1. Sadly, you don’t speak for all Americans. Look around and see what’s blossomed since he opened a Pandora’s Box of hatred and complete contempt for the law. Even if he does don an orange jumpsuit, his poison had taken over some level of government in all states, from school boards, to governors.

  1. No surprise there! She never had the authority or the competence to make this decision in the first place. That’s specifically and only because of the man who nominated her to that position.

    1. @Biden is Garbage We’ll see what happens with that. I have a very distinctive feeling that Trump will be out of the picture and there’ll STILL be REP chaos. I’ll be sitting pretty regardless.

    2. She did exactly what Trump appointed her for. Every interaction with Donald Trump is merely a transaction. He gives appointments because he expect special treatment. He gives compliments to people on his staff not because they did something good, but to create a debt, “I said very nice things about you. You owe me!”

  2. “(Disgraced) Trump’s classic legal strategy is hitting a wall” so let’s “Convince It Forward” and Laus DEO

    1. @Brupe Boring your not debating you are beating a dead horse.. you want to push fake crimes on a fake made up smear job.. just to win an election.. steal it from trump.. just like the dems did in 2020 over the hunter scams

    2. @Brupe Boring let me show you what im talking about.. adam schiff.. should i go on.. sure..adam schiff lied as he was fake reading the transcript..means the ukraine scam is busted.. the same clown that lied in congress adam schiff is on the jan6th team..lol.. you have to jail him to make him stop scamming you..

  3. Those 2 cases have the marks of Jack Smith. I have never seen a force so strong, unless its using rail road tracks.

    1. One train following another, and Trump tied to the rails, ineffectually trying to blow away mountains of evidence. Toot toot!

    1. @Biden is Garbage sick of winning 😄 its easier to fool a gullible person like you than convince you you’ve been fooled.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em no it’s actually much simpler than that. Trump is not spending all his time thinking about this. This is something being settled behind the scenes by lawyers and these CNN propagandists are on TV telling you it’s the most pressing issue of our generation and the fate of democracy depends on it….

    1. No surprises here. Trump is playing the same game play repeatedly. He expect Americans to be gullible and ignorant of his threactrics. His own ignorance and disrespects of the American People is coming back to bite him on his *beep*.😋 It is the same dance with a different tone.

    2. @musiclover me “we have an app for that” is a commercial catchphrase. It means there is a solution. If you read the post I replied “as long as Trump is breathing” and then look at the federal law I cited (conspiracy against rights) and read the last line of the potential penalties for that crime with the circumstances of J6 (resulting in death… kidnapping or attempted kidnapping, etc.), it will probably make sense. Sorry I was so opaque. A rope would cure the problem, as prescribed by law.

    1. Elon musk has shown which administration were the real crooks,.. and it was Biden and the dnc not TRump!

  4. Trump should remember that not even his politicized Supreme Court nominees supported his baseless attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Contrary to the cynical principle by which he has lived his entire life, most people do in fact have ethical boundaries.

    1. and you should know that anything the propaganda apparatus’s shits into your mouth is a lie unless you enjoy being puppeted

    2. Bit people saying trump stole the election for 4 years is completely okay 😂. The day you can prove Biden got THE MOST VOTES IN HISTORY is the day I’ll accept the election wasn’t stolen, no wonder why they are against voter id 🤔

    3. He’s at it again tonight with that Twitter post that got up
      Up time for the red wave to come back stronger this time😂

    4. @Tough Giraffe well it’s a free country. You are allowed to believe things that are not true. You don’t have to believe biden won, even though he really did. The fact that the election was certified by every single state and the federal government means that the burden of proof is not on those who say biden won. It’s on those who say there was fraud.

  5. When Trump first scored the “special master” win, it really felt like a movie, where he was losing every battle, he was on the ropes, Garland gets a left hook, Leticia James knees him in the balls. Then he gets an opening, a member of his cult jumps into the ring and gives him a big hug and flips the bird at the Dems. But like in the movies, I could already see that that tiny win would get smacked down, and then Neegan steps in with his barbed wire bat right as the repubs narrowly take back the house… and the movie is not over yet!

    1. Just like in the movies, the good guy will win in the end. Trump will overcome all obstacles and eventually return to the White House.

  6. “I got caught committing a crime, and now they want to prosecute me?
    That ain’t fair” – Man in Florida 😥

    1. @Biden is Garbage why do you keep lying? You know full well there were crimes committed and there’s plenty of evidence.

