Trump’s Bizarre Reason For Abandoning The Kurds In Syria | Hardball | MSNBC 1

Trump’s Bizarre Reason For Abandoning The Kurds In Syria | Hardball | MSNBC


Turkey has launched its ground offensive against the Kurdish militia, US allies who played a major role in the fight against ISIS. President Trump defended his decision to withdraw troops, saying the Kurds didn’t help the United States in World War II. Aired on 10/09/19.
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Trump’s Bizarre Reason For Abandoning The Kurds In Syria | Hardball | MSNBC


    1. V
      The reasoning of the Trump supporters for supporting a combat coward is that he is making up for his Vietnam cowardice by being a “great” commander in chief.
      *It is like sticking up for a convicted pedophile, because they now own a “great” daycare.

    2. Slck P
      Trump said that the Kurds don’t deserve support, because they didn’t help us in World War Two.

      Trump doesn’t deserve my vote, because he didn’t help us in Vietnam.

  1. Trump doesn’t work for the United States government he works for dictators that are willing to pay money to sell America out Hang Em High

    1. @Kevin Holdorff Trump’s done nothing but damage to the economy. His pointless government shutdown alone cost the US economy $11 billion.

    1. The state of Syria did declare war on Germany and Japan in February 1945. They were a French controlled mandate state before that. So basically when they were a French mandate in 1939 they were at war with Germany, until France was occupied in 1940.

    2. What a fool to make such a comment. (Trump’s comment) He is so greedy and hateful to any poor peoples and culture.

    3. That Kurdish group is an anti-western marxist group. Thinking that they are allies is stupid as thinking that Taliban and Bin Ladin were allies of America. America armed them too, later those arms were directed at US.

  2. Sorry Marco Rubio your reputations are long gone in the Republican Party, that no one can no longer trust.

    1. The Kurds could have at least cyber-attacked the “Injuns” with some Spam emails or a not nice Myspace posting….

    2. David v….in all fairness the airports were under enemy control at the time……but they did sacrifice their children’s furniture. ….

    1. @Jerry Long yes, but the president was asked about the imprisoned ISIS fighters and that’s what trkstar was referring to…

    2. @Stephan Maurer That was pretty obvious from the get go , his vision for Europe is to turn it in a weak collection of vassal states to be divided between Russia and the USA , he welcomes the idea of Syrian refugees flooding Europe cause he hopes that will destabilize it further .

    3. @Jerry Long You haven’t been paying attention , nevertheless Trump doesn’t really care who the refugees are as long as their influx keeps destabilizing the world and paving the way for more little fascist Trumps to take over power . He simply loves dictators and that’s quite easy to understand , they are the only people he can relate to .

  3. The Betrayer In Chief strikes again. It refocused attention from impeachment obstruction. A birthday gift for Putin.

    1. joseph krajewski to be fair I think there was a whole chunk of people outside his base, who thought once he was in government he would be tempered somewhat by the people around him

    2. Yvonne McLay I really get what you are trying to, but it really is no excuse and many of those same voters are still supportive of his corrupt and lawless government. It’s hypocrecy – the man is a hateful and cruel liar, a thief, a fornicator and godless assault on the US constitution. How Republican can defend this in good conscience is beyond sanity.

    3. @Kevin Holdorff Obama inherited a 10% unemployment and brought it down to 4. Trump inherited a 4% unemployment and brought it down to 3. Yeah, great job.

  4. Now the mob boss is throwing the Kurds under the bus, again likely to protect his real estate holdings in Turkey, The orange buffoon in is his great wisdom will let his lover Erdogan get away with it. Disloyalty his the orange clown motto

    1. Is it surprising? America has betrayed the Kurds 3 times in my lifetime? But when trump does it it’s bad.

    2. Turkey is nato ally, that Kurdish group killed 40,000 civilians in Turkey. Turkey has every right for that operation.

    3. @Ned The Kurds lost over 10,000 men being put on front to fight Isis while the US lost fewer than 20.
      The number of Kurds killed by Turkish is unknown. Trump owns real estate in Turkey, which he needed to secure.

  5. Lindsey Graham just called Donald Trump: “Delusional”
    And he did it on Fox “News”

    This is the weirdest government the Earth has ever seen.

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