Trump's former doctor gets upset with reporters. Watch Don Lemon's reaction 1

Trump’s former doctor gets upset with reporters. Watch Don Lemon’s reaction


Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) took issue with reporters asking GOP lawmakers if they were vaccinated, and said reporters should be asking the Democrats if they are vaccinated. A CNN survey found that 100% of Democratic lawmakers on Capitol hill have been vaccinated.
Meanwhile, cases of Covid-19 are skyrocketing among the unvaccinated as the Biden administration continues to combat vaccine misinformation and disinformation.
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    1. @Tapinaldo unfortunately an imeachment and conviction would put Harris in charge. Wait she already is.

    2. I say we kick this civil war off. Its gonna happen anyways we might as well go ahead and get it over with.

    1. The leftist commies are scared. Commies ALWAYS work in the shadows but now they over cheated. A full forensic audit of the 2020 election is required. Over half of Americans know Biden is a fraud. Fewer know this is part of the great reset to NWO agenda. Say no to the vaccine and take care of your families and let’s reinstate Trump asap. The upcoming Atlanta audit will be juicy. God bless 🇺🇸

      20% of COVID infections in June occurred among vaccinated, LA County health says
      City News Service
      Thursday, July 22, 2021 8:03PM
      During the month of June, 20% of all newly reported COVID infections in the county occurred among people who had been fully vaccinated.

      LOS ANGELES (CNS) — A relentless surge of COVID-19 cases continued Thursday in Los Angeles County as another 2,700 cases were reported, with the percentage of infections occurring among fully vaccinated residents steadily rising.

      In fact, during the month of June, 20% of all newly reported COVID infections in the county occurred among people who had been fully vaccinated. That was up from 11% in May and 5% in April. But Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said the increase is normal given the continued rise in the number of people who are getting fully vaccinated.

      She also stressed that fully vaccinated people who become infected generally have extremely mild cases — a benefit the vaccines have always promised.

      “Very few of them ended up hospitalized, and even smaller numbers ended up passing away,” Ferrer said.

  1. It is NOT “heartbreaking” to see hospitalized Covid-victims opposing vaccinations. it’s pathetic.

    1. The same people complaining about the vaccine have no problem going to the Middle East to dodge bullets for 20 years. The power of propaganda

    2. @New Republican fragile emotional state,dementia…I see you are spending some time in the mirror having self reflection time …Poor little thing ,Im sorry you were offend that someone called all of you little sheep out for what you are,weak,simple minded people ..Its funny when you guys come on youtube and dems argue with Republicans and vise versa,your leaders really have total control of your lives but you are all just to broken to even see it ….and then when someone on neither side of the aisle tells you the truth about yourselves and calls you out on you bullsh!t you claim they are the one with dementia and are emotionally fragile .The truth is those words only describe you..Read some of your comments and see how brain washed and weak you truly are ..

    3. @Meredith Monroe ohh you are so misinformed, actually Vaccine development is a long, complex process, often taking 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement to develop. So tell me how a vaccine produced in 11 months is safe ,tell me how if the vaccine just came out that you can tell me that in 5 years your body will not have negative effects when there is no study that can provide that information since the vaccine is new .and actually you are 100 % incorrect to say delta variant is more deadly ,there is no truth behind that statement what so ever ,so either you made that up or you seen it on cnn..National data would show you that you are wrong and the delta variant is way less deadly ,yes it is more transmittable but in no way shape or form more deadly .It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to look at real data ,that shows way less people are dieing from delta then the original strain,but I guess your smarter then the doctors and cdc to come up with your own conclusion …do research i stead of being a sheep

  2. Republicans: “you can’t tell someone what to with their body!
    Except abortions…that’s totally different.”

    1. Not all of them. I think they’re just reading from the same script. “If anyone asks, refuse to answer’ was likely programmed into McCarthy by his handlers and he then disseminated that new program among all the republican NPC’s.

    2. House Demokkkrats that fled Texas while decimating “muh Democracy” weren’t wearing masks on the plane like they make you peasants. 😂

  3. As a retired RN…I wouldn’t trust Dr. Ronny to cut my toe nails. He’s a drug addict. 🤬 Or did people forget that.

    1. @The Number 3 What does that have to do with right now? We live in the now. Not yesterday.

    2. @bombastic attitude – Ronny Jackson is STILL an addict – yesterday, today and tomorrow!

