Trump’s False Election Claims Cited As Evidence Of Ongoing Incitement 1

Trump’s False Election Claims Cited As Evidence Of Ongoing Incitement


In the investigation over the January 6 insurrection, the Justice Department this week warned that Donald Trump’s rhetoric could inspire more violence. A court document shows the DOJ suggested Trump's election lies, including that he will be "reinstated" without an election, is used in their legal argument to keep monitoring an accused capitol rioter, who is a Marine Corps veteran. MSNBC legal contributor and trial attorney, Katie Phang, and MSNBC contributor and former Watergate prosecutor, Jill Wine-Ban

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  1. “That is the reason why he is still repeating the same lies, they will believe anything he says, Trump loves the uneducated”

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr and you know that how??? And would it matter? I thought you people were all about BLM! And that unarmed piece of trash that was acting like a rabid dog was part of a coup!

    2. @Claire Wright trump was an ungracious winner. He couldn’t handle that he lost the popular vote. That was why he created his voter fraud commission which didn’t find any voter fraud, except the odd republican ones. In fact he thought he was going to win the popular vote and loose the electoral vote hence why he rallied against the electoral college before the 2016 election. You can’t make this stuff up!

    3. Hitler had warned us that the vast majority will more easily believe a big lie, than a small one.

  2. trump is planning on another insurrection. He got away with the first one, so why wouldn’t he try it again.?

    1. What happened jan 6th was NOTHING compared to the riots and looting carried out across the country all summer by the DEMOCRAT SPONSORED BLACK LIES MATTER AND ANTIFA, if you’re still on board with the Democrat party you’re a hater of America and the truth

    2. @Stephen Stretch yeah now it’s BIGOT
      BLM AND ANTIFA. Democrats are the party of racists. Hitler took the democrats playbook. Stop trying to hide from the TRUTH since you want to know about history boy. 🤡

    1. @Ichabooze Crane Then you better go arrest everyone in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and other states performing Election 2020 Audits…

      hurry snowflake, call nine one one. Better grab lunch first, youre gonna be a while.

    2. @daniel guth Is that todays lie from Trump is it ? The only Fraud in the 2020 Election is Donald John Trump , a con man and a Grifter .

    3. @Michael Jarmuzek And you know about the Constitution.

      At least one federal court has suggested that the courts could order a new election. In 1976, a District Court in New York heard a case alleging voter fraud in several urban locations. The court’s opinion maintained that federal courts had a role to play in ensuring free and fair presidential elections, arguing: “It is difficult to imagine a more damaging blow to public confidence in the electoral process than the election of a President whose margin of victory was provided by fraudulent registration or voting, ballot-stuffing or other illegal means.” This assertion challenged the idea that presidential elections occupy a special category beyond such court remedies. However, in this case, the court didn’t find sufficient evidence that voter fraud had altered the outcome, or even occurred at all. As a result, its claims about presidential elections were not evaluated by higher courts and have never really been tested.

      You definitely need to research more beyond twitter.

    4. Trump is America’s president Big tech can’t stop us. We got around the Information Wall 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 tyrants can’t censor Americans now. Trump 2024

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith You have a poop emoji! You have the capacity to think, yet you don’t use it. You subordinate your intelligence to indoctrination rather than independent thought. Um, that may be a good thing depending on where you are. Why is it you view everything through a lens you’re told rather than viewing for your own discovery?

    2. @Coldwynn Frost
      I do not want this whole situation to be a move to punish and “other” the Republicans.
      This is a “burning of the Reichstag moment” and if we don’t stop and play this rationally we are going to create a monster that cannot be stopped.

      This is what I am against. And the Democrats position of “because the president was Republican therefore all his party are denied a place at the table (because they are secret collaborators)” is dangerous and tyrannical…a literal tyranny of the majority.

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith How do you reconcile your position with McConnell’s public statements of absolute obstruction?

    1. If KING Trump is not reinstalled there will be a violent and bloody civil war. I am ready with my slingshot.

    2. @thegreen iguana How nice of you to let us know…. ok folks watch
      out for a green iguana with a slingshot…scary

    3. Same here. I wish someone would ask her to compare the Nixon crimes with the Trump crimes. I mean, Nixon really was a Boy Scout compared to the Trump Crime Family & Republican Associates mafia.

