Trump's 'Big Lie' Keeps Supporters In Thrall But Truth Is The Cure: Snyder | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ Keeps Supporters In Thrall But Truth Is The Cure: Snyder | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reads through Timothy Snyder's explanation of how Donald Trump's "big lie," insisting that he actually won the 2020 election, cuts his supporters off from reality, and the way to break the spell is for his enablers to step up and insist on the truth. Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Trump's 'Big Lie' Keeps Supporters In Thrall But Truth Is The Cure: Snyder | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Rabble Wolf Nice analogy. And yes, it was a close shave. Accountability needed to avoid next time, which will come if nothing is done to restore trust in the truth.
      stay safe and take care.

  1. One final grift while in office to ensure that he can grift his way out of $430 million in debt to Vladmir Putin.

    1. He’s not done yet. You better brace yourself. It’s going to get really bad the closer we get to his last day.

    2. @Shelley Ross He is done……Twitter and social media won’t allow him to post anything that is in anyway inciting and there will be no more rallies.He has been silenced.

    1. You have to ask yourself what makes them believe Trump. Desperate people? Uneducated people? Ignorance? Supremacists? Fearful? If there is ever to be an end we have to figure out what it is about these people or their lives that they’d believe such obvious lies.

      Just sayin.

    2. @Steven Kies A lot of ordinary republicans voted against Trump, they were against the blatant racism & division displayed by him and his followers, Cruz doesn’t stand a chance, and as for the Trump cult next time the military will be in their way, and they’ll all develop bone spurs , just like they were tweeting and celebrating their actions of their invasion of congress and a few hours later blaming it on antifa, they are cowards and they are the minority

  2. The cure is removed these corrupt politicians through laws as they committed the most grievous crime to be committed against the U.S.A.

    1. I know at least a few people that were college educated. A Doctor, pharmacist and real estate agent. I am sure there are many more. The educated just don’t believe they can be duped.

  3. An officer has been murdered by those rioters. Incited by Trump. Absolutely shameful- so much for caring about blue lives, republicans?

    1. An officer has been murdered by those rioters 99.999999% white. Tony Tampa and George Floyd lost the lives in police hands[knee] BLnotM all this not just embarrassing but absolutely shameful for a such powerful and wonderful country. How on earth America can now give lectures to others?

  4. America can and will go lower. A pessimist says things can’t get worse, an optimist says yes it can.

  5. Now is the time to invoke the 25th amendment this is treason , this has been the worst terrorist attack since 9-11 ,The Republican enablers must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Further more this is not antifa we all know who they are .

  6. If you don’t kick Trump out of the white house you will not be able to get that under control you will get a new Hitler!!!!

    1. One Capital policeman died from his injuries at the hands of the radicalized Trump terrorists. Another 15 were hospitalized. Twice that number sustained lesser injuries. I assume these were the Capital police that were not in league with the insurrectionist. The rest are suspect. Too many in American law enforcement are thoroughly radicalized Trump supporters who have no regard for law and order.

    2. Bush lied and started a war, Trump lied and caused an insurrection. Definitely a pattern of behavior with Republicans.

    1. Unfortunately, it’s not just Fox anymore.
      I was watching my local news (Sinclair broadcasting) yesterday.

      They mentioned the coup, but they didn’t show any Trump flags, they didn’t mention Trump, and suggested that it was the left that invaded the Capitol building.

      That’s the kind of propaganda bullsh*t that they are showing on Sinclair broadcasting, Fox, and OAN all across the country.

      We need laws to stop the propaganda bullsh*t coming out of right-wing alt-right conservative news media.

    2. Tucker was victim blaming Breona and calling her a criminal, defending Kyle’s crimes in Kenosha and now he says all the violence is the fault of this amorphous entity called antifa, which doesn’t even exist. Tucker will take up this cause and will cause this to happen again.

    3. Lumehs, at least you guys had the sense to ban his propaganda outlet over the Brexit issue. He apparently didn’t learn his lesson.

  7. How far does it have to go? It’s gone too far already. How many of us truly have any hope left?

  8. Exactly, without the enablers (read Republicans), the “election fraud” lies would not be so wide spread.

  9. Oh the irony: the US assisted in the denazification of Germany and forced Japan to face its demons after WW2. Similar needs to happen now.

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