Trump’s Humiliating Impeachment Trial: WH On Edge Over Rules That Can Change Anytime | MSNBC

Donald Trump faces an indignity most Presidents have never experienced – a public trial of his conduct and fitness for office. In this original, exhaustive report, MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber details several constitutional and historical keys to understanding the trial process. Contrary to much of the DC “punditry,” Melber explains there is no way to predict key parts of the trial, because the rules themselves are unpredictable. The arcane process enables Senators to change core rules as the trial proceeds, for example, adding or subtracting witnesses and evidence, or shortening the trial in the middle. Melber likens that process to the Senate’s jazz improvisation, and recounts historical examples to prove the point – which means unlike most other DC battles, individual senators may have more leverage than Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Trump’s “fate” will not automatically be resolved by decisions made at the beginning of the trial, because they can chance. This special report, airing in the wake of the House impeachment, may answer many questions swirling around one of the most pivotal stories of 2019 and 2020. Aired on 12/23/19.
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Trump’s Humiliating Impeachment Trial: WH On Edge Over Rules That Can Change Anytime | MSNBC


  1. While Americans should (and already do) make the political infinite regress of “originalism” illegal (by default of lacking revolutionary witness, absolutely), let’s see if the Supreme Court can do it. Originalism was CJ Scalia’s response to what was perceived (by lawmakers) as “judicial activism” (like supposing that, because YOU are a subjectivist, your judges must be, too, because _______ YOU are a subjectivist). Basically, originalism asserts that you aren’t objective enough for subjectivists, but subjectivists are willing to accept anything you do, because you were appointed judge to judge, not to fake morality like originalism requires of the living dead). Peek a boo, infinite regress. You can never satisfy originalism, unless you were a revolutionary witness, i.e., no one can satisfy originalism.

  2. Can this stuff be more in our face just straight up corruption and lies I mean we the people r not STUPID

    1. When it comes to cultism, everything is legal. Their fanaticism do they totally blindfolded to any wrongful act of the law.
      Only look for the other channel foxnews theirs behavior looks almost like a propaganda machine.
      What’s more danger was GOP’s member in the house.
      They all talks about one thing only, it’s was a witchhunt. Not any critical question about to get the facts and truth from witnesses like Sondland and the other witnesses. That’s says it all what Republican party is about.

    2. Nicholas Batshon I know. We had Pelosi saying for weeks how the president was a national security risk and he needed to be removed immediately, then she jumps on an airplane right after the house vote without turning over the articles and appointing impeachment managers. How stupid does she think we are? This partisan impeachment was a political hoax …

    1. The fissure was always there and the Russians took advantage. Smart of them, really. Too bad some don’t care.

    2. the nation was divided back then as well. the fact that no republicans will not agree is evidence that this process is unfair.

    3. Merlyn Lear The country is tired of this. 63,000,000 people voted for this president. The elections in less than a year. Let him finish his term and if the people don’t want him in office, they can vote him out.
      The democrats are trying to take our vote away and remove him on their own. Like they know better than us …

  3. For me, the really important questions even IF Trump is removed from office, would anything really change? Wouldn’t both parties continue ignoring the needs and wants of the people who pay them? US! Will corporations suddenly have to stop spending billions on lobbyists and campaign donations? Would the Electoral College be done away with? I don’t think so, we will continue the same old circus with a few new clowns replacing the old ones. Money talks, citizens walk.

    1. In some ways, Pence is like Trump except actually efficient. He could have time to sow a lot of fundamentalist seeds that can come to bite the nation later. In a larger picture, you have to impeach Trump, because otherwise it undermines the rule of law.

      The point being that the consequences don’t really matter, since this is something that the nation just has to get done to maintain legitimacy.

    2. @Sami Helen I absolutely agree, Trump has to go. Yes, Pence might be even more dangerous, but I think seeing his lord and master booted out of the White House will put the fear of the People in him. That goes for the rest of their party. On the other hand, a dog driven into a corner can be very dangerous. I guess it’s just one thing at a time.

    3. @Steven K Harrison country will run as usual in normal season. It’s depends entirely upon how long time they will use to it.
      If trump must go, Pence will surely take over. I don’t think dems will ask for his resignation also.
      It’s anyways under 1 year to next election, it’s up to GOP’s to how they will downplay it.
      Best for both party, get it over as fast they can.
      Thereby can they focus on who will be the next president of U.S.

    4. Will the electoral college be down away with??? What happened to the democrats being pro constitution and no one being above the law???

