Trump’s DOJ Spied On…Everyone 1

Trump’s DOJ Spied On…Everyone

First we learned it was members of the media, then members of Congress. New revelations from the New York Times show how Trump’s Department of Justice also obtained metadata records on former White House Special Counsel, Don McGahn. Alicia Menendez and her panel discuss the latest on this fast-evolving story, with former Watergate Special Prosecutor, Jill Wine-Banks noting this might even be worse than what Nixon did during the scandal that ended his presidency.  » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump’s DOJ Spied On…Everyone


    1. @tom mas If you are an American you would know that a ? mark completes a sentence asking a question . You are probably a Russian troll.

    2. Sessions is on the left’s side. Him and Barr both screwed Trump and all of us America First Patriots. Yet the left still hates them both. They are your best friends!

    3. @celticman my sentences I take creative / artistic favor in writing , composing including punctuation . If you notice your sentence did not end with that question mark . lol

  1. love this phrase lawmakers and the press use “…so it never happens again” literally everything from 2020 is going to happen again except at a higher magnitude and sooner than you think

    1. Hillary Clinton line re: Benghazi treasonous betrayal . “ …never happens again”, was her worthless testimony. Currently , swindle treachery stealing of election should be priority.

  2. “Everyone”

    You mean leakers and a guy who was sleeping with a ccp spy? Yeah, that’s what you mean.

  3. . so, suddenly the right of citizens to arm themselves doesnt sound too crazy! AND, Edward Snowdon is in exile totally unnecessarilly, and who are the real “traitors” ?

    1. Democracy functions through a code of laws and a method of redress for grievances (both the judiciary and through a fair election system). It is beyond ludicrous to think that any productive solutions can come from armed force or insurrection. Look at the armed groups in Africa such as boko haram and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Iraq. Democracy is about compromise and fairly enforcing the rule pf law. It’s insane to think that an armed insurgency can correct democracy.

      Ed Snowdon broke US security and intelligence laws. Each employee signs an oath to protect the information under their purview. There were other options to changing the methods of operations and practices of US intelligence agencies. All other solutions would be much harder and most likely career ending. He irreparably damaged and compromised US security and those of our allies. Was the information he revealed enlightening into some malevolent practices… Sure. it was also incredibly damaging. There were other methods of accomplishing the same effect.

    1. @A LT yes, he very much did. That’s partly why Snowden is in hiding. Thats partly why Obama wanted Russia to extradite him but they refused and gave him sanctuary instead. You truly can’t be that ignorant unless it’s on purpose.

    2. @A LT didn’t what? Expose the Bureaucracy and its spying capabilities? Oh wait this was legal spying with a judges signature? So Snowden exposed ACTUAL TYRANNY?

    1. @The Zerker prove it either shut the f****** or prove it we’re sick of your crap either start your civil war and prove that the election was a fraud Losers

    2. @Lisa Lake public record. My employer is one of those cases..
      Plenty of proof of election fraud.. the video has been out for months with the Georgia office dismissing the counters, only to pull boxes upon boxes of ballots out and count them. Mail in ballots with no folds or creases.? How do you mail a ballot without folding it?
      159 million registered voters
      180 million votes cast????
      Nope, nothing to see here!!!!

    3. @The Zerker can you please show me the evidence? of course, it needs to be from a reliable source, with its authors named, with the methods used to obtain and process the infromation, with tabulated and well organized data and graphs, and the methods used to arrive to the conclusion that dead people indeed voted for the democrats. If you believe that lots of dead people voted for the democrats, enough to influence the outcome of the election, them you must have some really good sources that would easily qualify the parameters I just gave you. Ca you please send me your evidence? If the information is not presented in that way, how do I know if a political group from either left or right is trying to brainwash me?

    4. @Nick Lawson No, courts didn’t reject it – obstructionist judges made sure they never got into court (maybe they were threatened, blackmailed or bribed). That the left tries to pretend they made it into court and lost shows how ignorant CNN/MSNBC keeps the ignorant masses that rely only on them to tell them what to think, and will let you know what they want you to know.

    1. What amazes me is that there has never been a FISA warrant request not approved. Not once has FISA ever said “That is an unnecessary or unconstitutional search.”

