Trump’s Autocratic And Power Hungry Decisions Are ‘Fundamentally Un-American’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Trump’s Autocratic And Power Hungry Decisions Are ‘Fundamentally Un-American’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


Steve Schmidt, former Republican political strategist and founder of The Lincoln Project, blasts Trump’s constant lies and explains that the president’s desire to do anything necessary to stay in office goes against this country’s values. Aired on 9/03/2020.
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Trump’s Autocratic And Power Hungry Decisions Are ‘Fundamentally Un-American’ | Deadline | MSNBC

106 Comments on "Trump’s Autocratic And Power Hungry Decisions Are ‘Fundamentally Un-American’ | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. As much as Trump is responsible for the current state of affairs right now, I hold Republicans in Congress responsible for the degradation of the country and the office. Everyone knew that Trump was unfit for the office before he was elected and 62 million people still voted for him because they hated Hillary more. Every day he’s in office, he makes the presidency smaller. Congressional Republicans should’ve done their damndest to block him whenever possible to serve as a check on him but instead they chose to go along with his craziness to pass their conservative agenda at the cost of so far, 180,000 dead Americans and counting.

  2. Our country was doing all right before Donald Trump get in to the White House

    • @andrea Perry Obama/Biden: Fast & Furious scandal, IRS – Tea Party scandal, Benghazi scandal, Pigford Agriculture Department Scandal, Solyndra scandal, Syrian Red Line scandal, Calling ISIS “JV” scandal, hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer scandal, Affordable Care Act scandal, highest percentage of Americans on food stamps scandal, NSA spying on American people scandal, leaving Iraq too soon and letting ISIS take over scandal, signing a disastrous Nuclear Deal with Iran scandal, paid $5 billion to release 5 Taliban prisoners scandal, paid ransom to Iran for hostages scandal, depleted the military scandal, dismantled NASA scandal, failure to secure the border scandal, 9 trillion dollars more in debt scandal, failed economic stimulus plan scandal, worst economic recovery since the depression with anemic GDP numbers, etc…

    • Gnirol Namlerf | September 7, 2020 at 1:46 AM | Reply

      @cetikaru Define _better_ and define _obstruction_ in terms of the last 43 months, not some dictionary. Otherwise, we have no idea what you are talking about. You need to prove that your opinion is true. Otherwise, you need to prove you are the Second Coming. Jesus, I would believe without proof, but I’d need proof it was really Jesus.

    • Gnirol Namlerf | September 7, 2020 at 1:48 AM | Reply

      @citizenxgen How was it doing pretty good? We all know that COVID has hurt the country. Excuse me for being impolite, but that observation elicits a “duh”. Your first five words, however, are not self-evident. Explain, please.

    • ​@Gnirol Namlerf I would have thought that record employment levels prior to the Wuhan Virus could safely be defined as ‘doing pretty well’

    • yeah your a stupid moron who is probably a welfare getting fool!

  3. Bill Barr can’t say voting twice is a felony and he’s our attorney general. That explains the demise of our democracy.

    • John DiGiacomo | September 7, 2020 at 8:10 AM | Reply

      T W, some states don’t count early ballots or mail in votes until polls close. Therefore a person could vote twice making them guilty of a felony. In Trump’s first statement he said to go to the polling places to see if they could vote twice. I believe that even the attempt would constitute a felony. Regarding the rest of your posts, the virus is still uncontrolled, the economy is in the toilet and there’s social unrest. This due to nothing more than Trump’s incompetence laziness stupidity and impatience. Here’s a hint, if he could have fixed it he would have done so already, it’s an election year and he’s still bumbling around without a clue. He’s more interested in his re-election campaign than the number of deaths from Covid.

    • @John DiGiacomo it’s very disturbing to watch America implode under the supposed leadership of the Drumpsters…
      Save yourselves, and stop the madness…
      Don’t vote for The Kktrump Klan…
      Problem is you all need to prepare for if the Trumps lose!.. as DJT is a sore loser, and will not go down without a fight. Pray America can get that Fascist Family out of the WH peacefully…🙏

    • Netty Bubba, I’m already looking at houses in Italy, at 68 I’d rather learn a new language and start over than live in Trump’s world. Italy wants immigrants, even retirees, it’s encouraging immigration, like America once did when it was ascending. Trump will destroy everything America has stood for, and if re-elected the country will survive but America won’t. After seeing all the racists and bigots here, I may just move anyway, this isn’t the country I grew up in, and certainly not the one I want to end my days in.

