Trump's Company Is, Once Again, Trying To Sell His D.C. Hotel, Per Report 1

Trump’s Company Is, Once Again, Trying To Sell His D.C. Hotel, Per Report


According to a Washington Post report, The Trump Organization has hired a broker to sell the lease to its D.C. hotel in a second attempt to unload the property. Jonathan O'Connell joins Hallie Jackson to discuss his reporting.

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    1. @Sean Hovan “Have you gotten student debt relief yet?” No, but there is no border wall, Mexico didn’t pay for it, we haven’t seen T****’s healthcare plan yet, I hire only the best people……. Get my drift? Or just T****’s grift?

    2. @Sean Hovan I didn’t know we had a National Meatpacking Company that is overseen by Biden. I learn something new everyday! Thanks. By the way, did Trump ever run it?

    3. @Sean Hovan Do you know the difference in the jobs report and the GDP and what that means? Doesn’t seem so.

    1. @Howard Moon since you’re correcting people

      Allow me to CORRECT YOU …

      It’s AN not A

    2. @Bob Brubrien Comparing a typo to not being smart enough to know something you should have learned in elementary school. Yes, you got me. Do you even know the difference between *your and *you’re?

      Edit. There, fixed my typo. Now you go back to school and learn the basics little fella.

    3. @pippinhill It was. Do you also not know the difference between *your and *you’re? Is this why you decided to say something? Keep studying little fella, you’ll get there.

    4. @Howard Moon By asking if I don’t ALSO know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, you’ve just admitted to your illiteracy.

    1. @Antonjlavey interesting. I just made a boat load of money on stocks. I think you’re full of it.

    2. @Mark Armour he has a bunch of moronic YouTube accounts. I”d feel sorry for him, but why?

    3. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords why what? Meaning that little Timmy is just a sad little troll, living at moms, (like qanon shaman). Spreading filth and fallacies online.

  1. And that, ladies and gentlemen is why t—-p lied about the seriousness of the pandemic
    It affected business at his properties. That is why the emoluments clause of the Constitution needs to be enforced and strengthened
    Private, business interests should never come before public health

    1. @T Electronix
      But tRumps reasons specifically are a red flag that should have been something that prevented him from holding office and getting security clearance. His were because of horrendously bad business decisions that were demonstrably habitual. Not one but two casinos that failed, despite the fact that the house always wins. And in building those casinos he left in his wake construction companies and that he stiffed for hundreds of thousands to millions, causing many of them to go out of business. Many had to accept a deal that they would get pennies on the dollar that they were owed. All kinds of known shady dealings involved in his other real estate holdings. When someone in America files for bankruptcy due to medical debt, which is apparently 60% of bankruptcies, then you can chalk it up to those people living in a backwoods unenlightened country. It could happen to any of s and to the best of us. But when it is habitual and clearly adopted as a business practice (I know someone personally who does this, he loves wheeling and dealing all the more since there’s this avenue for escape after he’s fleeced a bunch of people and enjoyed the good life their money provided) then it should be classified as such and it should disqualify anyone wanting to run for public office. Someone like tRump, who actually ruined a crazy number of people who were dealing in good faith and delivered the goods and services promised should absolutely be barred from holding any government position or office, even if his bankruptcies were for a “good reason”. No one else can get security clearance if their credit is bad. And his was really bad when he was elected. And got the highest clearance. Definitely the reasons and circumstances of financial history should be scrutinized and evaluated. Everyone makes mistakes and just one bankruptcy could be a sign of someone who learned from their experience. But limits must be set, to separate the ones who hit a bump in the road from habitual screw ups and scammers.

    2. @AuntButton Yes of course but ‘having been bankrupt’ isn’t a reliable rule to use.


    3. @AuntButton That is all how 45* became POTUS, he was compromised from the start, was a target for Russian military intelligence since 1987…

  2. Lord, you’d have to hold an exorcism, burn a bunch of sage, invite a shaman (not the Q one), exterminators, Ghostbusters and the entire team of the Avengers before it was safe for normal people.

    1. @Diep Lowe Huh? I guess you’re calling me a Trump supporter because I find crapping on a sign to be crazy. You’re weird. You’re all weird.

    2. Yeah because so many democrats have stayed there back when Trump was a democrat and donated heavily to democrat candidates. So yep it haunted.

    1. @Ugly German Truths and the American dream is false. Own your own home,cars and other things. I don’t care if your home or car is paid off in full. The government forces you to pay property taxes every year. If you don’t pay they take your property and sell it and the new owners are now liable. And you will face delinquent fines. Even if you bought the land your house sits on. You have to pay a government property lien.

    2. @Liz Pedano thank you. Looking at your newer music playlist, I think you might appreciate some my music playlists especially those featuring the Motown sound.

    1. The Republikans did not sanction Trump,the customers
      No way out for him then to sel
      Al his now worthles properties.
      He gets what he deserves:nothing!

  3. a successful business man is one that fails at every venture as long as you grift everyone involved….according to Trump.

    1. @alvin chin MOST would have no desire to be president. He did it because he’s a power-hungry moron.

  4. But why sell it, won’t it’s value to him and his company go back up again once he gets back into the White House in August??? Hahahahahaha!!!
    Lock him up!!!

  5. Trump is going BROKE, thank GOD…

    I can’t wait until he is staring out through Iron BARS…

    1. @Antonjlavey LOL Trump is over 400 million in debt to Deutche Bank alone, with no way to pay it off. Are you sure you’re not the one who doesn’t know how business works??

    2. @Antonjlavey I appreciate you for making yourself clear. Thank you for that. To my point, an individual who is in debt by the billions can’t really count 400k as extra money when nearly 1 million dollars per day is hemorrhaging operating accounts that’s all. Again, I thank you for your clarity.

    1. What you mean, getting money? He doesnt own that hotel. The banks do. He has no liquid. He,ll have to sell it mad cheap just to get out of it.

  6. I’m surprised that he’s not parting it out to salvage one piece at a time like meth heads stealing the pipes from an abandoned house…

    1. Putin the exKGB head knew in 2013 Moscow pageant meeting he had his Russian money indebted Manchurian puppet. And as Putin expected trump would be the poison pill to our American democracy.

  7. Is he looking to sell it for the amount that he claimed it’s worth on his taxes or the amount that he claimed it’s worth on his bank loans

  8. Now that he’s not President, the Saudis won’t be renting out entire floors at his DC hotel as bribes.

    1. @Too Bad It’s because he shut down the keystone pipeline to protect the environment ya simple twit.

    2. @Too Bad price of gas always goes up in an economic boom. The stock markets better than ever under president Biden. You should look at investing in green technology, oil is the industry of yesterday.

    3. @Leonie Romanes oil is still in mix’s today not in your dreams of green tomorrow..debt is what you truly should be worrying about. What country is coming to collect from you. Hope it’s not a communist one….

  9. get every last trace of him out of washington and tell him to take his upside down bible with him 😛

    1. Just washington? They should remove him from America… period. How about a nice cell in guantanamo bay, or perhaps a purpose built one in the Arctic? He could have his own iceberg named after him.

    2. @Lonnie Taylor the people you’re looking up to traffic children across are open borders in sacrifice children in the womb

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