    2. @David Leung You can start with Bill Clinton and end with Donald Trump. Since these individuals have been given this broad power by the US senate and Congress.

  4. Lol did you guys miss the whole “post 9/11” era? Everyone is under surveilance. Join the club.

    1. Would you please stop being rational and speaking the truth? This crowd will have to run to a safe space! Or they will be taking a trip to a congressional ball field.

    2. @Mark Ray Are you going for humor, irony, or are you just contemptible? You failed on the first two counts so I guess it’s #3.

    3. @David Leung lololololol. Not happening. We’re still waiting for Slick Willy to go to jail.

      You need to grow up and realize they protect both sides, lie to us to keep us fighting, while they rob us!

  5. Do a little bit of opened eyed research and you will become aware the Alphabets have been spying on the peasants for more than half a century

    1. @Max Mustermann if you think trump was worse than Obama when it came to privacy issues of us citizens, then maybe you do have a soft brain. You are the one needing to do research. The cia, fbi, doj, etc were all actively working to overthrow trump. To start your research, why not look at how Obama team used intel to spy on incoming trump team.

    2. @Patriotic Way If the FBI had wanted to overthrow Trump, they would have released information about the Russia investigation before the election. In fact, James Comey actually helped Trump a great deal by announcing that Hillary Clinton was being investigated for her e-mail server right before the election.

    3. @Max Mustermann Maxine, I know there is no original thought going on in your brain, but you need to understand that there are lots of things going on out there that the corporate media isn’t going to tell you. One of them is that there was no Russia conspiracy. Again, look into how that info was concocted and why they did it. This has nothing to do with left and right. Stop thinking about trump all the time

    4. @Patriotic Way Except for the fact that the Trump campaign gave internal polling data to a person close to the Russian intelligence services, which orchestrated an online influence campaign to help Trump. This was corroborated recently by a bi-partisan congressional investigation with the report being available online, so you can’t dismiss it by talking about “corporate media”. It is also a bit ironic that you mention a lack of original thought when your entire argument is crying about “fake news”.

    5. @Patriotic Way Also, even if there were no Russia conspiracy, making the investigation public before the Election would have harmed Trump. Just like the e-mail server investigation harmed Hillary, even if it didn’t lead anywhere in the end.

    1. Another distraction from items of value, as AUDIT & forensic evidence that shows fake ballot paper detected by absence of water marks and Black Light findings. DJT Won.

  6. the more they push it the more they actually split themselves wide open for everyone to see…i love it..narcissist ALWAYS tell on themselves, they cant help it

    1. @Adam Baum has somebody got a trump obsession, thats ok, you can replace the word if u like but ill keep my comment unedited..i didnt post this to get your upvote and could care less if u downvote it…i also dont upvote my own comments like some do

    2. @michelle grinder I wonder if my trump obsession is bigger than trumps obsession with us lefties. You ever been to his rallies? That’s all he EVER talked whined and cried about during 4 yrs worth of rallies is the left. So don’t talk to me about obsessions you dull little creature! And you claim to not upvote yourself yet you upvoted yourself.

    3. @Adam Baum and yet all u can talk about is trump…lol u didnt like your own reply this time, did u forget

    4. @Adam Baum i dont have to upvote my own stuff cuz people actually like what i have to say…so much so that youtube deletes alot that i post,yet non of it is personally insulting like u did calling me a dull little creature,,im not insulted by it though, im aware that people with lower iqs tend to resort to nana nana boo boo insults

  7. Amazing. How no similar interests when the executive branch spied on the other Republicans party. They called it conspiracy when they found out. They are just worried of what was found.

    1. NYT is a credible source. Man, if it doesnt comecfrom lying right wing propaganda you fools wont believe anything.

    2. @Mary Halverson NYT & WaPo have had less lies in them for their entire combined histories than lies uttered by Trump in just 4 years.

      “These 15 cases will soon be zero” is not a NYT or WaPo quote…

    3. @Hydrocarbon82 – You’d be better off reading the National Enquirer than to waste time looking for anything credible in the NYTimes or Washington Post.

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