Trump’s DOJ Tried To Unmask Devin Nunes Parody Twitter Account 1

Trump’s DOJ Tried To Unmask Devin Nunes Parody Twitter Account


New documents reveal that William Barr’s Department of Justice attempted to unmask the anonymous user of a Twitter account parodying Devin Nunes. Barbara McQuade joins Chris Hayes to discuss what this means for user privacy on the internet.
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  1. If anyone deserves a repeated public drubbing, it is sycophantic Devin Moooooñes.
    Get milked Devin!

    1. @Jennie Janine yes…but we take what we can get and Devin generously keeps of giving…a land of milk and funny from Mooooñes…

  2. Devin Nunes practically begs to be trolled and someone obliged. What’s the problem…

    1. Trump and his lackeys, to put a finer point on it. The GOP must be saved from that dire infection.

    2. I think it’s too late to save it as it stands…They need to split up and rebrand with the few that actually have clear minds and let the voters vote out all the insane people

    3. @Federalist Papers Imagine thinking AoC feels threatened by a clown she won’t even name. That’s how low she thinks of the space laser clown

    1. Quietly destroy the troll in a behind the scenes campaign: get him fired, pin some crime on him, etc… Deep deep state stuff. Maybe spike his food with drugs to drive him insane.. Lol

    2. I dare you guys to smoke a fat doobie and then read this thread. Jesus…I cannot BREATHE! Lol I laughed so hard!

  3. The New York State Attorney General’s office on his job said on Tuesday it has told the Trump Organization its investigation of the company run by Trump is now a Criminal probe, not purely civil.

    1. Great! Shame on all jurisdictions where djt previously committed crimes and fraud ! You would have saved the world had he been disqualified from presidential run

    1. @christoph paessler I hope Devin treats his cow better than Cruz treats his family dog!

    2. His livestock have secured a restraining order against him. Cows in his district are actively pursuing a class-action lawsuit against him.

    3. I just thought that too. How funny would it be if it was really a hate account run by his mom

  4. It’s hard to wrap your head around how corrupt it is for the government to use the DOJ in such a way.

    1. @New Soul : Uh … is there a parallel here? Or are you saying these Twitter accounts were a national security threat?

  5. _Cow_ is it possible, that with all their resources, they couldn’t find the person behind the account?! Incompetence at its finest!

  6. If Nunes was that upset over a Twitter account, wait until he finds out what Matt Gaetz has been doing.

    1. If he was that upset why not just close he’s account. But instead he wants to find out who they were…to do what?? Devin Nunes wasn’t he the. One who helped Trump accused Obama of putting Trump under surveillance that turned out to be the big lie.

    2. @Wonder Wonderful Trump associates’ conversations were being spied on. That is to be expected when you are having conversations with people that are being surveilled by the US intelligence agencies.

  7. Bill Barr needs to go to prison. For more than one reason! Corruption went into hyperdrive at DOJ under Barr.

    1. what they were doing for 4 years is beyond ridiculous and someone has to be investigated and charged finally

  8. Medical science is amazing. How they can keep Devin Nunes alive with such thin skin is a miracle!

  9. In the couple years I was on Twitter I managed to get RTs or comments from several people with a level of fame (Mark Hamill, Clark Gregg, Michael Ian Black, etc) but my proudest Twitter moment was getting an lol from Devin Nunes Cow.

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