    • @AgentX There’s not a lot of people to get to change Trump’s except that there’s a lot of military families ,If you require it they have a large certain numbers of copy, unlike the opposite amount,who have nil .

    • @soaringvulture trump didn’t say vote twice. The rats and the rats media doing satan’s work as usual

  4. The Attorney General doesn’t know the laws about voter fraud? Here, pull my finger.

  5. Arthur Schnapka | September 3, 2020 at 8:39 PM | Reply

    Whenever I want clarity and truth I listen to Schmidt and Schiff.

    • And Glenn Kirschner

    • @Constance Shaw and vote twice

    • Oh Yes, Please! I'll Have Another Bowl Of TDS! | September 4, 2020 at 2:21 AM | Reply

      “clarity and truth” on MSDNC? ROTFLMAO LOLOLOLOL

    • @Constance Shaw Finally someone else who urges the same thing I do.
      In another thread I just posted:
      What can you do?
      Help someone who didn’t vote in 2016 to cast their ballot in this election, that’s what you can do.

    • I actually only came to know about Schmidt after Woody Harrelson did such an amazing job portraying him in the movie Game Change. Not only did they pick someone who could have been Steve’s doppelganger in appearance, they managed to capture his genius,as well.

  6. VOTE BLUE and save our country.

  7. In my opinion, trump committed a felony when he was telling his supporters to vote twice. Voting twice is definitely against the law.

  8. It sounds like #POTUS45 has called upon his base to get him re-elected through massive voter fraud.

    • soaringvulture | September 3, 2020 at 8:51 PM | Reply

      That’s one of the ways he’s got left. That and suppressing Democratic votes.

    • Yep. This kind of stunt has the bonus effect of clogging polling locations and burning the time of poll workers with a glut of ill-informed Faux voters.


    • And so the noodleq’s get confused, as tRolls do. Vote by mail, absentee, or early. If possible, drop your mail/absentee ballots at the elections dept., or at polling place drop-box. Don’t be a derp.

  9. WeTheProgressives | September 3, 2020 at 8:47 PM | Reply

    THE AG doesnt know what the LAW IS >???????? WTF ?????

  10. Don’t get Re-Humped Dump the Chump

    • @Zoester Productions chill bro, getting others to vote with you should be the objective. See the Rep’s so called action backfiring

    • That’s my favorite campaign jingle. I love it. Thank you

    • @Zoester Productions I wish fox would disappear. I have found any affiliations with fox or people that watch that crap are big liars and spread the bs. We are not the problem its you fox crazy. Fake news at it worst.

    • @Frances C Would Love if Steve Schmidt did some posts wearing that on a T-Shirt. Or Sold them to fund the Lincoln project.
      He is a bit too buttoned down for T-Shirts in public though LoL

    • Steve McFarland | September 6, 2020 at 10:28 AM | Reply

      Soren Ingram A poet that knows it.

  11. The attorney general of the United States doesn’t even know what the law says lol

    • Barr is a corrupt criminal.

    • @Lauri Rohr 100%total corrupt bunker 👦

    • Steve McFarland | September 6, 2020 at 10:10 AM | Reply

      Leo Major He’s lying.

    • Gnirol Namlerf | September 7, 2020 at 1:27 AM | Reply

      Leo: Exactly. Barr implies that some states welcome people voting twice, however they vote. C’mon! Kids choosing class president know that would be unfair under any circumstances. How can he suggest that in some places the president would not be committing a crime by suggesting people do that. I thought that was the whole complaint against mail-in balloting, that people could do something illegal, not that voting twice might be illegal and maybe not. But that’s not the point, is it? Of all people, Trump doesn’t care if someone does something illegal. If voting twice garnered him more votes, he’d be all for breaking the law. The great irony of this is that the president, his whole family and probably Barr all vote by mail and have for years. Remember when candidates used to be photographed at 6am dropping their ballots into the locked box at their local polling place to show they were participating just like everyone else? Well, it’s going to be dangerous for lots of people to participate in that way this year because of the virus. What Trump (and Biden) should be doing is dropping his ballot into a secure box at whatever government building is near Mar-a-Lago, where I assume he is registered now, as an example to the rest of us of fulfilling our civic duties and doing so without gathering in a big group in a closed indoor area. But no, he sends his ballot in by mail, then tells us that he could easily have cheated, since the system is not secure, he claims, and tells the rest of us not to do precisely what he has done. How there is a single voter who does not see the inconsistency in this is beyond my comprehension. Of course, as Mr. Schmidt points out, this is totally a cult, so, if the president said, “I will love Melania for the rest of my life,” and then filed for divorce three hours later, they’d have no problem with believing that both are true, simply because Donald Trump said so.

