Trump's Finances To Be Examined By Special Grand Jury 1

Trump’s Finances To Be Examined By Special Grand Jury


Former President Donald Trump's fate is in the hands of the criminal justice system as Manhattan prosecutors convene grand jury.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump's Finances To Be Examined By Special Grand Jury


    1. @Soul Warrior Are you okay ?..
      Do you need someone to call 911?
      Have you fallen recently and hit your head ?…
      Perhaps go lay down and take a nap if you did

    2. @UCc2081xE5gi6xuh3Ahmal4w
      Gramps Chuck E Cheese has a designated play area for your underdeveloped brain to entertain yourself.

  1. “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

    – Eric Trump

    1. @D Hairston Have you seen the border crisis lately?.. Trump was sending them back home.. Biden is holding them, Shiping kids off to other states and deporting parents.. There are 22k Undocumented kids in this state now under Bidens Admin with no parrents.. GOOGLE IT!.. Look for yourselves lol.

    2. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS – they crave attention and when they don’t get it will just naturally implode. Use your energy for better things, like helping get out the blue vote in 2022 🙂

    3. @Sheila Boston Helping the blue vote out?.. lol sounds pretty racist for you to say one color is better than another..

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Ronald Reagan said, “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” And he was right. Fact!

    1. @Jill Ganz But he also groomed his cult following well on how to create more when he’s gone and locked away.

    2. PPV event to help replace the over $2 billion he stole from the military to cover a bad check from Mexico for the wall.

    3. @Liz Pedano you are the first I have seen that was thinking the same thing I was. Every single nut job that wishes to shoot fellow Americans support Trump…they are like the Peoples Temple with firearms.
      Trump even looks Jim Jones with a dead squirrel on his head.
      Jim Jones just did not cut the tail off his and dyed his black.

    4. When Obama and Fauci are arrested for their part in the Wuhan lab atrocities their trial will be the most significant since Nuremberg. They will most likely get the death penalty, but they won’t be hanged like the Nazis, they’ll probably just get the electric chair. I’m sure that will be televised as the world needs to see the perpetrators of this terrible virus receive justice. Fact!

  2. So well stated Reverend Sharpton! Excellent commentary…Thank you. Don has been an ORANGE TOXIC MESS for a long, long time.

  3. Can we have Bill Barr disbarred and put behind bars too? They would keep each other company, or more likely Trump will throw Bill under the prison bus.

    1. Perhaps Barr, Kavanaugh and Trump could share the same cell.
      They could boof toilet champagne and pull Devils triangles all night.
      The only big question is who will be the btch when they pull the alcohol fueled three way..

    2. While we are at it, how bout put Mitch in jail for obstructing justice!? I know I know, not a real thing, but I wish it were.

  4. I’ve always had the belief that Trump wasn’t in the casino business for THOSE profits – he was in it so he could launder the ill-gotten proceeds of all his friends – from Russian oligarchs to drug kingpins to tinpot dictators to the Mafiosi. He took em’ all! And made a killing on it. Off the Books, of course. Good to hear from you, Rev!

    1. @Mr SlimeE no one is above the law. He is accussed of crimes that would get someone else in jail for life. A social isolation is already what he has now. If he threatens to spill the USA secrets when threatened then thats exactly the kind of move a traitorous seditionist would do and would deserve jail time even more so

    2. One of the dumbest things Dumpy did was open another casino on the same block as his first one, so they were competing against each other, and then failed.
      ANYONE with an ounce of business sense knows that you don’t do that.
      He obviously wasn’t paying attention at Wharton Business School. But then, chucklehead Donny has the brains of a moth.

    1. Seems a bit harsh. President Trump is a self-made billionaire who became the most powerful man on earth his first try. And he won more votes than any sitting President in US history.

    2. @Bryan As the population grows, more people vote. Biden got 7 million more votes than trump.

    3. @Bryan Trump is NOT self-made. His father gave him the money when he was younger, which he proceeded to waste on a bunch of bad investments. (Trump vodka???)
      He is also NOT the most powerful man on earth. He is no longer president, remember?? Biden received more votes too.
      Also, he’s been committing lots of serious crimes for the past 4 decades. But you can kiss his filthy ring, if you want.

    4. @LLL true, President Trump did receive $1M in seed funding from his late father. But he successfully grew that investment into a $10B empire. A remarkable feat by any objective measure.

