Trump’s Biggest Mistakes On Pandemic Was Not Listening To The Experts | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. @Ulysses Morando Office is a big thing… Which office… House, Senate..? Gubernatorial? Where what, narrow the scope…

    2. I honestly don’t think is his merit. Back in April, most countries were getting quarantined and taking measures and we I remember news outlets showing you all happily frolicking around in restaurants and parks! What you have know is everyone’s fault tbw!

    3. @Russell Laverty I completely agree. Hogan will likely have to be at the top of the ticket because there’s no way Charlie Baker could get through the GOP primary. Frankly it’ll be tough for Hogan to get through but I seriously hope he does. This country desperately needs both major political parties to be healthy and fighting for what they believe is right

    4. Remember, Hogan is a Republican. He voted for Donny Demento. And he still can’t muster the nerve to call him what he is, a psychopath.

    5. @Will Bowden It’s a long term dream because although everyone says they vote on pocketbook issues, they really vote along cultural lines. Hogan and Baker are out of step with that culture. Not sure if a big business/suburbs coalition can defeat the rural vote in a GOP primary. In fact the Dems gain in the suburbs this year just might leave that rural power more entrenched in the GOP. It might take a string of big losses before they can change.

    1. @Ulysses Morando I’m in Tampa at the moment. Brought a coworker in for stitches. It was 25 minutes. Did NASCAR pit crews become ER doctors after bubba walace killed left turn racing????????? 🤔🤣😆😆😆😅😉

    2. @Ulysses Morando are you saying that red States kicked Democrats out of them? Are you saying that Republicans have started demanding food stamps for illegals, obama phones, free college, free health care and free everything? Are you smoking Hunter Biden’s crack pipe? Or overdosing on meth like Andrew gillum and his male escorts?

    3. @Jeffrey Hagelin I’ll never forget when Rachel Alex Jones maddow cried on his show after trump won.

      “This is reality, you’re living it” 🤣😅😆🤣😅🎉🤣 those tears were tasty, but not as tasty as yours

  1. Who should we believe? A man who has dedicated his life to the study of infectious diseases? Or a reality television Clown who’s daddy paid his way through finance school? Imagine my dilemma. 🙂🤔

    1. @Becky Watt neither man is a Jesuit, both men are Catholic that went to Catholic schools. To say they are influenced by their faith and education is not the same as saying they are a part of a religious order. Do you have a problem with Catholics? Also the Jesuit order is 500 years old, and their order has evolved from where it was when it began, the world has left the medieval days and moved into much more enlightened times…but here’s something for you, since this seems to be a sticking point for you, Pope Francis, the current Pope, is a Jesuit and was the head of the Jesuit order at one point in his history, making him the most notable follower of Ignatious de Loyola.

    2. @Becky Watt want to know who else had a problem with Jesuits? Adolph Hitler and the Nazis…they decimated the order, killing 152 Jesuit priests or 10% of the European numbers of Jesuit priests.

    3. Honestly? I think you should have believed the other countries who were taking measures and counting dead while most of you were frolicking around in restaurants and parks!

    1. Power corrupts
      wow and i will vote for him in November so i hope he gets 4 more years to make
      mistakes you hate 😀

  2. Trump’s mismanagement that has cost lives began in 2016 when Trump was briefed on pandemic scenarios by Homeland Security in a 69 page intel brief called “Predict.” It included an existing pandemic team, along with fact that related equipment needed to be resupplied from Ebola, Zika and SARS. Trump ignored it all and fired the pandemic team. 3 years later he blames the past admin. True to form.

    1. Exactly! Trump ALWAYS Blames others for His Own Failings. He is a Total A-Hole.

    1. @David Wilson have you ever boiled water? It begins a slow simmer and grows. That is pretty much what is happening. The media, Democrats, even some Republicans have a slow simmer involving a portion of the voters. It has nothing to do with the virus. It is all about Trump and November. So we will see in November after all the talk who is right. The Democrats pushed a portion of voters in certain States to vote for Trump or stay home and not vote for Hillary. Let us see what over 3 and a half years of simmering from the Democrats will accomplish.

    2. @hugh jorgan The problem is, he doesn’t have a clue. He isn’t cut out for this job. He is a failure and we all know it🤡😱. Unfortunately some out there quite haven’t figured that out 🤡.

