Trump’s ex-White House counsel testifies to Jan. 6 committee

Trump's ex-White House counsel testifies to Jan. 6 committee 1


    1. He probably has a family & many friends, whose success & health & safety can be used as leverage against him.

    2. @Taylor Fox Employed by the People. We pay his salary, NOT THE PRESIDENT. He advises the Office of the President on legal matters pertaining to his role as President. He is NOT the President’s attorney. Big difference.

    1. @Gee Gaw There are many people who quote the bible but do not live their lives as Christians. The Capitol riot was one of those times.

  1. “I never rated Pat Cipollone anyway, he’s a lightweight rino”. Is what Drumpf will likely say afterwards (or words to that effect).

    1. @B. T. yeah, but the issue was whether or not he got paid. Bill Barr was paid, up unlike lawyers privately hired by Trump

  2. This should have been public Americans have a right to know the truth about what crimes he was involved in.

    1. I believe the closed interview is a feeler… to see what he’ll do, just like the young lady.

    2. @Margo Exactly. Cassidy met with the committee prior to her testimony on TV. The committee knows more than they’re showing.

  3. He’s a federal employee whose salary we pay to advise the president; little or any is covered by executive privilege. He’s not a private attorney to Trump.

    1. @Mark Ruffalo Are you referring to Ashley Babbit? Have you see the footage? The doorway was locked and barricaded with furniture and office equipment. The building was in lockdown, and there was an armed guard on the other side of the doorway, with his weapon drawn. Her death is tragic. Especially since her actions were driven by Trump’s lies. She made a choice to attempt to breach the barricade. How would the guard know she was unarmed. And as Rick pointed out, there was a mob behind her attempting to get past the barricade.

    2. Ya your spending a whole lot for investigating. How many hundreds of millions? For i heard someone say something to the effect of. REALLY well i was on the corner with bob and tim and you wanna know what we heard about chuck.

    3. @malenotyalc Saying someone committed a criminal act doesn’t make someone guilty of a criminal act. That maybe how it works were you live, in the CCP but not here in the USA.

  4. this poor dude is up to his eyeballs in 45 manure
    he was right in his assessment: they’re going to charge us with everything and anything in the book”!
    that day has arrived…spill the beans Pat!

  5. Executive privilege is a weak excuse, as he represented the office of the President, not the president’s personal lawyer. When anything deals with a crime, potential crime, privilege no longer comes into play.

    1. @Harold Moore sorry Harold didn’t realize I did that didn’t mean to upset you love you big guy keep up the hate

  6. how does executive privilege apply if conversations were LITERALLY ABOUT COMMITTING A CRIME OR CRIMES

  7. To all those that kept calling Cassidy a liar are you going to admit you were wrong now when you hear Pat testify the same thing she did? Or are you going to twist yourself into a pretzel saying he’s a liar too? Everyone is a liar except the one actually lying and proven to have almost 40k lies in 4yrs!!!

    1. @Say It Under Oath This Time Exactly what I finally realized when I heard the message Joe left Hunter!

    2. @Harold Moore Ya right you been saying that since 2018. if Joe got investigated this hard he wouldn’t have lasted two days.
      Trump must be one of the cleanest politicians in history.

  8. Attorney/ client privileges make sense for a private citizen, but Trump was not a private citizen in this case. Cipollone also has a duty to uphold the office of presidency. If a crime was committed against that office, he must prioritize his duties.

    1. And if he didn’t come back with any revelations of wrong doing, you’ll just call him a liar or will you believe him?

  9. I clearly read on several occasions that executive privilege is null & void when it relates to criminal activity! Enforce the law!

    1. @$hiek Yobooty How long have you actually been investigating this guy for since 2018 this dude must be one of the cleanest most investigated politicians on the planet.

  10. Executive privilege does not cover direct criminal conversations with the president nor conversations outside of presidential duties.

    1. For past presidents it only covers matters of military secrecy and one other area a forget but def. not important in this case

  11. I wonder if he’s pleading the fifth, claiming executive privilege and suffering from convenient memory loss – behind closed doors , in order to avoid prosecution.

  12. No question of executive privilege. Cipollone was a Govt employee, in The White House to protect the Office of the Presidency, not the person who was president.

  13. The good news is that he is testifying under oath. Much of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony has already been validated my others and even by Trump himself. This will hopefully help connect more dots.

  14. Cipollone seems to think it is his job to shield criminals. His failure to report these crimes when they happened is, in itself, a crime.

    1. @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ That’s so powerful….I’m just not sure everyone will get it

  15. My first instinct is that there is “no way” to hold Trump or any future president responsible, when the federal attorney isn’t required to tell what was said by the president. This needs to be abolished. The president should not get a free get out of jail card for any act, because of no oversight. He isn’t above the law, no one is. Also, no president should be eligible for a pardon. This is a conflict of interest.

    1. legitimate quote of Joseph Stalin:
      “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

  16. “A big get?” Since when do we consider it to be amazing that people actually follow the laws and report to testify when they are subpoenaed? Oh, right, since 2016 when a bunch of criminals took the Executive branch and decided they could ignore the basic tenet that “No one is above the law.”

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