Trump’s Inability To Be Empathetic | Deadline | MSNBC

Trump’s Inability To Be Empathetic | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. Donald Trump is too cold-hearted and too evil an individual to show empathy toward another human being.

    1. @Randy Couch Just what we need is Trump cleaning up a mess and can’t even clean up the CoronaVirus 1000,000 dead -please don’t have him clean up anything Medical, No type of new Virus

    2. @Buck Browning hey yank i thought o ly good old boys like yoj got flushed down the toilet ,I heatd it s written in your constiitution ,.Oh sorry you cant read !

  2. Trump wouldn’t care if 100,000,000 Americans die. All he cares about is staying in office, so he can’t be prosecuted in the Southern District of New York.

    1. Septembers Whisper
      You are sooooo stupid!!! Go back to paper ballots???? What do you think a mail-in ballot is, a brick???

    1. @El Cruzer55
      The system is failing.

      I didn’t support him in 2016 or in this campaign but given the recent shift in GOP rhetoric I say it’s time to draft Bernie put him in charge read the Constitution and start over.

    2. @Diogenes of Seattle
      Historically, times of Societal upheaval like these now have brought Social Change.
      I believe that’s one reason trump wants to keep the country at war with itself.
      To keep us distracted so we don’t join together and turn on him. It would have been nice to live in a country where Bernie, if elected, could have affected change. As long as the US vs. THEM mentality continues, people will fight ideas, however proven, that have been branded “Socialist” by interested parties.

  3. Narcissistic psychotic individuals don’t have that ability to be empathetic. They feel absolutely NOTHING. It upsets him that he can’t compete with Covid19. He only cares about himself and his interest.

    1. Is a born thing or or is it an environment thing or is it both or does it go back too a childhood thing or is it all the above??????? At any rate he still sucks at a human being and there’s NO manhood to be found and he can’t buy manhood 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 because one he can’t even get a payday loan to buy cup of coffee and there’s not enough money in circulation to buy his manhood..

    2. @honeylocs74 I think that you have hit the nail on the head! The Narcissist-in-Chief is being upstaged by COVID-19! He can’t steal the thunder from the virus killing people. He wants to go back to his “rally’s” where he was front and centre.
      Deeply disturbing and profoundly sad. My heart is saddened for you America.

    1. @Buck Browning
      If he was so good why did they cheat and steal?

      Trump lost the Pop. Vote by almost 3mil votes
      TRUMP won the Electorial College Vote by about 70,000 votes in 3 states
      TRUMP GAMED THE SYSTEM using Weapons grade AI software
      and stolen data from 87mil AMERICAN’S Facebook accounts.

      Trump spent $1mil/day on FACEBOOK bombard viewers that they should vote trump
      Trump has spent his Presidency Tweeting, over 11,000x
      How Trump Reshaped the Presidency in Over 11,000 Tweets

    2. @Carol Sitzberger Blah blah blah! ..Move to china if you want a popular vote..I noticed sleepy creepy quid-pro-quo uncle pedo joe was released from his basement rubber room..BTW, is Madame Cyberhack your Golden Moo Moo still in the woods talking to trees?..What a glorious night & following day that was for “True Americans”..Still can’t get over that one can you?..In November you’re gonna find out what LANDSLIDE means..I’m sure that will ease your Constitutional Electoral College concerns..
      LMFAO 🖕😂🖕
      Foul Leftist Sewage

    3. @Buck Browning Your data and your families data has been sold and used against you.
      But your desire and ignorance to understand is so limited

    1. @Wesley Gordon i believe in murdering the unborn. Could have saved the world from people like you if we would have gotten there in time.

    2. @Crystal Giddens Not sure what you are talking about? Your opinion matters. What’s going on?

    3. What ya know, Trump was born in rich life, money, gold , always on the highest place , so his opinion is very …narrow, doing and say as he wishes, never listen to anyone.

    4. @ILLAngel101 I am as well! Totally identify with you. Sorry your parents were. It seems to be the norm nowadays to be incredibly selfish. My heart goes out to you!

  4. A True Leader would Show Empathy for the Loss of Life, Feel the Sorrow?. No Humanity in Trump.

    1. If the entire population of the earth died, he would be ok with that, as long as he survived.

  5. No empathy, no guilt, no remorse, inability to accept blame, distorted view of self = psychopath

    1. Marcus Aurelius The people who brought the virus into Canada were Americans, so yeah, some people shouldn’t be allowed to travel 🙄

    2. @Maria G. – considering everyone with a piece of paper is “American” thanks to autistic White Liberal cuckolds with their open borders policies and love of anchor babies you might have a point 🙄
      Also, Canada has flooded with Chinese, but I guess you’re just another autistic White Liberal cuckold 🙄

  6. Of my 56years in this life that’s the worst president I’ve ever seen so cold hearted.

    1. And he’s bringing out *all* the shameless braindead pitchfork carrying cockroaches – just look at this thread!

    1. There’s something even weirder about a Trump plan. Since they can’t happen soon enough it always seems like the day it should have happened.

    2. Yea cause he gets his next instructions from the real elites inside the country clubs. Trust me I work at one. I see and hear it all. #countryclubemployee #eattherich #shadowelites

    3. And when he is going to Mara Largo to do an eightball of uncut cocaine and tweet deranged things at 3am…

  7. Trump is basically President Borat now.
    100,000 Americans die
    *Trump* : “Great success”

  8. Anyone Else wonder why our Stable Genius of a President Rocks back and forth when someone else is speaking ? He is like a Child who Has No Attention Span and Needs Ridelin

  9. tr*mp probably doesn’t want to honor the dead because he’s mad at them for ruining his chances of re-election.

    1. Yes, because his opposition is totally transparent and honest. We are still waiting for our 90k a month no show.

    1. red angel you are one of the ill-used, ill-informed sheep preyed upon by the Left and its media. You think he is racist. That could not be further from the truth, but it is a lie the Left use to their advantage to keep us divided so they can maintain their rapidly shrinking power. They are corrupt.

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