  3. Hitler didn’t take power till 10 years after he got out of prison.
    Never discount a traitorous madman…

    1. @Not a fan of fake news Or haters Why?
      Are you Russians going help them attack America? I think your borscht might have spoiled and made you delusional.

    2. @Mj Short you really are brainwashed biden was just helping putin with his oil pipeline genius

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Maybe because it doesn’t matter. I didn’t notice a dark hand, I’d have to watch it again. But again, why would that matter?

    2. @NoChance WithoutPasta hope you never sided with a left organization mr “traitors get bullets”. the pendulum is BOUND to eventually swing back hard right and that would put you in the firing line wouldn’t it? Hope they don’t see YOU as a traitor at that point

    1. @Victor Singery Sure. Because Trump is one of the most hated occupants of the oval office in history .

      Prople turned out in record numbers to vote him out.

    2. @Buster Scruggs Yes, which led to the conclusion that the would be orange Emperor had no clothes by millions of voters who voted him out of office.

    1. @Larry Garland There is no President Trump, there is only a criminal citizen D. Trump who will be held accountable finally.

    2. @Adam That’s a lot of “ifs”, I don’t live in the alternate realities, I live here in the present, your zucchini Mussolini is done and he’s taking the Republican party with him..

  4. The fraud I remember was Trump University. I haven’t heard of anyone who graduated, but everyone was accepted…even if they didn’t apply.

    1. He was court ordered to repay 28 million he stole from hard working americans…and these lemmings voted for and follow this con man

    2. @Coldwynn Frost
      Looks like a very few.
      So, I was mistaken.
      They were part of the legal complaint against Trump U.
      The ” School ‘ was never actually an accredited school.
      The Feds closed it.
      Levied a 25 million dollar fine against Trump .
      This money was put into a class action settlement for most ex- students to receive a refund for the money they
      were hyped out of.

    1. @Coldwynn Frost right…Be the creator of my own reality in front of me.
      The only way I was coping with 45 being in office was to trust that it needed to happen in order for a bigger change to occur, like a rock-bottom type of situation. So that’s the trust I can take responsibility for.
      I appreciate you.

    2. @ShredderTainment You’re not asking easy questions. They are definitely relevant. The split between individual and group isn’t … so good. I understand your induction. I mean it’s induction … so maybe. The results aren’t what defines you. You had courage.

    3. The minions send the billionaire their money, then they send the billionaire MORE of their money. The word “DUH” just isn’t big enough for these stupid minions.

    4. It’s very simple he bought a lot of people their in his pocket what he has done is treasonous to his country but his judgement is Coming and all the money in the world can’t help him

    1. @truth warrior No don’t think so there were too many of them and not enough police but they should have used more force, maybe it would have stopped them, maybe they should have given them Pence that would have been iteresting to see what happened then and after.

    1. @Mike McIntyre And I’m out of ideas how to change this this. We’re talking a long, but worthy, slog.

    2. @Russell Jordan sorry bubba but Kelly Ann Conway, also known as KAC originated the term. that’s the reich wing’s ugly deformed baby.
      the rest of your comment is pure “projection”, on other words general GQP SOP.

    1. ​@johny lee walker So he can re-fire and drive away the 2 remaining members he had in his cabinet at the end of his term? Guy was a bad leader who drove people away, wreaking some of the benefits of the last administration and ultimately failed in the end. Keep dreaming buddy.

    2. Courting alt-right white supremacy and Neo-Nazi stochastic terrorist groups (like the Proud Boys) is a feature of Cult45, not a bug.

    3. @johny lee walker The whole world, with the exception of 50 million t***p cultists, knows that the only fraud in the 2020 election is the continuing denial of defeat, and the non-stop disinformation campaign, oozing from the wreckage of the Republican party.
      Btw, reinstatement of a defeated president is not constitutionally possible. Although your party has long since abandoned that constitution, IT IS STILL UPHELD BY THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, and will continue to safeguard us against Republican assaults on democracy.

    1. Ever since Ronald Reagan took away the fairness Doctrine propaganda networks popped up and all of this nonsense has begun

  5. It isn’t “Testifying” it’s actually “Testa-Lying”, because that’s all Cheeto and his followers know !!!!!

    1. If his claims are entered as evidence it has to be investigated. He basically tricked them into actually investigating the election.

  6. It IS ongoing incitement. There is simply no other logical reason to keep sticking to the lies and claims of voter fraud.

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