    • Leo Major But of course he does know. Sohe has to fiddle faddle around avoiding going on the record in a way that will put him in legal jeopardy later while satisfying his need to “feed the monster” … and hopefully create more chaos around the election.

  12. Barr is the Attorney General and he don’t know the Law of Voting in our country. Definitely these people are Russians.

    • Barrshykova

    • Marcella Norfleet | September 3, 2020 at 10:24 PM | Reply

      Barr needs to be Disbarred for being Trump’s crooked personal lying attorney!!

    • He’s never done a thing willingly against Putin.

    • LibHunk
      I’d argue the russians by now know quite a bit more about the process of voting than the likes of trump – they gotta. They wanna help him after all.
      As for barr, he knows better. He isnt dumb, he only plays dumb purposefully.

    • -Barr- knows full well there isn’t a precinct in the USA where someone can legally vote twice.
      -Barr- knows there’s no such thing as perjury in a TV interview.
      What can you do?
      Help someone who didn’t vote in 2016 to cast their ballot in this election, that’s what.

  13. So the US Attorney General, doesn’t know that voting twice is ILLEGAL in all 50 states, and US territories. Let THAT sink in for a moment.

    • @Daniel Reierson Sadly, I think you may very well be right. If Biden wins in November then he will face a terrible economic, health and social situation to try to address. One that Trump and his gang have tried to conceal and deny as much as possible. If the public turn on Biden, because he can’t address all of that in one term, then 2024 could result in an election that will make this one seem like nostalgia.

    • John DiGiacomo | September 7, 2020 at 7:59 AM | Reply

      Eliza Beech, I’m sorry, seeing it on tape being spoken from his own mouth is “fake news”? Regarding “negotiating skills” we have an even larger trade deficit with China, his tariffs have only hurt American consumers and farmers, driven more jobs offshore, and his negotiations with North Korea have allowed them to continue to build nuclear weapons and test long range missiles, while we suspended maneuvers with South Korea. With Russia, he doesn’t even attempt to negotiate, he just does what they want. Do you even know what “negotiate” means?

    • @John DiGiacomo All that you have said can be checked and verified independently. It just takes time and effort. Meanwhile Trump says Mexico will pay for ‘The Wall’, because America has a trade deficit with Mexico. This is NOT what a trade deficit means and it doesn’t make any sense. Tarrifs are paid by the country purchasing the products, not by the country producing them. North Korea’s dictator ‘likes me’ (Tump), so he’s blind to the reality. Putin ‘likes me’. Q-anon ‘likes me’.

    • John DiGiacomo | September 7, 2020 at 2:58 PM | Reply

      Numinous20111, they can check, the information it takes about two minutes, but most are even too stupid to do that, the rest realize the facts are accurate but won’t check to keep their fantasy.

    • Is that a federal law?

  14. Lets put an end to this madness;
    by making sure that we put an end to Trump’s four-year reign of corruption.

  15. Melanie Dawson | September 3, 2020 at 8:59 PM | Reply

    barr is such an arrogant jerk who looks like he has many meals on our dime! everything they say is a huge lie!!!

  16. Steve should start a new bit called “Schmackdown” where he continuously berates Trump and his administration! lol

  17. Steve Schmidt needs a You Tube channel like Glenn Kirchner. I could listen to them both all day long. 🇺🇸

  18. the fact that drump is begging for 8 more years is reason enough to get rid of him now

  19. Heather Stahlnecker | September 3, 2020 at 9:13 PM | Reply

    YOU Can’t VOTE twice. Bill BARR does not represent WE the PEOPLE.

  20. Trump is a horrible, crazy human.

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