1. I wish this segment had it’s own channel. I would absolutely subscribe! The only reason I don’t is because CNN puts out a lot of clickbait and garbage that I don’t want shoved in front of me. This segment? Never miss one!

    1. amazing how entitled some of you are… when you don’t pay a dime for the content.. in my opinion, you have zero to say about it

  2. “Banning Trump didn’t end Trump’s voice.”
    So you’re saying he already HAS a voice.
    So then he doesn’t need to be on Twitter.
    Musk Logic.

  3. Banning TFG from Twitter didn’t mute him completely but it did turn down his volume drastically.

  4. You are lucky you have only 43 billion. Paying 44 billion for a company that has not made a profit since 2019 and has had a declining user base for the last several years, does not sound like the best way to spend 44 billion.

    1. How about our beloved government spending 40 billion on another country? Is that a good investment?

  5. It’s only a moral dilemma for a person with morals. For a sociopathic narcissist, it’s simple. Go where you get the most attention.

    1. @G I immediately turn the channel every time Cheeto appears because just looking at him pisses me off.

  6. Is that the same Elon Musk who has a track record for silencing people who criticise him or his businesses? He’s your champion of free speech, is he? Good luck with that

    1. @Twisted Face 113 Your two comments were “Democrats literally created a ministry of truth…” and “you get your news from CNN…. 🤡🤡🤡”. Thanks for clarifying that these constituted you “challenging me to a policy debate” 🤦‍♂

    2. @Twisted Face 113 Don’t know what you’re droning on about but I do find it funny that you don’t get the difference between a channel and an account 😆

    3. @Twisted Face 113 Ooh, nice – 18 emojis in one rant. I take it that’s also your way of challenging me to a grown-up policy debate 🤣

    4. @Twisted Face 113 Aww, bless – you think that only one person per month joins YouTube. Still, keep posting hundreds of emojis in every comment and it’ll make it true 🙃

  7. From Private Eye: “In the past Musk has caused Tesla employees to be fired for reviewing vehicle failures on private YouTube channels, sought the firing of a tech blogger by their employer for criticising Tesla and called up critical journalists to berate them directly while cancelling their order for Tesla vehicles. His alleged habit of firing anyone who disagrees with him is well documented.”

    1. @Trial by Wombat I hope it’s a paper straw man and not plastic. That would be racist to sea turtles

    2. The Deodorant guy is a deadset legend.
      He doesn’t give a flying f*** what anybody thinks.
      Well done sir

    1. That’s how he made his billions, saving on haircuts.

      Oh, and screwing over his employees and the taxpaying public and manipulating stocks and…

  8. If you have to put the word “truth” in the name of your platform, you’re already sus af

  9. Why wouldn’t he just use both? – Use Twitter for his more “milder” views and use Truth Social just to toss red meat to his base…

    1. What’s interesting about Truth Social is that it doesn’t work on Android phones or about 40% of the cell phone market….

  10. Did you know?
    That Joseph Stalin was from Georgia and he was an Georgian*
    *a native or resident of the US state of Georgia.
    What does words mean when no one believes in the truth..

    Wikipedia is as it is true or ..

  11. If Musk say he want to save Earth, I would support him as much as I can. But he don’t believe that Earth can be saved… so he go to Mars… my kids probably stay here witnessing what we allow to do right now…

  12. The problem we face is not just class separation, but class perpetuation. There are two factors driving class perpetuation at the top: the unequal development of “market merit” and some unfair “opportunity hoarding.

    –Richard V. Reeves

  13. The budget for this series has definitely gone up recently, and deservedly so. Knowing that I’m a nobody who knows a thing or 2… I’d try to keep this show as “grasss roots” as possible. I think we all knew Chris was doing this at home by himself. It felt as if Chris was having a conversation with me. I’m sure plenty of people appreciated that and that’s why we keep coming back. That’s and the truth…

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