1. @C Sharpe you are talking off the wall like an insurgent, do you have orange lips? You brain is shot insulting smart people for no reason

    1. @SEEMS LEGIT as an African American how can you support a man like that. He has treated the African Americans horrible in the past and now too. You need to think about that.

    1. Same old confederacy. It is time to face up to it and finally end the war of 1860. Time to end the confederacy once and for all. We didnt put out the fire of racism then and let it’s embers smoulder through reconstruction, the daughters of the confederacy, the great myth, the jim crow era, and now the big lie. Remember, the confederate flag came before and is the pappy of the nazi flag and both were, and still are the mortal enemies of the United States of America. Mine eyes have seen the glory. I’m with the Union.

  1. One thing I don’t understand: Why is everybody expecting that the criminal Trump will be a free man in 2022??
    Oh, I see, there is no rule of law in America. My bad.

    1. Bill Cosby is a talented man who made money for people, but he was promptly, rightfully drummed out of the business when his true character was exposed – no matter what the outcome of his trial was going to be.

      Whether you thought Trump was guilty of incitement or whatever you thought about his character before the riot, he proved that his character was repulsive with his reaction to it.

      Any argument about his using the word, “peaceful” in his tweets is absurd. The US PRESIDENT tweeted against his own VP as rioters hunted him and US LAWMAKERS down at the US CAPITOL. Trump argued against immediately sending backup and calling-off the mob. That’s inexcusable.

      It’s bad enough that most Republicans refused to drum him out of the business for his disgusting character and clueless inability to even understand the situation at the Capitol. But to blame Democrats for not giving him a free pass and to call Dems ridiculous for demanding accountability is disgusting.

      Republicans, YOU created that Frankenstein. Trump is the best you can come up with?? So much so that you can’t let him go? You need him – and only him – so badly to promote policies that aren’t even unique?

      He’s the only one who can promote America first policies? He’s the only “outsider” you can find? NEWS FLASH: ALL presidential candidates talk about border control and keeping jobs in America. ALL who can sell themselves as outsiders and “regular guys” have ALWAYS done so.

      A plane needs both a left and a right wing to fly. They only want to bolt a gun turret to a battered, broken right wing to shoot-off the left one.

    2. Sniffy Biden
      “God Bless Donald Trump the best president in history.Cant wait to get this hero re-elected again”

      Me too. Trump can’t run for president in the United States ever again so I hope he finds some other country to destroy. He lost this election because the majority of Americans are sick of Trump’s crimes and lies. My gosh that must eat you alive. Sounds like a personal problem to me.

  2. Graham is a disgrace plain and simple, and why anyone would give him credability or a platform after he’s flip flopped more than a homeless person in a rehab ought to question their own motivations for doing so. Corruption corrupts absolutely.

  3. “My friend, Richard Burr”. In Graham’s foul mouth, those words are a joke. His “friendship” with John McCain meant nothing to him.

    1. Something went on during all of those golf outings with Graham and Trump. Trump somehow brought him into the cult with no ability for Graham to escape.

  4. The GQP, even if it survives, will lose major elections for decades.

    The problem is, thanks to its all out assault on the rule of law, that may not even matter anymore.

    1. Lindsey is compromised. The Russians got things against all of them. People running for public offices must not do creepy things.

  5. His acquittal is unconstitutional, since the Republicans say is unconstitutional why they voted to acquit the monster. UTTER MADNESS.

    1. And wasn’t he correct ? DJT made WHITE nationalism legit again, and now it’s the political base that Repubs need.

  6. What boggles my mind is the fact they were “damned if they did, damned if they didn’t” why didn’t they uphold the oath they took and vote to convict.

  7. 43 US Senators have sworn their
    allegiances to an outside entity
    because that’s EXACTLY what
    Donald Trump is.😳😳

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