    3. @hugh jorgan You’ve got it all wrong. December 31st S.Korea and the U.S. Were told of the pandemic. S. Korea immediately took safety measures (MASKS) and crushed it (didn’t even shut down) before the dangerous doofus would even acknowledge it. He spent MONTHS calling it a Dem HOAX, then told his loyal idiots to NOT WEAR masks, 130,000 death’s later he still won’t take charge of the nation like ALL the other successful countries did. Stop blaming the governor’s who had to scramble without national leadership.

    1. @Linda Jensen: Apparently, Trump listens to what Ivanka says. And occasionally to the clowns of Fox & Friends.
      Can’t wait for this nightmare to be over.

  3. Trump doesn’t listen to actual experts on anything, because they make him look bad. They expose him for being the nincompoop that he’s always been.
    Trump doesn’t like Dr. Fauci because he’s a scientists that deals in facts, and Trump is a con-man who deals in lies and disinformation. There is a natural conflict of interest there. Trump will attack anyone that even thinks about telling the American people the truth. In order for Trump to survive, he has to keep the American people lost in a swamp of darkness, lies, and deceit.

    1. I have wanted to use that word “nincompoop” in a sentence for the last 50+ years. I didn’t feel there was anyone that measured up (or down) to this word. But your use of it is perfect. Amen!!!

    2. @Alex Hamilton lol…oh the irony…cry me a river you clueless cult clown. Double digits behind Biden.

    3. Trump can listen to anything longer than a KFC tv ad! But honestly, how many of you were listening in March, April when the whole world was in chaos? Because I remember seeing on the news loooots of images of people in the USA nonchalantly frolicking around n restaurants and parks!!

    1. @Bruce Lee for one good,,I didn’t vote for this pu**y grabbing racist lieing corrupt sh*t hole SOB traitor!!😁🇺🇸


    3. @Rafael Salas Yes you voted for one peodohile child trafficking freak who cared no less for you or America. Who tried to destroy America along with her friend Obama.

    1. SM
      if he runs for re election he will need your vote. He won’t get many Republicans votes.

    1. He’s still a Republican at the end of the day and is fundamentally different to democrats and the idea of democracy.

    2. Not this year, they’ve all got to go in order to get rid of Trump. Remember who did NOT vote to impeach when they had the chance. Vote Biden then blue down ticket.

    3. Linda and Warren FowlPatt Governors do not take part in the impeachment process. Hogan is one of the extremely few decent Republicans, along with Mitt Romney. I agree with you though, vote blue because your life literally depends on it.

    4. @Le Chat Noir I am a life long Registered Republican who has watched my party go from a belief in Education, Science, Logic and Conservatism which includes the enviroment to crackpot reactionary racists. I voted for Romney here in Utah but haven’t had a Presidential candidate that I could vote for since Ronald Reagan. I loved John Macain but thought Sara Palin was incompetent.
      I will vote for Biden and hope that his wife can be the modern day Dolly Madison.

  4. Trump proved that he doesn’t need to listen to experts when he was able to tell the difference between a camel and a cow on his cognitive test. BOOM!!!! In your face experts!!!! 😂😆

    1. @Aleza Seibert With one hand too! The clown has set the bar so low for his cult. They were impressed by the fact that dumb Donald can drink a glass of water all by himself.

    2. @Elaine Walls yep, Big Vladdy was so happy….he hats a video camera for trump’s next visit…. golden showers bring fall flowers…

    1. Only a few republiCON governors are growing a spine the rest and the republiCONs in congress still have none.

    1. This guy would understand everything when he realizes he is dealing with a stable genius instead of a politician.

  5. Trump is like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi . . ., He’s frozen with fear and won’t even ask how to get out of the way.

    1. G.W. Rick – Frozen with fear? More like constipated with ignorance, or mired in obstinacy and narcissism.

    1. @Doug Schaufele

    2. @Jay P
      Trump keeps them that way. Just think about what
      TIME )

  6. “Then the President stepped all over the message and started threatening people.”
    In one sentence Gov. has described Trump’s approach to EVERYTHING!!

    1. Jeremiah Bachmann I thought it was the land of the free? They know if they whisper against Donald they will end up roasting on a spit at the tailgate outside one of Donald’s wildly irresponsible rallies.

    2. @Jeremiah Bachmann They chose Trump as their presidential candidate. And the rest, as they say, is history…

  7. Remember what Melania Trump said: “he will ‘punch back ten times harder’ if he is attacked. America, we are under attack.

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