  4. All these old gizzers from the 90’s are still holding office, and working for their own political interest, not for the interests of America. This proves one thing; Congress/Senate need term limits.

    1. @Mike Lanister and @Always Great USA every President knows, that should he (I’d like to say or “she” but the last time we tried that, we got into the mess we are in, obviously, we as a nation are not ready for a “she” to be in charge) should be blessed with a second term, that is it, his last chance to write the last line on his (maybe her, someday??) Obituary. Every President (except that thing in the Oval right now) governs knowing that everything he does, or does not do, will forever engrave in the pages of history, what he stood and fought for, all, because he is limited by the Constitution, to serve no more than 2 terms. Perhaps, if all public officials were held to the same, they would strive to be the best they can be, knowing there is a clock ticking. And if they don’t, no harm done, because the Constitution would guarantee that someone else would be given the chance to represent US, the People. I also think that ALL government officials should be paid the minimum wage. I am quite confident that we would see that increase more than once every 2 decades.

    2. Freddy Pfaffenzeller, Geezers from the 90’s? You mean from the 50’s & 60’s? How old are you? 20? Lolololol My questions are rhetorical. No responses required.

  5. It is useful to review what happened in the previous example, especially because the shoe is on the other foot, and these people are still around.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera I went to school in a democratic sanctuary city and if you dont know the Democrats let us Americans downespecially American children of color as English is like a second language and we learn English with illegals holding us back and than the marxist dictators on the left taking advantage of us for control and power

    2. @Crystal Giddens Nothing,absolutely NOTHING
      Is dumber than A Trumpov Bootlicker.
      Worse than deplorable,worse than despicable.Worse than even a TRAITOR

      These ReichWing Nuts are grasping for straws now. He’s going, and so is your hope.

  6. Not that it will happen, but _should_ the President be convicted by the Senate, his removal is _immediate_
    Pretty hard to issue yourself a presidential pardon when in *ONE INSTANT* you stop being the president at all

    1. He can no longer do that anyway. Under the Constitution, a president has broad, sweeping powers to pardon anybody for anything *EXCEPT* in one very specific, and notable, instance – in the case of impeachment. Once someone has been impeached they become ineligible for a pardon – it’s the only instance where a president can’t pardon someone. So now, because he’s been impeached, he can no longer pardon himself and nor could Pence or any future president – under the Constitution that option is simply no longer available.
      It’s one of the reasons why Nixon chose to resign rather than fight impeachment. If he resigned before being impeached, he could be pardoned (as Ford later did). But if he was impeached, that option would have been taken completely off the table.
      Robert Reich wrote an interesting article about this a few weeks ago.

    2. @Sheryl Ferraro why.would I need a crystal ball for commonsense impeachment is a failure and a short lived stain and confused Catholic Nancy Pelosi with no leverage she shouldn’t have lessened to the moron marxist dictator AOC as by lessening to someone stupid partisan this the demise of the marxist dictators on the left at least to 2024 and beyond and you cant fix or there’s no drugs for stupidity

  7. Because innocent people use 27 different contradictory defenses.
    Because innocent people hide all the evidence and block all the testimony.
    Because innocent people are habitual offenders.
    Because innocent people intimidate and tamper with witnesses.
    Because innocent people are morally bankrupt sociopaths.
    Because innocent people publicly commit and confess to their crimes.
    Therefore, after careful review and consideration of all the facts, we find the Traitor-in-Thief to be ‘Not Guilty;’  hereby suspend belief AND the rule of law;  and thereby declare the Constitution rendered DEAD when under Republican rule!!

    1. @Sperup AD I believe the leadership of US intelligence is trying to cover their butt because of how bad the messed up they lead up to 2016, FISA, and Russia hoax. They got caught playing the ponies and betting on the wrong horse.

    2. 🏆 well put! 😃👍 the worst things always seem to happen under a Republican Presidency, don’t they. 🙄 Nixon-WaterGate, Bush-9/11, Trump-TRUMP! (nuff said) 😳 sh!t’s REALLY hit the fan THIS TIME!! 🥺

    3. *characteristics of Trump & what he’s done to the Republican party…* REPUBLICANS; Reluctant, Egotistical, Petty, Uncouth, Bias, LIAR, Ignorance, Cowardice, Asinine, Narcissistic, Sociopath.

