Trump’s final days in office were even worse than we thought 1

Trump’s final days in office were even worse than we thought


New books about the former president’s last days in office reveal some shocking revelations… even for Trump. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza talks about what these bombshell excerpts show about the chaos that ended the tumultuous tenure of Trump.


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Trump said whoever 'leaked' info on his White House bunker stay should be 'executed,' new book claims

‘I Alone Can Fix It’ book excerpt: Inside Trump’s Election Day and the birth of the ‘big lie’

Trump's Situation Room shouting match

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    1. @Real American you’re a democrat and you’ve chosen the name Real American. I’m not the one who’s trying hard….

  1. It’s not worse than we thought. We knew it was as bad as we thought. We just didn’t know about it. He’s just that bad. These people should have spoken up in real time! That’s the problem. Hillary and Obama told us he was unfit for office! He got elected anyway. I knew from the start we would have chaos and confusion with his presidency. He delivered!

    1. As Trump killed over 600,000 of his own citizens under his presidency by downplaying Covid while Obama left him the playbook on how to prevent this? Hillary and Obama didn’t kill. Trump did. He told Bob Woodward how bad it was and bragged that’s he did the opposite of what Fauci said to do. He should be in jail for that alone!

    2. @cindee D what a load of crap .and hillary and obama did kill .you need to look at what they did when they were in office then

  2. It doesn’t surprise me.
    The trash dump has had it out for America most of his life.
    The trash dump and family and more is in need of prison.
    Lock up all the trash dump criminals.

    1. @Michael Lewis Why do I even bother. Idiot can’t even spell his name right and insults him instead… XD

    2. @Robsonski Jr you don’t seem realize it would NOT be a one party state, we have several parties and one of those would just step into the republican spot.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis America with only leftist parties… Yeah, good luck with that. God, imagine being THIS delusional…

  3. Impossible as it may seem, with Дурак Дон, the ex-Mob-Boss-in-Chief, the truth is always infinitely worse than what is reported.

    1. @Zennbubba
      There was never a trial nor charges brought because of a DOJ interpretation of the law.
      But there were several convictions that were pardoned.

    2. And all those arrows he handed out to his nearest and dearest that “weren’t as many as Obummer dished out”, yet none of you ever asked why they needed them and what they were for in the first place?
      He “owned the libs” and that was all you cared about wasn’t it?

    3. @Zennbubba
      Republicans refused to even read the Mueller report because they were well aware of how damaging it was and preferred to remain willfully ignorant, just like yourself.

  4. I don’t think, in the pandemic era we should be having the Olympics. Actually we don’t really need the Olympics anymore. But whatever.

    1. I dont care about the olympics personally, but when do you think the pandemic will end and what should we be doing until then.

    2. JP Morgan’s gotta make some green backs baby…so yeah let’s have a pandemic olympics, it’s not like they’re going to suffer one bit.

    1. @jeffr p I will make whatever comment I want to make but I won’t argue with stupid. Why don’t you focus on the people who are actually saying negative things about President Trump. I see folks calling Trump a dictator here but you are upset because I said folks drink kool aid?

    2. @Michael Lewis I listened to your advice but someone still found a reason to pick a fight over my Kool Aid comment. It is funny because this person is ok with people calling Trump all kinds of names but don’t say people drink Kool Aid. I guess I hit too close to home.

    3. From a fiscal standpoint for us fiscal types it was much worst than we thought which is why we stayed home in November or did a write in. Had someone taken the dates off the numbers of our debt and budgets I would have sworn the last 4 years a dem was in office. For the record I expect the current President to blow past $8 Trillion.

      National Debt increased by $8 Trillion over 4 years compared to Obama who added $8 Trillion over 8 years.

      Cost to taxpayers for golf outings was $147 Million over the past 4 years compared to Obama costing tax payers $106 Million over 8 years.

      Hopefully the worst will be actions and not financial.

  5. This is what you get when the leader is actually the greatest threat to the people he’s supposed to be leading.

    1. @Jeffrey Barberich errr…Ukraine would like to have a word with you. Also “brideden”? Is name calling a prerequisite for the dotards cult members?

    2. @Jeffrey Barberich actually trump did sell out when he sided with russia over our intel agencies and gave russia classified information. Biden hasn’t done any of that.

  6. It’s pretty interesting that that he saw BLM protests as specifically against him, even saw mask-wearing as somehow against him. Very strange attitude, not normal, delusional and dangerous.

    1. @Joshua Trujillo You are attacking CNN for information aggregated from 3 separate books, written by 3 different authors all independently saying the same things about Trump. Is CNN misrepresenting what is in these books? Trump was a corrupt, tax cheating fraud (Trump U, Trump charity both shut down for fraud) before he even ran for office.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis yeh ones left and the other is right, that’s the only difference, they both spin lies

  7. It’s like you put John Gotti in office…giving the “Teflon Don” a whole new meaning!!

    1. @Engage360 The Fraudit Audits are clown theater to give them cover for rigging elections and to overturn elections when they don’t like the outcome. Banana Republic Dictatorship Classic.

    2. @Engage360 A fake ‘Audit’ done by a crazy partisan nut case with no bipartisan oversite. Investigation into Cyber Ninjas coming.

    1. “A dangerous clown”!?1? Geez, you must have had a traumatic childhood! Ronald McDonald must scare the hell out of you!

    2. @Ralph Boyd When sociopaths seem normal thats when your locked in the bubble world of your cult.

    3. It’s a very fair question. Trump exploited a lot of norms that previously went unchallenged. Every time he got away with a crime, just emboldened him to go farther down the hole. And people who still support him? They have no moral compass. Period.

    1. What the fake insurrection? Or the mainstream lies used to spread their narrative and propaganda? You’re right we probably wont

    2. @Russell Jordan Trump literally spreads election lies with no evidence whatsoever and even his attorneys in federal court said that they weren’t pursuing fraud. And considering your claims about January 6th, you are either blind or willfully ignorant.

  8. Now, more than ever, we need to find a cure for PTSD (Post Trump Stress Disorder), especially for his supporters.

    1. Yes. I think CNN and MSNBC are not coping with the changes and don’t want to let go. Poor Joe’s being treated like an illegitimate child at a christening.

    1. Lots of reading material I could recommend, but I suggest you start with Gulag Archipelago, then maybe move on to The Communist Manifesto. Sm

  9. “On January 6th, Trump did what most dictators do on their last days in office, keep encouraging a mob of his most rabid supporters to keep fighting for a lost cause” -Trevor Noah

    1. First dictator in history to lose power by an election rigged against him. Shitty dictator by dictator standards

  10. I don’t know why people are still getting surprised by Trumps actions.
    This guy is the embodiment of the 7 deadly sins. I expect far worse things to come out, if people keep digging and putting pressure on the GOP.

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