      Keep crying those MAGA tears 😭😭😭

  7. Much respect to the DoJ for upholding the rule of law. Trump is in so much mess that I don’t think any lawyer can save him any longer.

    1. @Mark Warren Poor you, you really don’t know what to hang on to. Nobody but you and Kevin McCarthy care about Hunter Biden’s laptop. No meat on that bone, but a lot of juicy delicious meat on multiple Trump’s legal issues !

    2. @Folk47 Goulet LOL, we’ll see, I think Elon Musk has just proven what I and millions of others suspected all along! It’s real, and it’s going to be really bad for the Bidens!

    3. You guy’s are slow learners. You should take more notice of what Elon musk is exposing about the Biden administration corruption and the corrupt msm

    4. until the fascist left needs to provide evidence…then everything falls apart LOL the fascist left has just been proven by musk to be in breach of the 1st amendment

  8. If the Supreme Court wants to change the public’s perception of them, They better get behind justice on this Trump thing and make sure they stand for America!

    1. @Biden is Garbage did you know?
      400 MAGAts have pleaded guilty to their actions on jan 6?
      Including Proud Boys and Oath Keepers?
      That some have been sent to prison, some for 7+ YEARS?
      And that while in prison, they CAN NOT VOTE?
      Which means, MAGAt, if your boy decides to try for the presidency again in 2024, those in prison….CAN NOT VOTE FOR HIM.

      That the “leader” of the Proud Boys, admitted, among other charges, that it was a conspiracy?
      And said “leader” of the Proud Boys is now facing 20 YEARS in prison?
      Which means, MAGAt, the EARLIEST he’d be able to vote is 2042, when t.Rump will be nearly 100 years old, if he isn’t dead by then?

      Cry harder.

  9. The Presidential Records Act of 1978 requires presidential administrations to preserve certain documents.
    U.S. Code Title 18, Section 2071 states: “Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

    1. @Biden is Garbage oh, look. Are you trolling everyone or just stalking me. Please, please, get Trump on TV to say that!!! hahaha. You are wonderful!!

    2. What MAGAMorons do not understand is that 2071 DOES NOT rely on classification of any type? They ALWAYS come back with ..’But he declassified them’…..No HE DIDN’T AND IT DOES NOT MATTER IF HE DID? This code makes it a crime…federal law…to conceal/store? I am fairly sure EVERYONE can agree he did that? WHY DOTHESE PEOPLE HAVE SUCH A PROBLEM WITH UNDERSTANDING? The DOJ have Obstruction AND 2071 down pat. Trump himself strengthened 2071 in 2018 that upgraded it to a federal crime and took the penalty to 5 years.

    3. @Suzy Farnham it appears MAGA trolls lurk these threads just to hate/troll us. Who cares of these MAGA fools as if sedition conspiracy has no meaning to them? MAGA “fearless” leader led them in sedition.

  10. The only reason the strategy worked in the past for Trump was because he was used to dealing with small businesses, shops, attorneys, or any entity that he didn’t want to pay what he owed. He’s now dealing with the U.S. Government. They have an unlimited budget for appeals. Moreover, they have unlimited patience to deal with serial appealers. With the Special Master order that delayed the investigation now gone, it’s only a short matter of time before the DOJ and the Special Counsel starts indicting.

    1. @Biden is Garbage No believe me: I want to see Rs elect Trump to speaker of the house. That – young garage MAGA – that would be the ultimate gift!! Can you make that happen or do you just waste your time on meaningless social media?

    2. It is all politically motivated, no crime has been committed. Trump will die like Jesus Christ. Let us pray for resurrection.

  11. Yes. A Congressional referral DOES count. DOJ, citizens, other committees and most importantly, history believes it matters. What I want to know is, are they ever going to go after other participants? Jordan, Lee, Cruz, MTG, Graham, Gaetz, etc.

    1. You feed on an alternative reality , as you watch this channel!!.. It’s hilarious that people will fall for the lies of CNN and the rest. From a Brit. You should do yourself a favour and listen to what Elon musk has exposed tonight about the Biden corruption and their suppression of the laptop story before the election. This is a crime as are the many shady business dealings including selling US gas to China ! You don’t get to hear that on CNN do you!!!

  12. “why is everybody always picking on me”

    cause you deserve the attention,
    just like a child who is always is in trouble

    1. @Rod I cannot wait for Trump to run. It is an instant win for Biden. You all are so clueless, Trump has lost you everything since 2018 yet you still love him. 58% of independent voters are never Trumpers. How will that work out for your party this election?

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