    1. @Mark Mitchell
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…….

      Did you know the hair
      where you used to have
      a “stonesack”
      doesn’t smell
      NEARLY as good,
      as little girls’ hair ?….. ….

  5. He’s a crook that’s all it is to it he’s been doing this his whole life is finally catching up with him

    1. @Boo Boo The 2019 simulation exposed underfunding, muddled leadership and equipment shortages that have plagued the U.S. coronavirus response.
      So proud of Trump huh

    2. @Nic Moreno America funded the COVID 19 virus,which has plagued the world,OBAMA,FAUCI AND JOE ARE THE FATHERS OF THE VIRUS

    3. @Fred Garvin Google –> Trump Administration Failed Dry Run ‘Crimson Contagion’ Pandemic Exercise
      The article is by huffpost read it

  6. As Garafoyle said: “The best… is yet… to commmmeee!” Oh yeahhhhhh, baby! It’s coming, its coming. Here comes the rain; Here comes the pain; here goes Cheeto, down the drain. Finally!

    1. @Insignificant360 And thanks for proving TDS is real. How much rent are you paying to Trump so he can live in your head 24/7/366?

    2. @Grace American That’s cute, sneering “TDS!” and “Living in your head!” while unironically chanting “TRUMP 2024!” in the same breath. I’d say MAGAZombie tears when he gets indicted would be delicious except you’d all start another insurrection just to try and break him out.

    3. @Grace American I do, sugar! No Billy Barr, no Moscow Mitch, no puppet Senators at the twitch. Not even Putie. It’s comin, sugar! I NYC. I NYC. So smile.

  7. Or in the famous line from John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight… “WE GOT HIM!!!”

    1. @Chaos I’m done here. I have z’s to catch and you buffoons don’t care about any form of progress. SO you’ll be excluded, cut out like a cancer. As usual. Have a good rest of your life, sir.

    2. @MysticiaDev Creative
      Let’s go with your lies just for giggles. Trump was in office for four years. The Communist Manifesto was written in 1848.


    3. @MysticiaDev Creative no I’m happy to judge Trump, I think he’s a bit of a prat and often opens his mouth when he shouldn’t. He was a good president though and certainly brought the Democrats and their media out of their shell and made them show their true colours, and now the whole world can see that they’re a bunch of vindictive racist lying psychopaths. Fact!

  8. His whole life can be pretty much summed up like this: screws everyone, and grabs more and more power along the way to prevent any legal worries, it ends up at the top, as president, and that’s why he fights the election results so bad, it’s all downhill from here and the past is coming to bite him HARD! he is under a pyramid of legal troubles that are all going to crash down on him now!

    1. @Bryan According to a The New York Times  report in 2018, Trump received at least $413 million (in 2018 prices) from his father’s business empire. Drawing upon more than 100,000 pages of tax returns and financial records from Fred Trump’s businesses and interviews with former advisers and employees, the Times found 295 distinct streams of revenue that Fred Trump created over five decades in order to channel his wealth to his son.
      When Trump has spoken of the money he received from his father, Trump typically downplays the actual amount. He prefers to have a reputation as a self-made man.

    2. @Bryan
      Stuff it trumpite! Everyone knows Trump got his money from his daddy and the rest is smoke and mirrors. Trump’s financial shenanigans will come to light at his trial. As for Trump’s ascension to the presidency, he’ll rue the day he made that boneheaded decision.

    3. @Bryan Yeah yeah, we all know how amazing he is, he told us! And he’ll soon be the most amazing prisoner ever, with tremendous charges, charges like the world has never seen before! Nobody knew it was that easy to go to jail!

  9. As our trump friends like to say, “The truth shall soon be revealed.” This ain’t gonna have a happy ending for Donny.

    1. @Chaos He’s the teflon Don and has been slipping out of accountability for decades. Him and Rudy have been criminally conspiring since the eighties.

    2. @Chaos Just because you add the word fact at the end of your statement doesn’t make it so.

    1. @Jody Hunt i know the facts and knew this was coming. I kind of thought trump would have an “accident” and they would save the country more embarrassment on the world stage because of this orange fool.

    2. They wouldn’t because his supporters would attack them. They believe every lie that comes out of his mouth.

    3. The former “president” who can’t stop having rallies because he misses the hillbilly god-worship.

  10. Trump’s years of “playing God” without accountability or consequences are now catching up with him.

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