrorists?

    2. @Susan Bingham I really thought they would listen to the Officers and acknowledge their sacrifice.

  11. Republicans: “democrats did it”
    Republicans: “we don’t want an investigation to prove democrats did it”

    1. Republicans: It was a peaceful tour!
      Also Republicans: Why didn’t Nancy secure the Capitol for the peaceful tour!!

    2. Trump sent loving, caring peaceful tourist to the Capitol and Pelosi welcomed them with open arms. She is the one to blame, right Republicans???

    3. The GQP is a completely lost cause at this point. The only people they continue to convince are the ones they’re already brainwashed. Everyone else sees them for what they are. And here in America, making excuses for and embracing terrorists and traitors just isn’t a good look. And yet there they are, trying to put lipstick on plate of cooked bacon.

  12. As Don Jr. girlfriend Kimberly Gulfoyle screamed ” The best still to come ” no Kim, the beginning of the end, for your never father in law Trumpisky.

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