Trump’s Defense ‘A Blizzard Of Lies, Conspiracy Theories, Whataboutism, & BS’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. tRump’s attorneys: “Violence was foreseeable so how could Donald incite it when it was pre-planned?” ……disastrous representations!!!

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith why were they there then. Without Trump lying about the election none of that would have happened

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith so rioters and insurrectionists all saying “trump told us to come” at trial and where yelling “fight for trump” while beating cops with poles was just coincidence?..

    3. What, wait, wait, wait.
      Trump is innocent because he planned it to happen the way it did ?
      That is some A1 Orwellian doublespeak of the highest order. I’ve GOT to have some of whatever you are smoking.

  2. I can’t believe WE are here in this moment in this time…I’m disgusted with ALL REPUBLICANS…..ALL. 2024 VOTE THEM OUT!

  3. They can’t defend the indefensible. If it weren’t for Trump, and his BIG LIE, none of this would’ve happened.

    1. I hope they got their money up front before they started this case. We all know Trump’s track record when it comes to paying people. Just ask Rudy.

    2. “This trial is not about Trump. It’s about cancelling 75 million Trump voters.” Same defense they used at Nuremberg. 😊This trial is not about Hitler’s henchmen, it’s about cancelling 40 million fun loving Nazis.

    1. @HS millions more Americans voted for Biden than widdle donnie.
      Grow Up.
      Get Over It.
      Trump used his “base”. to wage war against the United States of America.
      THAT, my friend is TREASON.

  4. When one has no defense, the only options are an aggressive offense, lies , spin and violence, usually in that order. Republican Senators WTFU!

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith The evidence is beyond substantial, starting with the deconstruction of our USPS which is a Constitutional construct, the 60 plus lawsuits that failed the coup in Michigan the attempt with Georgia. This was the weakest defense in the history of impeachment. You see only what you want to see.

    2. @Hec III wow, brainwashed fool you are. Did you even watch the full clip? The defense literally played the full speech next to the democrats doctored cut. Have you been smoking crack with hunter biden?

    3. @DeadReckoning the one CNN was forced to admit they are hypocrites on. You know, at the trial. You didn’t watch that either Mr. Low iq brainwashed fool? They even played the full Charlottesville clip where Trump denounced neo nazis. Imagine, you spent 4 years brainwashed lol

    4. Definitely. You first argue the facts. If you don’t have any, you argue process – the constitutionality in this case – and they lost. So now they are left with indignation and distortion.

    1. Yes Robert, McCarthy, Cruz, Hawley, Gaetz etc. Are on borrowed time, donate to their opponents, boycott their donors, vote them out!

    2. @free thinker  yes and millions at home and around the world, safely watching, thankful and celebrating that the Inciter-n-Chief domestic terrorists Qanon, White Supremacists, Maga Evangelical cultists, Neo-nazis, KKK… Supreme Leader Anti-Christ T**** have left the White House forever! lol

  5. “We would like to discuss the hatred, the vitriol, the political opportunism that has brought us here today”. So, the history of Trumpism then.

    1. ” The house democrats hate ttump….” Why would the house democrats particularly target on ttump if he did nothing wrong? The two previous impeached potus were both from the democrats. This Castor, third rate so called lawyer should go back to high school again.

    2. @s.l. Leung If l were the admissions officer, l wouldn’t let him in. There are enough lawyer jokes without adding one who made a joke of himself on live TV!

    3. @Nancy Ross Exactly, Nancy. I vaguely remember there were jokes about lawyers.
      ” You are an attorney ! It’s you job to lie, conceal and distort everything and slander everybody.”
      ” What’s the difference between a lawyer and a prostitute? ~~~ Nothing. You pay them both to screw you.”

  6. Trump’s lawyer, Mr. Castor said, “A high crime is a felony, and a misdemeanour is a misdemeanour. After he’s out of office, you go and arrest him. The Department of Justice does know what to do with such people.”🤔

    That is a great suggestion from Trump’s own lawyer. Trump did say he knew only the best people. 😆

  7. 2:55 “… criminalizing political view points…”
    Since when is killing a Police officer and beating up police with the American flag a “political view point” ?

    1. Days of Infamy with the U.S of A
      December 7 1941 & January 6 2021. Both will go down in History.
      During the 1st the country stood together but during the 2nd the Rats took over.
      Both will have and have had long term consequences for the country.
      During the 1st the Government was able to ‘Spin Doctor’ with the problems.
      However with the 2nd the Government of the day ‘Spun’ lies to their advantage.
      That had the effect of splitting the country so that the new administration was at a disadvantage.
      Let’s work together was the cry of the old however they had no intention of doing so.
      Signs of that appear within the States that the Repubs control as changes are being made to restrict voting of supporters of the new administration.
      The effects of these actions will be obvious for years to come.
      So it is up to the people as it will only be them who can make change.

    1. We might need to cancel their citizenship for the rest of us to be safe. It’s a very real concern. Can we really allow them to be here if their goal is to murder the rest of us?

  8. “Trump’s Defense ‘A Blizzard Of Lies, Conspiracy Theories, Whataboutism, & BS’ ” that about sums it up.

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