    4. @Di42 wow, that’s the best 1 yet… “Merry Impeachmas” 😲😮😲 that’s SO good! 🤭 I LUV IT!! 💓

  8. You can’t believe what Mitch McConnell or the Republican party is saying they’re twisting it right to left Mitch McConnell says well I’ll just have to call a vote to a quit! then he doesn’t want to bring in evidence or Witnesses. he doesn’t seem to want to find the truth! that’s because he knows the truth already! this President has committed impeachable offense, obstruction of justice, obstructing his oath of office and those who work around him, he order them not to testify! That in itself is obstruction of Congress and that’s an impeachable offense. Republican Senators are obstructing justice just to help this president! so they don’t lose their job from their base who puts them there!.

    1. Carlos De Leon We just had 3 weeks of testimony from the democrats. There was no evidence and how many more witnesses do you need to talk about a phone call? 🙄

    2. @Andy C
      there are four or more witnesses very important I might say! Bolton Mick Mulvaney Robert Blair and Michael Duffy! a total of 4 that the Democrats want to bring in as witness so why would the Republican Party be against that! if the evidence is for the president then let it be so and if it’s not then let it be known! As far as evidence there were plenty 12 Witnesses and you tell me there’s no evidence! You are a blind Trump supporter you’ve got all the evidence that was presented and you say no evidence!!

    3. Carlos De Leon Why do we need more witnesses? We had witnesses during the house inquiries. He was impeached. The people are tired of this nonsense. The senate’s job is to remove him or let him stay in the White House. I hope Pelosi holds the articles forever, because the democrats look like complete idiots while Trump is negotiating new trade deals, etc …

    4. @Andy C
      Well you should know it’s not just the Democrats that want Witnesses but so does the Republicans! can you tell me who they want to call! For their Witness!

    5. Carlos De Leon Don’t know and don’t care. This whole impeachment is a joke. No evidence, no crimes and no fact witnesses. I suspect that’s the reason Pelosi’s holding the articles …

  9. Chief Justice Roberts may be conservative but is a distinguished, capable, serious jurist. How will he deal with Republicans, who will surely resort to lies and distractions? No ordinary criminal trial could proceed under these circumstances..

  10. Moscow Mitch and Trump’s stooge Lindsey Graham have deformed so much that they are no longer themselves as seen in 1998 during Bill Clinton impeachment. Trump has converted them to devils.

  11. There are only 2 broad articles, centering on the Giuliani Ukraine scandal. But the relevant background context for those articles is 3 years of improper conduct which includes refusing to admit and condemn the Russian election help he received, failing to vigorously combat future election interference, criminally obstructing the Mueller investigation, trying to weaken the Russian sanctions, praising adversaries Putin and Kim, defending murderous Nazis and white supremacists, insulting our NATO allies, attempting to improperly divert Congressionally appropriated funds, improper collection and use in Inauguration contributions, refusing to disclose his tax returns, being sanctioned for his fraudulent Trump Foundation, gross nepotism involving security clearances, using his office to enrich himself and his family, and lying to the public in matters small and large.

    1. @Annie When someone has a lifelong criminal history and continuing criminal proclivities, all new developments are unfavorable. All news is bad news.

  12. Gerrymandering, voter suppression and purging, stacking of courts essentially democracy is dead in the United States of America.

  13. Impeachment alone should prohibit the possibility of re-election, in the case where a president is impeached in their first term. Don’t know why the founders didn’t put that in there from the get go. Maybe the senate acquits and they can do that, but in any case, a second term should be off the table. Because if the senate doesn’t remove, impeachment essentially means nothing.


  15. A child warned us that the king was naked, but no one believed him. But eventually nakedness was evident and the shame was in all the people’s eyes. The day of atonement in pending into a fool in the hill who pretends to be king, beyond any accountability. Not very democratic but the USA is divided: part accuses, the other part is in tantrum and denial.

  16. Do you solemnly swear that in all things pertaining to the trial of Donald John Trump
    President of the United States
    You will do impartial justice-
    According to the Constitution and Laws-

    Moscow Mitch,Linseed Graham,Devin Mooones,Jim Bob Jordan-and the rest of you bootlickers,Here’s your chance to prove your loyalty to your Country

    instead of your fealty to a gangster

    Don’t blow it

  17. If you take lobbyist money (legal bribes) out of politics, all the crooked politicians will just go away because they can no longer take legal bribes from lobbyists and they will not be happy with just their salary, even though it is a very good salary. Moscow Mitch is a perfect example as he has taken plenty from lobbyists above and beyond his salary.

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