  4. “it’s wrong, it’s cynical, and we shouldn’t be a part of it” Cruz worked himself up over his own hypothetical scenario. It’s like yelling at your spouse for cheating on you in your own dream. 🤣

  5. “They want him to come back because they have nothing to talk about. They’re doing what they did the first time they did to get him elected by giving him all his free coverage while they act like they allegedly don’t like him. They’re f**ing treasonous un-American pieces of sh**!”
    -Bill Burr

  6. The doctor, without even realizing it, showed support for the vaccine when he said he highly doubts the 6 who caught covid were vaccinated.

    1. Stuck in a plane with the Delta variant, six vaccinated people getting infected is not surprising. It’s hella infectious.

  7. Man: Don’t shove that vaccine down my throat!

    Critical Care Nurse: No sir that’s an intubation tube 🙄

    1. @OldManGhost I doubt anyone cares if you think of their bodies.. in fact, most people would probably prefer that you didn’t.. 😆 Kids are not vaccinated under 12 cause they are not at high risk from covid and the potential risk of taking the vaccine outweighs the possible reward.

    2. @Main Man so are you up for making suicide legal and assisted suicide legal, and abortion , and anything else that has to do with “life style”.

    1. Hey Suz-ee Q wanna cut out the “literally” abuse? Even kids stopped using that word every four words. Here is how to tell if you are sounding like a teenager.. five years ago… Take the word “literally” out the the sentence and see if the meaning has changed in anyway shape or form? It never does. Just dont use it anymore. It is not a smart sounding beginning to a sentence. Ok Karen thanks.

  8. I’m so jealous that Americans can literally just walk in and can choose which vaccine. We here in South East Asia, the COVID is tearing us apart and people are dying because of the long queue, hesitancy, and limited source of the vax itself. Can’t believe these people who still do not want to take the vax

    1. @Roy Merritt I didn’t vote and never have. Me not injecting myself has something to do with my life style choices and not needing an politicians to make my decisions for me. Especially people like you who blindly follow political parties. Last year your party including Kamala said she wouldn’t take it cause Trump was involved now you’re pushing on it others because she changed her mind so stop.

    2. @Ally Bailey well people like you helped support barring life saving breakthroughs via patent. Denying competition and affordable live saving solutions. (Baaa baa)

    3. For those living outside of the US,, America has a right wing party called Republican. And let me tell you, they’re the epitome of the American stereotype. They’re loud, arrogant, selfish, anti-intellectual, and refuse to admit they’re wrong on anything. They’re the vast majority of people here not wanting to be vaxxed.

    4. What happened to all the idiot democrats traveling to Washington with no masks and getting drunk from Texas?

  9. “Cruise” made two wrong predictions there: Biden would lose and COVID would magically go away. I believe in giving credit where it’s due. LOL!

    1. @genome616 wow that is Amazing news from you dear am prince Hamdan can will chat over one WhatsApp if you don’t mind ?

    2. Quit getting your news from Don Lemon. Covid did go away that’s why they removed mask mandates and CNN took away the Covid deaths ticker tape. Anndddd according to news out of Arizona forensic audit Biden didn’t win there. ….Wait for it….

    3. @James Murphey I ain’t republican, I ain’t American I just watch the legal cases and the evidence, shame cnn doesn’t bother to.

  10. Scott Roe: “Don’t shove it down my throat.”
    Dr.: “I shoved a hose down your throat 9 days ago.”

  11. There are people who die, gasping for air before being intubated, professing that SARS is not real, and thet can’t be what is wrong with them. Ignorance has become so deadly among our fellow Americans.

  12. The last 5 years have taught me that there’s nothing more slimy and disgusting than a politician!

    1. Yes there is, it’s called a news channel that has political goals (see above).. these are the people that brainwash you to think in a certain way by presenting misleading news and also the deliberate absence of certain stories to push political agendas… let’s just say if Trumps son was found to be the owner of a hard drive that exposed the corruption of the Trumps and had some very disturbing pictures of his son and underaged kids on it, I would be guessing CNN would run the story for months but OH No! …. the problem is it belongs to the seated presidents son and what do CNN do, they seed as much doubt as possible to protect the Biden’s …… well we now now it is real, we now have corroborating evidence and witnesses to what is on the hard drive and we know it isn’t some kind f Russian interference.
      I would conclude that a news channel is therefore more slimy and disgusting for hiding such truths.

    2. @Stephanie I think they get off on commenting. I bet they also psyche themselves up when watching the videos. So the information from the videos goes in, but they’re just not able to process it..

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