Trump's Inability To Accept Election Loss Is A Legal Drag For Some Capitol Riot Defendants 1

Trump’s Inability To Accept Election Loss Is A Legal Drag For Some Capitol Riot Defendants


Rachel Maddow looks at how Donald Trump supporters arrested in connection with the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol are having their legal arguments for release ahead of trial turned upside down as Trump clings to claims of a stolen election and continues to encourage followers to attack the legitimacy of Joe Biden's presidency. Aired on 04/28/2021.
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Trump's Inability To Accept Election Loss Is A Legal Drag For Some Capitol Riot Defendants


    1. @Crystal Hazer Explain what Biden accomplished in 48 years and counting in political office. The word NOTHING !! Comes to mind

    2. @Anita Bruton Yes. Yes we do. That’s why nothing gets fixed. The left creates problems and then runs on fixing them, creating more problems along the way, in which you run on fixing those problems too.

    3. If those who continue to believe the election was rigged, stolen and Trump did not lose (as Trump continues to spread the big lie), ask Trump why he left on January 20th.
      I would love so much to hear Trump’s answer to the question.

  1. Has Noone made the conclusion that the person who is inciting these actions is the one who should be detained?

    1. @Mike Jones you watch a little to much CNN AND others. Do some of your own research. Another who only listens to major media and thinks there the be all end all

    2. @leslie barwick we will see …i live in maricopa county and it will be good to know for sure so i welcome a thourogh audit of ballots and especially the machines… Btw if you voted for biden thanks alot for helping destroy our country…

    3. @Bigg Stang if only you understood the concepts of projection and irony… Get out of your propaganda bubble, and you’ll discover that the real world isn’t as terrifying a place as you’ve been led to believe. That’s assuming you’re even a real person and not some Internet Research Agency bot account…

    4. @KaOS KoNTГL quick hypothetical for you: if Ted Bundy were the judge in his own murder trial and he ruled that indeed he was innocent of all crimes, would that ruling be convincing or credible to you? Let’s also consider that in this hypothetical, 60+ other judges and courts found that he was indeed guilty of murders, and that he was already charged with his sentence.

      You do understand that the “company” heading the “audit” is not an impartial third party? And neither are the volunteers they picked to conduct the “audit”… And you believe that whatever finding they come to are indicative of anything?

    5. @Tommy Devine lmao. I can link you a bunch of videos of blm/antifa violence as well as attacking capitol buildings. Can you do the same?

  2. So if a guy kills his mother he can ask to go free as he won’t do that again because he has no more mothers?

    1. LIBERALS:haha you trumpers think the election was stolen
      ALSO LIBERALS: Russia! Trump stole the 2016 election because of Russia Russia Russia

    2. @Democrats are Stupid Well, there’s actual proof of Russian interference confirmed by intelligence agencies, whereas there’s haven’t been a single shred of evidence that Biden stole the election.

    3. @Dan Greene
      And of course we should believe someone who can’t tell the difference between a noun and an adjective.

  3. To paraphrase Michael Jackson

    “All I wanna say is that, they don’t really care about us”.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH Real Blacks tend to have more ‘Home training’ then you! Your rude arrogance betrays you, no one is interested in your OFF TOPIC conversation. We’re done here!

    2. @Demetria Karnavas not really.a real Christian do not believe in abortion only God can give you life and take it that’s why we are against abortions.inform you self better and then you can make a comment.

    3. @Rosa Garcia My mother gave me life. And, your belief in god doesn’t make you a good person and it isn’t proof of god’s existence.

    1. @Delicious Angel get a couple more years under your belt before debating. If you are a adult…shame on you.

    2. @G.W. Rick
      You obviously haven’t paid attention for the last 4 years, antifa and blm riots didn’t go unnoticed. A small taste of your own medicine

    3. @FACTS ONLY you can shame me all you want but in the reality is that i just feel sorry for how immature and child you are being an adult is.

    1. @Valient Six or Al Gore who demanded 3 recounts in his selected states a month after the election was over and after the statutory deadline for certifying the election. The media was calling Trumps recount treasonous only one day after election day. I like how the media was saying Trump “refused to accept the election results” but when Al Gore did it they said Gore was ‘challenging” the election results.

    2. @Bubba Smollet Regarding ‘stop the steal’
      Wonder why there is no Right streaming site or social network even after 4 years in power? Sites depend on ads revenue, which is based on majority of its user. Something that republican is suppose to be.
      Do the math, Republican was never a majority. They stole the vote in 2016 and based on that thinking they are majority. They either falsely believe they are or realize this and think other party have to cheat to win

    1. @Alex Mark So you’re clearly talking about the TOP. You have a marked lack of knowledge regarding the history and present day about both parties.
      I bet you’re one of the wackos that also believe Hillary was hung at GITMO on Monday, right? Lizard people and all that?

    2. @Alex Mark Well, the crazy anti-America(n) QAnon Trumpers who wrote and read the article sure seem to need to be on some calming drugs.

    3. @gymkhanadog Dude, you can’t argue with people who are this far into conspiracy theories and believe the corrupt billionaire president they worship is fighting Satan worshipping pedophiles they call democrats. The only thing that brings me comfort is that alot of Trump supporters kids are educated and well read enough that they know not to follow conspiracy theories. Large majorities of future voters are more liberal and even the ones who aren’t mostly see Trump is a dangerous authoritarian maniac.

    1. @Geo Dude Is that what CNN told you? Most of them were charged with crimes like tax fraud. Did you miss that part? I would say “If it were real he’d be in jail” but Biden bragged on camera that he blackmailed Ukraine and apparently that’s not enough to warrant an arrest.

    2. @jrod Everything that doesn’t conform to your pre-existing belief is automatically false and everything that does is automatically true. You have defined confirmation bias. Well done. Enjoy basking in your ignorance. We’re smarter than you and found a way to get democratic control back.

    3. @upper epsilon And? Where was the quid pro quo? You want me to send you the video of Beijing Biden’s quid pro quo?

    4. @Geo Dude That’s funny. The same is most likely true of you. BTW Did I ever say who I voted for? I thought it was wrong to assume things of others. Perhaps I’m just smart enough to see through the BS on both sides

  4. I’m a conservative, and if people did illegal acts at the capitol, then THEY made that choice and need to deal with their punishment. Personal accountability. Choices have consequences. Sadly some people in society have forgotten this sentiment.

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